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Found 21 results

  1. Hi has anyone purchased The Key for a recent cruise? If so, how was the experience? Was it worth the money in your opinion? I have read reviews from other forums that gave it a somewhat mixed review. I’m curious to hear what seasoned RCCL patrons think of it. I’m new to RCCL, therefor I don’t qualify for any of the priority amenities yet. Thank you for any advice or comments in advance.
  2. I’ve seen that The Key embarkation lunch isn’t described as “Chops Grill” anymore and instead is “Signature lunch”. Has anyone taken tadvantage of The Key lunch lately? We are going on the QOTS in a month and I know my kids are looking forward to having the same lunch they had last year. thank you in advance
  3. Me(20) and my wife (20) booked our cruise upcoming in a month. Normally you cant book under 21 unless youre an underage married couple (us). So upon getting closer to our leaving date it wont let us check in, it stating “must be 21 to check in” but we are both not that age. we also purchased the “key” priority boarding. We called and they said we would have to check in at the terminal. So what I’m asking is without our cruise documents/boarding pass how will we get in? and will the key even work not having the documents until after we get to the check in?
  4. Hello everyone, First time cruiser here planning for Navigator of the Seas. Does anyone have any experience with The Key VIP Passes? I'm trying to find out if it's worth it or what others have experienced with it? Were you satisfied with it or wished you hadn't purchased it?
  5. Hi Everyone! I have a sailing coming up with Key benefits and the welcome letter has me a bit confused. Has anyone used The Key recently that can clarify how show seating works on Oasis Class (Wonder of the Seas)? I have only cruised with The Key during reduced capacity and we were let in early to shows with the suite and Diamond etc. guests. The letter below seems to indicate a reserved section where we could show up before open seating and sit in a reserved section similar to how Star Class guests are seatd. Any clarification is greatly appreciated!
  6. Okay RC brain trust, I know you know the answer to this. I have a JR suite booked on my Jewel OTS. I have The Key (pd 27.99 pp = 167.94x4 = 671 ish total) booked mostly for the internet. We are a family of four (kids 7-9). Yes the internet is worth it for the quite time it provides. We ball parked the JR suite at $556.28 pp. The suite is 914ish for a regular suite. Is the price difference pretty narrow if you factor in free internet in the suite (is that still a thing?). I'm not super well versed on what the suite extras are. Any one interested in giving there two cents either way? Is there a big benefit to upgrading to an actual suite?
  7. I was seeing a refund on my Royal Caribbean credit card and was wondering why. Looking at my order history I noticed that my Key was missing. I called in and they informed me that Liberty is not doing "The Key" program. Anyone else having the same situation?
  8. I am just wondering if anyone has sailed a 3 night cruise on Freedom recently and if the Key was offered? It’s in the cruise planner for my upcoming cruise but it says online reservations aren’t available and to check onboard. Other cruise planner options say “sold out” if it’s sold out but this one doesn’t… So I am wondering if this means they aren’t offering the Key on our sailing or if it is sold out? Does anyone have any insight?
  9. Hello all. Never cruiser here and after stumbling on the Harr travel and other vids on YouTube, And with cruising roaring back hopefully, and with amazing discounts we decided to take the plunge on Oasis for next March. Question is this. We booked an Owners Suite for ourselves (me, wife and kid) but will be traveling with in-laws who booked the Boardwalk view balcony cabin literally directly across the hallway. Our in-laws’ English skills aren’t great (not Spanish speaking either), so given that we will have Sky Class four our OS which includes priority boarding, does it make sense to book The Key for our in-laws solely so they can have priority boarding as well? Our primary concern with even considering The Key is so that we can all board together. Also not sure if The Key passengers and Sky Class passengers have to use separate boarding areas or kiosks? Ideally we want to all board together, and all be able to board early. Would it be worth it or make sense to book The Key for them or should we all just plan to show up first thing to board on boarding day and hope for the best? Or perhaps all show up later? Thanks in advance.
  10. Have you used the Key on a recent Anthem sailing? What was your experience? I purchased it for two of us at $25.99. DH loves adventure and hates crowds and waiting, so I thought it would be worthwhile. Now we have a potential to Royal Up to a Junior Suite for about the same amount. That suite perks would eliminate some of the crowd factor (dinner at Coastal Kitchen, Suite seating at shows, etc.) Trying to decide if I should cancel the Key and try to Royal Up. Any thoughts?
  11. Does the key help with getting tables in the Main dining room? We have my time dining (10 of us) and we have scheduled a time to eat but we are concerned we will miss shows.... If we have THE KEY would that get us anytime we want to eat faster? Essentially I am asking if there is a "Key" line for the MDR.
  12. Howdy Y’all. I joined this board less than a month ago and in 10 days I will be on Liberty of The Seas. I’ve been reading all the live-blogs and I decided today that I am going to live blog my cruise---or at least try. So a little background on this cruise, it started out in late as a Father Son (me) cruise. At the time we were trying to decide between another western Caribbean (this would be my 4th of those) or to Cuba. After much deliberation we decided that we cared more about the ship than the destinations, so we booked the Western Caribbean (and boy did we get lucky with that decision…no more Cuba now) in an interior stateroom. Early July rolls around and we start watching some videos of our room, my Dad who has only cruised junior suites or higher was a little alarmed with the size and upgraded us to a Junior Suite. Then we get to mid July- my Mom asks to join the cruise. So we start to price it out and decide that we need to get an additional cabin. Well when looking at the cost for who to solo cruise vs. adding a 4th person was so small that we decided to add my girlfriend. So we add her and my Mom to a Balcony. Great everything is set in stone 1 month prior to the cruise. WRONG. We had one more big change. July 10th my father decides he wants a Grand Suite with my Mom. He calls to upgrade and they don’t have availability, so we get on the wait list. On the 15th we get a grand suite 1 bedroom. That brings us to today. Where we stand now. When: August 11, 2019 + 1 day before Where: Cozumel, Falmouth, George Town, a day at the Houston Space Center the day before Rooms: Junior Suite-with me (Kyle) and my girlfriend (Natalie)-we are still keeping our fingers crossed for a cancellation to upgrade to a grand suite or for the same to happen with our RoyalUp bid Grand Suite (1 bedroom)-with my Mom (Brenda) and Dad (Ross) Extras: The Key Deluxe Drink Package Unlimited Dining Package All Access Tour Galley Brunch Excursions: Atlantis Submarine Tour-Cozumel Trolley Roger-Grand Cayman About Us Me (Kyle) - I’m 21, and a Diamond status for the first time this cruise The Girlfriend (Natalie)- 22, first time cruiser, never been out of the country, got lucky with C&A and they matched her to Diamond Mom (Brenda) – Suite Lover, Diamond Dad (Ross)- Suite Lover, Diamond I am really excited for this vacation and can’t wait to share it with y’all. I’m very interested to see for myself how the Key works out for us and compare it to the suite perks and Diamond perks. Most of y’all have much more experience with cruising and live blogging but, if y’all have anything you would like me to look at/investigate/ ask I would be happy to! Thanks for reading.
  13. While I am a new Royal Caribbean Blog poster, I have been a quiet voyeur on the page for almost one year! We booked our Spring Break family cruise back in May of 2018 during a Kids Sail Free event. Man, did we score an amazing deal! Oasis Class was not in our price range, but the sale was too good to pass up. We are anxiously awaiting (T minus 12 days) our first family vacation (excluding Disney with the whole extended family 2 years ago). About us: My husband and I are in our mid/late thirties, and we love to travel. We’ve been on vacation together almost once/per year since we started dating almost 13 years ago. We enjoy going to warm, tropical locations (since we live in a frozen-tundra: Minnesota). I cruised with my family when I was in college and absolutely fell in LOVE with cruising, but, ironically, haven’t been on a second cruise until August of 2018. We already had our March 2019 Spring Break booked and, Surprise! My husband earned President’s Club through his work, and we were treated to a 5-night Italian Cruise on Celebrity Reflection (ADP chartered the entire ship- it was an absolutely unbelievable experience). That was my husband’s first time cruising. He is a rather tall/big drink of water, and his hesitation with cruises in the past was the size of the room/bathroom and feeling claustrophobic. He had NO issues on our Presidents Club cruise and really enjoyed the experience (though it will be very different cruising on a 100% booked Mega Ship @ Spring Break). We have a seven-year-old son who will be celebrating his eighth birthday on the second day of the cruise, which he is rather excited about. We also have a five-year-old daughter who is an absolute joy, a social butterfly if there ever was one (don’t be surprised if she befriends you and your children at the pool or Adventure Ocean). We normally do adults-only vacations- when our kids were little it was imperative for us to take time to connect as a couple, and we are blessed with amazing parents who BEG to take their grandkids for the week! During our last AO trip in March 2018, I found myself missing the kids like crazy! They are not babies anymore, much easier to go out and do things with (plus SO MUCH FUN to hang out with), and decided that they are old enough to start taking on our “relaxation” vacations. We know this vacation will be more “work” than AO, and we will have times of stress and chaos, but I know we will have an amazing time as a family. We are flying into Miami on Saturday, March 9th. We booked The Key, so we plan to be at the port as early as possible to board/start enjoying the ship right away! We do not have any specialty dining plans (other than Chops with The Key), and only a beach excursion booked for St. Maarten (Orient and Maho beach). Other than that we plan to hang out as a family by the pool and around the ship, hopefully the kids will enjoy some time at Adventure Ocean, check out the cruise activities (my son is ALMOST heavy enough to try the zip line!) and eat, drink, and play! With The Key, we have internet access so I will try my best to post updates LIVE. If nothing else I will update you all when we get back. What else will there be to do in the remaining frozen months of MN winter (no more Cruise planning/daydreaming…might as well reminisce with pictures/write-ups of our adventures!)
  14. We've booked our first cruise and we're staying on the navigator of the seas in a junior suite. My question is the travel agent said that we get priority boarding with the junior suite and if I remember correctly he said we can board as early as 11am and hang out in a private lounge but I'm not sure what that means. Can any of you guys advise? Also has anyone purchased "the key?" I was also trying to do a virtual tour of the room because the travel agent mentioned that we're located in the front of the ship which can cause increased sea sickness. But I was also trying to view the balcony. Is there a way to see my room/deck assignment on Royal Caribbean? Any other advise is greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello All, We're going for it with The Key on our upcoming SoS cruise, despite what anyone has had to say about it. I've read many of post about the moving target that is the listed benefits. What I want to know about is any unlisted benefits. The two I have heard so far are: 1) Pool Towels Galore with no need to check out/check in 2) A somewhat random mid-trip fruit basket or plate Anyone done The Key and received a benefit never described in a RCCL missive? Thanks! Melanie
  16. Perhaps Matt can answer this, is the tip for the included first day lunch with the key program included?
  17. Hello all! I will be attempting to live blog as much as I can from Allure of the Seas, March 3rd Sailing to the Western Caribbean. I am going with my husband Ken and our 5 year old daughter to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We picked Allure because it was recommended as a great kids program and I liked the itinerary, I wanted to go back to Cozumel. It's a first cruise for my family and my 3rd, though it has been 11 years since my last cruise on Navigator OTS in March 2008. She looked very different than she does today! Before that I was on 2 different Carnival cruises for which I did very little planning but times have changed. For 11 months I have pored over posts, obsessively listened to Matt's podcast, and have packed with Sheri on CTTV multiple times. My nails are done, our bags are packed (though I will be repacking them tonight because I have way too much stuff) and our plane boarding passes and set sail passes are printed. Getting there: We are flying out of NJ tomorrow morning to FLL and then going to take a detour to visit a friend in Coral Springs. Then we will head to Miami tomorrow night and try to get some sleep! I fully intend for us to be at the port by 10:30 AM on Sunday and one of the first on the ship to explore and attempt my first public periscope (please bear with me if you are following me!) The itinerary: Western Caribbean: Nassau-We will stay on the ship, which probably won't be as empty as we would like Cozumel-Beach day at El Cozumelino Roatan- Private tour with Victor Bodden tours because I want us to be on our own schedule and stay as long or as short as we want to. We are planning on seeing monkeys and sloths, then some lunch at a local place and snorkeling off of West Bay Beach. Costa Maya-We will spend the day at Maya Chan beach where we will renew our vows and enjoy some relaxation time. Still back and forth on whether or not we'll leave our LO on the ship for this one (she told us she wants to stay on the ship) but that will likely be a game day decision. The room and board: We are in stateroom 10602 large balcony room. We did bid on a Jr Suite and Crown suite through RoyalUp but I do not have my hopes up that it will come through, the ship has been sold out for several weeks and we didn't bid much. It would be a nice treat though. We got the deluxe drink package for $44 per day and the Key which we scored at $19.99 and I felt that was well worth it. We are looking forward to Chops for lunch on embarkation day. We do plan to eat in the MDR, but have a reservation at 150 Central Park and I plan to reserve Chef's table on board when we figure out what day is best. We may add something else but I enjoy the traditional dining and my husband thinks that sounds good too, getting to know the waiter, table mates, etc. We love craft IPAs but not expecting to find much of that on board, so it will be morning bloody marys and poolside margaritas. Any other favorite drink suggestions welcome. I heard @Twangster order a frozen lemonade with grey goose on periscope today so I'll have to try that, sounded delicious! Oh and I almost forgot, we are celebrating my husband's birthday while we're there as well which falls on Mardi Gras this year. Our daughter is very excited about Adventure Ocean and keeps telling us how she can eat dinner with us and then they'll take her to go the "kid's club". I can only hope she likes it as much as she thinks she will. So much to look forward to and I look forward to sharing it with you all!
  18. Just back from a 3-night cruise to the Bahamas on Enchantment OTS. Some highlights and lowlights... Highlights The Key has it's benefits. We got from the car to Chops in record time for a great lunch. I had the branzino (Friday in Lent) and my wife had the filet. It was excellent! We were asked 3 separate times to make reservations for dinner at 20% off and since it was a special weekend we went for it. Nassau - we booked a TruBahamian food tour (not an RC excursion) that was great! You get lots of cultural information and stop at 6 different spots for food and drink. We had a great time! When we got back on the ship and to our cabin we had a nice bowl of fruit waiting for us with The Key logo with it. An unexpected perk. We ate in the MDR twice and had Aries and Mark as our waiter and assistant. They were excellent. They gave my wife a discount on the surf & turf without an explanation.... Disappointed that we wouldn't make it to CocoCay, we booked the "Family Beach Escapeause we wanted a beach and chairs. This was the only excursion that listed chairs and was all my wife wanted for this cruise was a beach and a chair. Food was okay... fruity drinks (non-alcoholic) were refreshing. There was plenty to do (jet-ski's, parasail, floating mats, etc.) It was Bahamas Adventures over near Lucaya Lowlights When we called Chops on Sunday around 5:00 to confirm our dinner reservation we learned it was never recorded. Turn out we had no reservation and couldn't get one before 8:00. We passed on dinner and ate in the MDR. On the beach adventure we were told we had to be back on the bus at 1:30. Apparently there were later buses going back to Freeport since there was another ship (Grand Celebration - Bahamas Paradise) that had an excursion here. We could have stayed at the beach another hour or two. Only issue we had with The Key was with our luggage. You get special tags to put your luggage out the night before. We got up early and had our breakfast in the MDR (complimets of The Key). We got off the ship and to where the luggage should have been a little before 8:00. I re-read the fine print on the letter that was with the tags and it did say luggage would be available at 8:15 - my bad! Luggage was there around 8:25. Windjammer on Enchantment was subpar. Maybe we were spoiled with WJ on Brilliance and Radiance. It was smaller, more cramped and the layout made it hard to maneuver. Update: and food not nearly as good as Brilliance and Radiance. All-in-all we had a great trip. Good enough that my wife booked another junior suite on Mariner next February going to Nassau and CocoCay! Another non-cruise highlight was a short trip to Merritt Island where I went bird watching. It was absolutely incredible So many birds, so little time! Couple Updates: The RC "Family Beach Escape" was with Bahamas Adventure. Trip Advisor has this page for all of their excursions (https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147420-d8728057-Reviews-Bahamas_Adventures-Freeport_Grand_Bahama_Island_Bahamas.html ) and only 3 reviews, including mine when it gets approved (https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionProductDetail-g147420-d12939450-Family_Beach_Escape-Freeport_Grand_Bahama_Island_Bahamas.html?from_tpa=true ) Here is the Trip Advisor link for the TruBahamian Food Tours: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147416-d3701058-Reviews-Tru_Bahamian_Food_Tours-Nassau_New_Providence_Island_Bahamas.html
  19. Today I Was Looking At The Cruise Planners for Harmony And Serenade And Found That The Key Is On Those Ships. Does Any One Else know What Other Ships In The Fleet Have It So I Can Add It To The List At the Bottom Of This Post. Ships With The Key Program Oasis Of The Seas Liberty Of The Seas Harmony Of The Seas Serenade Of The Seas Brilliance Of The Seas Mariner Of The Seas Independence Of The Seas Allure Of The Seas Navigator Of The Seas Adventure Of The Seas Symphony Of The Seas Anthem Of The Seas Grandeur Of The Seas Ovation Of The Seas Explorer Of The Seas Freedom Of The Seas Radiance Of The Seas Enchantment Of The Seas Jewel Of The Seas Voyager Of The Seas Empress Of The Seas Rhapsody Of The Seas
  20. I purchased "the key" for my husband, son and myself who will be cruising on Mariner of the Seas. In the description of benefits for "the key" it says that there aer private hours for onboard activities but does not explicitly mention the escape room. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it necessary book the escape room ahead of time if you have "the key". Do you just show up during the private hours? How does that work?
  21. I just booked the key for the first time. Don't care too much about the special accesses or anything, but for what we're gonna he paying for internet anyway, the extra few bucks would be worth it just for the lunch at Chops, but what's it like? Is it typical Chops fare, or do they just transplant the buffet down to a nicer venue for the day?
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