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  1. I think I've heard that Horeshoe Bay is really great for snorkeling. We are so excited for this trip. We thought it would be a great "sample" cruise since we get to see 4 different places we'll get to compare them. Then return in the future and spend our entire vacation there. Thanks!! .
  2. Thank you!! I'm so relieved I found this blog, it has been so helpful since neither of us have ever been to any of these places. We will definitely take your advice on booking cruise sponsored excursions. Horseback riding: Neither of us are experienced horseback riders, I rode some when I was younger but he has never. I will have to read more reviews on it and see. Snorkling: Would you recommend one or some islands over the others for it in hopes of seeing sea turtles and lots of other marine life? As for fishing, we're not professionals but we do go out almost every day. We
  3. My boyfriend and I are going on our very first cruise on Anthem of the Seas, leaving August 17th of this year. We are looking to snorkel, horseback ride, and fish on our 10 day adventure. Since we are new to this, we are also a little wary of booking tours not through the cruise ship, although we like the fact that they seem to be cheaper. We were also wondering what island would be best to do each of the excursions? Any info, personal experiences, or names of trustworthy and reputable third party companies would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! :)
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