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Found 16 results

  1. Our cruise is a year out, but looking at excursions for snorkeling in Aruba and Curacao. We love a nice beach where you can snorkel right there (husband loved Coco Cay snorkeling on our last cruise) or excursions that will take you to nice spots on a catamaran with drinks for the trip back. We normally take RC excursions, but open to other ideas. We've watched quite a few YouTube vacation vlogs and have some ideas. I've searched this forum but not much on specific excursions and/or beaches. Any experienced cruises who might have suggestions? Because we are so far out, the listed excursions may change as it gets closer....
  2. I have a friend who is currently on a cruise with another cruise line. She is only to leave the ship if she has booked an excursion through the company. Apparently this seems to be a post covid restriction. Are Royal Caribbean allowing people to leave the ship indeendently when in port or do they have aslo have the same "excursions only" policy at the moment?
  3. I have cancelled and re-booked a couple of shore excursions. I used a different credit card to rebook. Any idea how long it takes RCCL to refund back to the initial credit card. I did all this 4 days ago (on a Sunday). The re-booking charges have already appeared on my CC website, but the cancelled excursions have not appeared (as refund) on the old CC.
  4. So excited about our June 2019 cruise on Allure! Being a newbie, I'm asking for any advice or tips I should know. I'm traveling with my 12 year old son.The itinerary is 7 day Eastern Caribbean, stopping at St. Kitts,BVI, St. Thomas, USVI and Nassau, Bahamas. I am a research junkie, but nothing beats advice from a seasoned cruise community! So many questions....
  5. This is a question I always see on this board..."How early does ____ open for booking?" Today I logged into my CP and saw that everything, except entertainment, is open for my March 2019 cruise on Harmony. That is a whole 283 days out! And dining was actually out before at 328 days out! On the Harmony FB group, some are reporting that their packages are now open for June 2019 sailings. So it just goes to show again that there is no rhyme or reason to it.
  6. I am cruising in March of 2017 on the Allure of the Seas with the 7 night western caribbean. We don't know any good excursions and were looking for help. There is a 14 year old and a 11 year old. We would like something fun, but not too physically demanding. Please let me know any feedback. Ports: Cozumel, Mexico Falmouth, Jamaica Labadee, Haiti (Royal Caribbean Island)
  7. I'm a newbie to cruising and have a question regarding the Grand Cayman Stingray City Sandbar and Reef Snorkel with Lunch excursion on Rhapsody of the Seas. What do you do with your belongings while you are off the boat and in the water? I'm not real keen on leaving my wallet with credit cards, cash, etc. just sitting there, unsecured, while we are visiting the stingrays and later while we are snorkeling. Is there some sort of locker provided by the tour boat in which to secure your valuables? Also, if anyone has done this excursion, could you please provide specifics about it--what's with the 0.3 mile hike to get to snorkeling reef, and where is lunch? Thanks!
  8. Hi. Anybody on the Ovation in March from Sydney, the cost of the refreshments package and shore excursions are all cheaper today than they have been for last few weeks. Refreshment package down to £15.96 ($20.85 US based on currency rate) which includes the drinks gratuities. Bargain IMO - but will still check back every day as you never know what deal they have hidden away!! Having picked up tips on this great site I have cancelled everything I had already booked and now re-purchased on the lower rates - even if only to save around $60 (every little helps!)....not bad for 5 minutes work.
  9. My boyfriend and I are going on our very first cruise on Anthem of the Seas, leaving August 17th of this year. We are looking to snorkel, horseback ride, and fish on our 10 day adventure. Since we are new to this, we are also a little wary of booking tours not through the cruise ship, although we like the fact that they seem to be cheaper. We were also wondering what island would be best to do each of the excursions? Any info, personal experiences, or names of trustworthy and reputable third party companies would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! :)
  10. We are on Adventure for the ABC/St.M cruise. Renting a jeep in Aruba, Snorekling in Bonaire, Maho in St. Maarten---but what to do in Curacao? The last cruise I was on there, I was sick and never left the ship. We are two active adults with two 16 year old girls. Any suggestions for must do that won't cost an arm and a leg? (are other port days are already a bit costly with our planned itinerarys). Thanks y'all!
  11. Hello Everyone, So I'll be sailing in June for one of the Cuba cruises on the Empress and I wanted to see if anyone else has came back and has any advice or tips for when we get to the island. I'm very excited to know more about the shore excursions and hopefully we can get some reviews on those. If you've visited renectly, please let us know what you thought. We are planing the 4 hour walking tour so we can get some great photos hopefully. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I wasn't able to fine one similar. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi everyone, just looking at Cococay options for our 1st cruise. I'm thinking about one of the little clamshell loungers for the day, 2 questions, are there normal free beach loungers? the other half tends to like more sun than me, or should i say the sun likes him more! and if we chose to do one of the excursions/ spend time at the water slides will we lose our chosen clamshell lounger? or is it just a case of leaving some personal belongings, e.g. a beach bag/beach towel? what are your favourite excurions? TIA
  13. About to embark on my first cruise with RC EotS. Super excited. However, the shore excursions are killing me with anxiety. To book on cruise line or wait till get there for activities ? cost vs cost ? I know that the cruise line guarantee your travel, but lm sure the shore activities are well aware of getting people back in time. Mare - l hear there is only a beach and a couple of other activities - such as caves etc. Every forum state NO bikes to be found. To get to the beach, RC bus you there - at a cost of $15 pp. WOW. ONLY option. RC should be doing this. VERY DISAPPOINTED already. I hope this isnt the sign of things to come. I booked a cruise for 5 (l have 3 teens) and l thought it would be a good option. The cost is amounting and l havent even got on the ship yet. :(
  14. How much was Leo Brown for a family of four if you don't mind? Is the cab big enough for 4 adults to be comfortable. Been reading great things about him. Thanks
  15. Can't take my camera on a shore excursion in St Thomas. I'd like to have it right after we're done to go up to Paradise Point. Any suggestions on where I might be able to store it safely without having to reboard and go all the way back to my room to fetch it? First time cruiser here. Thanks!
  16. Never having been on a cruise before, I'm wondering how you secure your personal belongings that you take with you on a short excursion… In particular the Western Caribbean cruise. I'm also wanting to know how big the safes are in the room for your personal belongings that need to be locked up when away from the ship. In other words, will it fit two DSLR cameras?
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