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Excursions (or not) With Toddler


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We will be cruising next May with our families on Harmony of the Seas. Our daughter will be the youngest at 2 and probably the only child with the rest as adults in their twenties or fifties. Our ports of call are Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Roatan as well as Perfect Day CocoCay. Excluding CocoCay, which, if any, of those ports would be best to just walk off the ship and eat and shop or go to a beach without an excursion? We do have some in our party with mobility issues, so a short walk would be preferable or we could do a taxi ride. If there's nothing in those ports that fit the bill for that, what excursions would you recommend for us that our 2 year old would enjoy and be able to do? Thanks for your help!

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Costa Maya has the best immediate port area of the three to walk around and shop.  The port area is massive and contained.  There's a pool that is open to everyone to enjoy right at the port and it is free.  There are a bunch of places to eat and shop at and they even have a Mayan pole dancing demonstration there to enjoy.  There isn't a beach immediately at the port but it's a quick tram/taxi ride to one if you really want to visit the beach.  If you want to do an all inclusive beach experience in Costa Maya, then Maya Chan comes highly recommended.

Roatan has some limited shopping and dining immediately at the port but everything else will require at least a taxi ride.  Roatan does have some nice beaches to visit, but I haven't actually visited one.

Cozumel tends to have the most options for shopping and there are a bunch of all-inclusive or a la carte beaches to visit that are a taxi ride away.  You may want to consider Chankabaab which has a bunch of activities that may appeal to the little one like a playground, the beach, and a sea lion show.  

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When my son was that age we took an excursion to Punta Sur in Cozumel.  It was a nice beach day! There is also a lighthouse there where you can climb out for a great view and there was also snorkeling available.


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