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Need help with Honduras excursions


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I have spent so much time researching the excursions in Honduras and yet I still can not decide on one. Myself along with 32 of my guest will be on the symphony in July celebrating my 30th birthday. I was really leaning towards LFK with BFK access but the price has recently increased for some odd reason. That’s not necessarily a deal breaker for me but I’m not to sure about my other guests. I’m a little confused as to what is included with the LFK package as it doesn’t state much about it as compared to the LFK with BFK. The all inclusive Mayan princess resort also caught my eye but I haven’t found much info on it.

All in all, I want a fun memory making day on the beach with my family and friends that include adult beverages, food , laughter, scenery, animals if possible, water sports, etc etc 

PLEASE I’m asking for any and all recommendations as I’d like to finalize the excursions for my group within a week or two. 

Thanks in advance  


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We are doing a private snorkel charter with JC Adventure tours.  Very reasonably priced and highly rated on Trip Advisor.  He can handle a very large group.  Not sure if all 33 are looking to do the same excursion but if interested in something like this maybe reach out to him.  

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We are doing the dolphin swim and snorkel. Our son has always been too young to do anything more than the encounters. I love that you have time to just swim and play with the dolphins. I have found some videos on you tube of the excursion. My mom who is 71 has never done a dolphin excursion so we thought it would be a nice thing to do. My husband has severe chronic pain so lots of the off road excursions, ziplines, etc., we were worried would throw him into a pain cycle he would not escape.

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I just got back from my cruise and did the BFK and LFK and loved it. It looked exactly how I imagined and what the pictures showed. We had a "pig swim" included in our package which was fun but you're not obligated to do it if you aren't interested. Things included for no additional cost were the rope swing, kayaks, and a stand up paddleboard. I did see an inflatable water park but I'm not sure if you had to pay or not. There were other people but it wasn't overcrowded. We accidentally skipped lunch because we were having so much fun, but I hear the food is good as well. 

Only "complaint" is that it did go by quickly and I could have stayed a lot longer. Definitely recommend! 

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