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Found 17 results

  1. I just booked this weekend cruise... sooooo looking forward to cruising again and with the Covid restrictions lightening up as of 9/5, I'm booked! My last cruise was Jan 2020, right before the shut down. (I just couldn't face cruising and masking. ) ~Debbie (Cruising with friend, Marla)
  2. I originally booked this cruise as the second leg of a back to back. The first segment was cancelled by Royal so instead of 14 nights on the ship, I now have just 9 nights. First world problems. Itinerary: Day 1 - Embark in Miami Day 2 - Sea Day Day 3 - Labadee Day 4 - Sea Day Day 5 - Aruba Day 6 - Curaçao Day 7 - Bonaire Day 8 - Sea Day Day 9 - Sea Day Day 10 - Debark in Miami I last sailed Navigator just a few months ago on the same ‘ABC’ itinerary. That was an awesome cruise even though it was a few weeks before she went in for her makeover. Navigator isn’t the first ship to be ‘refreshed’ but how they did this refreshment does have some notable differences. When the refreshment couldn’t be completed in time Royal canceled the first leg of my planned B2B. They eventually completed the work and on short notice invited employees and some media on a 2 night ‘shakedown’ cruise using the time that was left over from the cancelled cruise. Check out this blog post from @Matt who participated in that shakedown cruise which illustrates how this refreshment is new and different: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/02/28/navigator-of-the-seas-completes-115-amplification-upgrades-across-the-ship To set the stage, I’ve sailed Adventure and Mariner after their recent makeovers. I’ve also sailed Explorer, another in the Voyager class. While I love most ships I sail including the newer Oasis and Quantum class, Voyager class ships are my favorite at the moment and all of the above mentioned ships fall into this class. With my recent Navigator ABC cruise in mind I am looking forward to experiencing the same ship on the same itinerary but in a fully refreshed condition. My hotel is near Miami's airport but I flew into the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale airport since it was cheaper. For the first time I took the Tri-Rail train from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami International Airport. When I landed in Ft Lauderdale the prices to reach my hotel in Miami for Lyft was $45 and Uber $48. The Tri-Rail cost me $3.75 but it was a longer transfer compared to Lyft/Uber. I may do a separate post on the Tri-Rail experience. In summary it was great for just $3.75 but it did take over twice as long compared to a ride-share. From my hotel in the Miami airport area as I write this I am not too far from the Port of Miami and will be ready to go early in the morning hoping the ship is available early given no debarking passengers to hold us up.
  3. Hiya, thinking of doing a quick trip to Cococay usually leads me to think of Mariner and Navigator; but I noticed Independence has some 4 night trips going to Cococay as well; I've been on Mariner and Navigator, can anyone tell me the main differences between those and Indy? I'm going with my 21 year old daughter and staying in a balcony and wondered if I should try Indy instead of Mariner/Navigator. Opinions?
  4. Hi all, I will be on navigator from Miami on the 23-27 of December will there be any Christmas events and what are the best tips for navigator and cocoay as it is my first time after the cococay renovation thanks in advance
  5. We are now just about one week out from the cruise, so it is about time to get this party started. This will be my first attempt at a live blog so we shall see how this goes. I think we can title this blog Navigating around the hurricanes. 4 night Navigator Cruise 9/23-9/27 Who’s Going? For this trip, it will be the whole family. I’m Greg, the primary planner, my wife Heather who is the “bad influence” on the planner, and our daughter Lydia (9) and son Johnny (6). This whole trip is a surprise to the kids. They have no idea that we are going.
  6. Hello! I am thinking of booking a 3-night cruise on Mariner or Navigator. They both go to CocoCay and Nassau. Should I go on Navigator or Mariner? Thank you!
  7. Hello! I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the 4-night cruises on Navigator and Mariner that have 2 stops at Cococay. Does anybody have dates for these special itineraries? I might be interesting in booking them.... ? Thanks
  8. Here's my immediate family on the Navigator June 24-28, 2019
  9. Hi all. Was just looking at old cruise compasses from Navigator of the Seas Southern Carribean Cruises and saw that every night but one the showtimes were 8:30 and 10:30, and this seemed pretty late. This wasn’t for the holiday cruise, though, so I was wondering if any of y’all had been on the holiday cruise and remember what time your shows were.
  10. Hi all! I have been actively reading all of the Cruise Compasses and know that the dinners in the MDR have themes. I’m really curious about what is actually on the menu for those dinners, and even an idea of what is available to breakfast and/or lunch in the MDR interests me. Does anyone have photos they’ve taken of the menus? Or some great recollection and is willing to give me some info? Thanks!
  11. Navigator OR Indy? Both 5 day cruise to Caribbean!!! What would YOU pick and why?
  12. We are going on the Navigator Of The Seas for the first time In August after being on the Indy a few times was wondering if it has Freestyle Machines and does Sabor cater for someone who doesn't like spicy food as 3 of us do but 1 doesn't so can they do him a steak or a burger etc. Also I love the gym , is it as good as Indys and is it true there s a hot tub in it.
  13. dear fellow RCI fans/ cruisers: attached my review of our group cruise would love to hear from others re what liked best / worse on the cruise? best to all, ron morton louisville KY Review of Navigator of Seas cruise 17-26 Feb 2017 1. Service: Outstanding dining room and room stewards 2. Main dining room: pro lobster night con: new York strip steak unenven cooked/ extra fatty 3. Specialty dining: pro chef’s table last night, excellent chef/host , ziumi/Giovanni/sabor excellent 4. Shore excursions: pro “double dip†snorkel adventure Bonaire, con: beach at Labadee crowded 5. Onboard activities: pro new friends, water color class, ballroom dance class ; con: too late for 70s party 6. Bars/shops: pro new RCL gear (backpack/cooler), first for coffee package , con: none 7. Onboard RCL singer/dancers shows: pro Ballroom dancing show, ice skating show 8. Diamond club: pro backstage theater tour, con: cutoff at 805pm for free drinks in one venue and l;ittle bit more flexibility in another venue 9. Embarkation/disembarkation: pro: getting on ship, con: disembarkation chaotic, need priority diamond lounge
  14. I have two of us (John and Kirk) interested in doing a reef trip in Grand Cayman arriving April 12 and wanted to see if we could find someone to share the cost. $450 for 4 people. Half day reef trip. http://www.flyfishgrandcayman.com. Bonefish, Snook, Permit, Tarpon, Snapper Jacks, Barracuda
  15. Did anyone out there go on the 12/6/15 sailing on Navigator out of Fort Lauderdale? I am hoping to see copies of the Cruise Compass. Thanks.
  16. Does anyone have images of the Compass from the Navigator OTS from summer 2015? The most recent one that seems to be online is from April 2015. Looking specifically for the itinerary that visits Cozumel, Belize and Roatan. Thanks!
  17. What are the mini-fridges stocked with? Do they have beer or airplane size liquor bottles inside?
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