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6 minutes ago, Marlena said:

Just wondering if embarcation of the ship is like the airport?

I.E  no water bottle sor liquids above a certain amount? Etc  ( although I know you are allowed 2 bottles fo wine)

No. You can bring larger liquids including bottled water, etc.. but they must be packed in your carryon bags. Just like on Airplanes any sized toiletries are fine in a checked bag. But if you put the wine or beverages in your checked bag it may be flagged and taken to the contraband room and delay you getting your luggage. 

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No liquids restrictions but you are limited to 2 750ml bottles of wine and 12 cans/bottles of non-alcoholic beverages that must be in your carry-on.  You don't have to worry about limits on toiletries or anything of that nature.  You and your carry-ons will go through a metal detector but you won't have to remove your shoes or take laptops out of bags, etc.

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Besides putting your carry on bags through an xray machine like in an airport terminal and you stepping through the metal detector,  the main similarities are having to remove sunglasses/hats and needing to empty your pockets. No need to put liquids in a baggie, take off shoes/belt, take out electronics bigger than a cellphone, etc etc. 

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