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  1. I've just had my first cruise - balcony stateroom. I loved the door open at night listening to the water. Also when i was in my room I sat on balcony and felt like the only person on the ship - luvly spot to get away from the other 3000 people. My 3 kids had interior, hmm not for me - a little claustrophobic.
  2. SO my first cruise is over... booohooo :( am we are looking at next one.. BEST: - The Service/The STAFF.. OMG... cannot fault. impeccable. My daughter and l are vegans and whether at MyDining or the buffet, they were trying to accomodate... i was actually a little embarrassed, and was like, a salad is fine... ohhh nooooo Jodie... hahaha... AMAZING> Everyone (except the coffee man) were so friendly, so happy ALL THE TIME... - The entertainment; so much fun and sooooo talented. I love stage shows, but never get to them, so l OD'd on them whilst on board. - TEENS - did not see my kids, and when l did, they were never alone, they were happy and they had a ball. Slept for 2 days when they got back... :P - check in and check out - SOOOO EASY and especially on the last day to get off the ship. I had a 10hr drive in front of me, so was very pleased how this all went. - excursions. Found these pricey however. Next time, l will do my own exploring. NOT SO BEST: cocktails... :( not fresh... I know not that dramatic. But when they picked up the cartons, l was like, is that it?? I asked to see the cartons (as a vegan l was a little sceptical) anways looked okay and they tasted yum... buT still not fresh.. and MY only gripe really, was the upselling.. EVERYWHERE on the ship l went, they were selling something more, better, etc...I even went for a massage (which was not cheap at all) and then she trying to sell me 3 products.... OUr cost blew out... $3000 !!!! I will know for next time... BUT, that part was a disappointment. OTHER THAN THAT - :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Loved it and will do again - and even better with my new found knowledge.
  3. To be honest coming from Australia (and right now driving to Sydney from Melbourne to board our first cruise tomorrow - explorer of the seas) I'm pretty sure anywhere we go over there will be amazing (never been USA or its neighbours).. Luv all your suggestions and will take on board :-) So super excited, but nervous at same time. Can't wait to get my first cocktail :-) xox
  4. Aussie here - planning first American/Caribbean holiday next year. Family in Ireland and here all meeting up for a cruise to the Caribbean. - there are SOOOO many to choose from. Where are the best places to go to? Looking at approx 7 nights. All adults (from 18 - 60 yo). I almost thought about doing eeny meeny miny mo... :) Happy cruising.
  5. sorry to be a nuff, but wouldnt you get packages for the cruises with less shore days ??? So l should be okay for my teens with the complimentary stuff? l cant find what the actual complimentary drinks are. BTW - lm loving these boards, lm going to keep sailing just to be on here :P
  6. Ukulele :) thankYou. Firstly as a mum of 3 teens the lack of cooking cleaning working driving is what i am MOST looking fwd to. They are coming and have a separate cabin just down from us. Hopefully l wont worry about them, either getting up to no good (can already hear the capt telling them off lol) or falling off... arghhhhh.. Im taking BOOKS and plan on doing 'not much' except laying around, ppl watching, and swimming. We will be on the Explorer of the seas, heading to South Pacific. 4 shore days, but lm planning on only doing 3. (avid snorkeller) Your cruising portfolio sounds amazing.
  7. First timer so be nice.. what is the travel mug for??? :)
  8. First timer here... Travelling soon.. There is only 1 alcohol drinks package.. I just dont know. Will it make me drink more? hahaha. Im looking forward to many cocktails and a few drinks at night time. For my teens, lm guessing they will then only have water ???
  9. Wow. You remember their names? First sail coming up :) Hoping we have a good.... Um... what do they do ??? :)
  10. Thanks, you sound like a well established cruiser. Thanks for the tips. :)
  11. i emailed RC, they said they have lots of vegetarian options. No vegan options. My 16yo daughter and I are vegan (no meat dairy or egg). They requested that l speak to the people when we board. Even though ld love to lose a few kg, hoping it wont be on this cruise. :D
  12. About to embark on my first cruise with RC EotS. Super excited. However, the shore excursions are killing me with anxiety. To book on cruise line or wait till get there for activities ? cost vs cost ? I know that the cruise line guarantee your travel, but lm sure the shore activities are well aware of getting people back in time. Mare - l hear there is only a beach and a couple of other activities - such as caves etc. Every forum state NO bikes to be found. To get to the beach, RC bus you there - at a cost of $15 pp. WOW. ONLY option. RC should be doing this. VERY DISAPPOINTED already. I hope this isnt the sign of things to come. I booked a cruise for 5 (l have 3 teens) and l thought it would be a good option. The cost is amounting and l havent even got on the ship yet. :(
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