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  1. Hot Dog! thank you, Matt! ...you have not because you do not ask! ;)
  2. There can be a couple of reasons why this is happening. 1. If I go to the RCI website and book a cabin, that cabin is now pulled from inventory. It gives me a couple of days to make my down payment. If I never make the down payment, that cabin is placed back into inventory. 2. TA's will hold cabin space for groups - all the time. If deposits are not placed on the cabins within the allotted time, the cabins are returned to RCI and end up back in the inventory and are available to book. 3. During the time of final payment you may see cabins come available that have been previously unavailable. Passengers have up until the time of final payment to decide if they are indeed going to commit to the cruise. If they decide not to cruise, the cabin is released to the inventory. And this releasing of cabins (as in #3 above) is actually happening all the time, but it is seen more right at the time of final payment, because it is [pay up or let it go] time!
  3. ....and when you are done in the Windjammer, you can make you way back to your cabin and order room service! #toomuchfoodonboard
  4. Hello! I'm a newbie! Just found this message board today. ...although not a newbie to cruising. Have been cruising regularly since 2002. Are there message board rules somewhere? I looked, but didn't see them. I have two cruises booked at the moment. Both on RCI. Navigator OTS coming up in a few weeks. And Ovation OTS next summer!
  5. I would recommend booking all of your shore excursions in advance of travel. It is usually a lot of research to figure out what tours are available at the different ports and which one is best for you. There are ship excursions that RCI will offer. And then there are excursions that you can book independent from the ship. Your time on the cruise ship is your time to relax, not time to be doing research, etc... In addition, you might consider spending two nights in Dubai - pre cruise. Plan to see Dubai for a full day, the day before the ship sails. Board the ship at noon time and begin your first cruise with lunch onboard the ship! Congrats on your first cruise! My first was in 2002. Cruising is a GREAT way to travel and see the world!
  6. Does anyone have images of the Compass from the Navigator OTS from summer 2015? The most recent one that seems to be online is from April 2015. Looking specifically for the itinerary that visits Cozumel, Belize and Roatan. Thanks!
  7. I am getting ready to sail in a few weeks with a group of almost 130 people. The agent that has been working with our group is excellent. Very available. Very good at her job. I have been working with her for 12 months on this group cruise. Highly recommend. Her name is Carol Leopard. [email protected] (866) 750.3106
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