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Newbie here....

Boo's Mom

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I'm a newbie!  

Just found this message board today. 


...although not a newbie to cruising. 

Have been cruising regularly since 2002. 


Are there message board rules somewhere? 

I looked, but didn't see them. 


I have two cruises booked at the moment.  

Both on RCI. 


Navigator OTS coming up in a few weeks. 

And Ovation OTS next summer!  

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Welcome aboard!


I haven't seen any rules around here either but I'm sure they are common sence.


The Navigator looks like a fun ship, I did the Adventure but the Nav looks a bit cooler.

The Ovation is one to look forward to, that will be awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing how they will set it apart from the Quantum and the Anthem.

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There are not posted rules because thus far everyone has been pleasant to each other. I would like to think we can discuss Royal Caribbean (and cruising in general) in a fun manner.


That's great you have Navigator of the Seas booked. She's such a wonderful ship.

I thought there was a rule that you had to enjoy at least one Labadoozie per cruise. ;)
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