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I am hoping someone can help me.  I tried to Google the answer but came up with no specific answer to my question.

For our 20th wedding anniversary we want to book a Royal Suite on one of the ships (I know not all ships have one).  Specifically, we want one with the outdoor hot tub.  Are there only certain class ships that have the hot tub?  I didn't think Oasis class ships had a Royal Suite and I didn't see one with a hot tub outside on Grandeur or Mariner...does anyone know which ships do?  I would like to limit my search to those specific ships.

We are also looking at other suites (I understand there are much better ones out there) but we want to price compare to those suites versus the Royal Suite and decide. 

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Be sure and confirm that the suite still has the outside hot tub.  I have heard that some of the hot tubs (as they have become inop) have been removed.  I don't know if they are systematically being replaced or removed or what...but I have heard of some pax, who thought they were getting a suite with a hot tub, were very disappointed to find that it had been removed.

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1 hour ago, jaullram said:

WAAAYTOOO - thank you for that information!  I would be very disappointed!  The thought of being on our balcony enjoying a hot tub in the middle of the ocean is quite appealing.

I do like mworkman's idea of a kiddie pool - I am certain if we tried that they would no approve though!!!

Another tip is that if you look at Indy, 6716 is a 2BDR Grand suite.  It use to be the old Presidential suite but when they wen through dry dock, they split the room in two.  They left the wet bar on one side and the hot tub is on the other side (6716).  It is still there.  I almost booked it and I got confirmation from Royal and the Concierge on board Indy that it is still there.  The price point of that room is likely lower than any Royal suite.  This setup does not seem to exist on Liberty or Freedom.  Just Indy.

And yes, the Royal Lofts are pricey because that falls under star class....

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