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Found 17 results

  1. My wife and I will be leaving on our first cruise on March 21st-28th. We leave out of New Orleans and we will be aboard Majesty. Does anyone have any tips they would like to share? anything from what you wish you knew before your first cruise, if you've been on majesty, things to do in Florida Keys/Nassau/Cococay... We will also be in New Orleans two days before our cruise so if you know of any fun things to do there please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. Does anyone have details about the spa on Majesty of the Seas. Looking for menu prices, package options, and reviews of services.
  3. Fresh of the Empress with a night in a hotel in between I'm ready and pumped for my next cruise. Did I mention... IT'S CRUISE DAY! I thought about starting this thread before my Empress cruise even left the dock (like some others around here do) but that just wouldn't be right. This five night Majesty of Seas cruise was necessary. I needed something to justify the airfare to Empress so this side-to-side was the perfect solution. Itinerary Ft. Lauderdale Nassau Perfect Day at CocoCay Sea Day Key West Ft. Lauderdale I love Empress but this way I'm upgrading to a much larger ship! Plus, I gotta get back to CocoCay. :) I originally booked a number of Empress and Majesty sailings when the Cuba cancellations were forced upon the industry. I feared Royal might move these ships out of the fleet. My plan was to take lots of pictures and document this legacy class of ship that were the foundation of so much that became even much more on later ships. It was because of the success of ships like this that Royal has become what it is today. Success breeds success. As it turns out they aren't moving these ships out to pasture just yet plus I get to sail on some of the best (small) ships in the fleet! That's a win-win. To be fair I split my time between Empress (3 bookings) and Majesty (3 bookings). I already had some fall bookings that were bucket list type cruises so I had push some my Majesty cruises into October but that's okay, she'll be here waiting for me. When you stay in a hotel and pay for things like meals and drinks you quickly appreciate the value that cruising represents. Spoiler alert - the view out my hotel window never changed and I woke up right where I was the day before. #boring Cabin this time is an Ocean View on deck 4.
  4. Hello! Cruising late July with 2 kids to Cozumel and Havana on the MOS! Couple of questions. Would appreciate candid responses. 1. When is formal night? 2. Does the ship have baby sitter services in case the adults want to have a nice dinner? 3. Is the Chef's table plan worth it? 4. did you book excursions thru here or on your own? 5. Anything else I need to know! Thank you so much!
  5. Someone mentioned they liked old pictures of RCL ships. Here are a few shots of the Majesty Of The Seas from our honeymoon the first week of May 1994. We cruised from Miami on May 1st for 7 nights - Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios Jamaica and CoCo Cay.
  6. Hi Everyone And Welcome To My Not Live Blog From The Majesty. My Original Idea Was Not Write A Blog But I Did. . -The Backstory- Two Weeks To Christmas I Was Looking At The Deal Page On RCI Website And Found This Great Deal.The Great Deal Was That For All Three Of Us Tax Tip And Port Fees The Price Came To Around $900 Dollars For A Ocean View. On This Sailing The Ocean View Was Cheaper Than A Interior. So I Went To My Grandparents A Showed Them This And I Said @Matt Famous Words "Yolo Book It". So We Did. On This Sailing Just Me And My Two Grandparents Will Be On This Sailing. The Ports We Will Be Going To Is Cozumel, Costa Maya And We Will Be Leaving Out Of Port Everglades.The Plans For This Cruise Is To Spend Lots Of Time With My Grandparents .In After That There Is No Other Plans. So With That Being Said Let Start The Blog
  7. I normally start this sooner and on a different tone. But staying a few nights prior in Tampa got in my way (in a good way). Booked itinerary is as follows: Tampa, Sea day, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Sea day, finally back in Tampa. However I'm not sure if my new friend Gordon will change those plans. For these that are new to reading my LIVEish. Check out my previous one to get an idea of what fine quality work I produce: LIVEish, 7 Days on Harmony (05/12/2018 or 12/05/2018 add to the mix May 12, 2018) For the record yes, I'm slacking. Still at the hotel debating when to leave for the port.
  8. Am hoping you could post pictures of Compass & MDR menus from Majesty? We are sailing her later this year with a different itinerary but also out of Tampa. Looking forward to your thoughts on embark/disembark and the ship herself. Thanks & safe trip!
  9. We generally go on an RC cruise once, maybe twice a year. Have always purchased the drink package (alcohol) previously so never paid much attention to what buying drinks cost. We are going on the 5 night Cozumel/Costa Maya cruise on Majesty on June 25th. Since they have changed the rules on the drink pkg it is cost prohibitive for us to both have to buy into it as my wife doesn't drink. I'm not a liquor/mixed drink person, mainly beer but I do tend to enjoy a few since...well...we are on vacation. Not an excessive amount of course and we have our 6 year old daughter going with us so I obviously want to spend more time doing things with her and not worry about it....but I always enjoyed not having to worry about the end of cruise cost in years past when I could get the pkg on my own. Just curious what the costs are a piece as I'm sure they vary from different classes of ships. I have read where it may be possible to call RC and ask if she can get an exemption on her alcohol drink pkg and possibly replace it with a soda type package but even then the cost might not be worth it. Thanks.
  10. We're going on our first RC cruise in August. We've got two state rooms right across from each other. My hubby and I like the idea of having privacy away from our teenagers, but for booking purposes I had to book my hubby and son in one room and my daughter and me in the other room. Can we still get access to both rooms with our room keys? Any other suggestions for traveling with teens?
  11. Hi all Was seeing on another cruise site about the Nassau port day timing changes and lo and behold I got my confirmation today. Instead of 7am to 12 midnight the timing will now be 8am til 9pm. No explanation. We had planned to do a month RC excursion leaving the docks at 815. Looks like we'll have to do something else instead! Looks like this is a standard change to timings based on the variety of people who have said they're impacted!
  12. Everyone's always talking about Oasis this, and Harmony that, and while those are fabulous ships... I think Majesty needs some love. She's been around the block a few times, she's not the biggest or newest, but she's amazingly special. I had such a great time on the 4-night Bahamas cruise back in February, got me thinking: What's your favorite thing about Majesty of the Seas? For me, it was that feeling of nostalgia, taking me back to what it was like cruising with my family in the late 90's. My first cruise was on Celebrity's Horizon, but with Royal Caribbean was on Legend in 1997; Majesty reminded me of that time period. It didn't feel dated or old; the ship still felt relevant just not bursting at the seams with technology. It let me focus on relaxing, and the overall cruise experience more so than inundating me with tons of activities and things to try. The crew were so warm and welcoming, it didn't even feel like a big cruise ship. I felt like I was a guest in the crew's home and they were thrilled to have me staying with them for a few days.
  13. Hi all I've been looking to see if I can make the deluxe package worth it for me. 🙈 We're on Majesty for the 4 day Bahamas cruise which has 1 sea day. I figured if I drink cocktails (which are my go to when I drink) it'll definitely be worth it BUT I'm confused. The package says it covers drinks up to $12 which it says includes cocktails but the price list I've been looking at has all cocktails at $13 dollars so they won't be included. On Majesty is it fair to say all cocktails will be $13? Excluding any specials at least. Thanks very much.
  14. Hi All, has anyone stayed in this room? I understand that it will be a partially obscured view, just wanted to check and see if anyone knew how obscured and if it would be worth trying to change rooms? Thanks
  15. When we booked our sailing we were told that The MOS would have free VOOM until sometime in September. I do not see that on the website now. I'm not sure what to think of that and I wonder if we will now have to pay for it. I can't seem to find out any info now that says it is free for our sailing. Anyone know?
  16. I just read on a Cruise Critic message board that the Majesty of the Seas will not be getting the water slides and DreamWorks Experience. I am so disappointed as we are booked for August 1st and taking our 8 & 10 years old granddaughters and they were so excited to have those features. Why did they elect to leave those off of the upgrades?
  17. Hi, Taking a 4 night on the Majesty. Want to go to the beach in the Bahamas, but I've never been a fan of ship excursions. Traveling with my family of 5 and looking for ideas for a hotel on the beach where we can take a cab and use facilities r a great public beach etc for anyone who has done this port recently. (I'm also looking for similar advice for Key West, but I can post a different thread if needed.) Thanks!
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