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Found 22 results

  1. I am on Liberty of the Seas on Sept 2 and our cruise has now been diverted from Bermuda to Portland, Maine and Halifax, NS. I love Halifax, but am at a loss as to what to do in Portland. Does anyone have any ideas?? Also, how would I even book a shore excursion at this late date? It says that everything is closed because we are 2 days out from sailing. Does this mean that we have to stand in horrifically long lines once we board the ship to book an excursion? Need direction, please. Thanks in advance.
  2. So I will be taking the Liberty of the Seas to Bermuda this August. I am looking at possibly going on a fishing trip but wanted to inquire if anyone has done this and the “Do’s and Don’ts”. I have not reached out to any charter companies yet. I wanted to inquire with the Cruise community first. Thank you
  3. hello everyone. Has anyone else who is traveling on these dates received an email with an alleged cancellation of the cruise for maintenance? We received 2 emails but we cannot communicate with our agent.
  4. This may be too soon, but I am so excited and quite frankly Matt's videos are addicting! My husband keeps reminding me we don't leave for X months. We are scheduled to sail on Liberty of the Seas from Port Liberty to Bermuda in July 2023. I've never cruised before or stayed at a resort, I haven't even been to anywhere more tropical than Ft. Lauderdale....My coworker highly recommended cruising as the easiest way to see the world with children, so that is what we are trying. I want to make the most of our brief 5 day vacation. We also are looking forward to Adventure Ocean for one or two blocks of the day. I reviewed some cruise compasses already. We definitely want to do Saturday night fever without children, dine one or two evenings without children (not sure if it will be specialty dining), and do a cave tour on the island (it says there are a lot of steps...can young children manage this?), do pool time/water slides with children, mini golf on the ship, rock climbing wall, one spa experience for myself, possibly have my kids try the Flowrider. Can anyone give me a brief list of what may work out? Especially with dining...an option for some sort of kids dining time popped up after I booked....does this work best for going to a show? Is there time for us to eat in peace once they whisk the kids away? Now that I'm writing this my kids are probably going to need to fit a nap in there too, yikes! Thanks!
  5. We just returned home from our first cruise out of Texas. One thing that struck us as different was that the Texas flag was hanging on the promenade, over the "TV" at the pool, and off the bridge. These were only there on embarkation day and then disappeared until the last night / early morning of disembarkation (next embarkation). With Royal, we have cruised from Maryland, Washington State, and multiple ports in Florida and we've never seen a state flag being displayed in this manner. Is this some Texas regulation or something that requires ships to do this?
  6. Our cruise is on June 5th going to the Western Caribbean on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston. Does anyone know if they will be adding more excurisions to the website? Most excursions are already sold out in Belize right now. I know we can do a 3rd party excursion but with that being a tender port I would much rather get something via RC. I have read that it's VERY hard to get a tender ticket off the ship when you use an outside company.
  7. We purchased the Refreshment package and it includes "fresh juice" and mocktails; does anyone know if getting smoothies at Squeeze will be part of that?
  8. Was watching @Matt's video from March 29, 2022 and it appears that Liberty of the Seas does not have the freestyle machines. Can someone confirm this? We're sailing on her later in the year and while we will most likely keep the Refreshment package for my wife, she may decided to drop it if she cannot get the Powerade zero from the machine. Thanks in advance! Link to Video --
  9. Well, we are down to our single digit dance until wheels up, so I guess its time to get this party started! This is Greg and Heather again, and we are coming to the end of our current dry dock. Thankfully it hasn't been too long since our last cruise live blog. This time we are sailing on Liberty of the Seas heading to Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. We again will be cruising with our kids Lydia who is now 10, and Johnny 6. We are also sailing with my sister Julie, and we are so ready to get away from the frozen tundra of NY. @Duke Grad here is the tag I promised, oh and Go SU, Beat DUKE!!?
  10. Soooo... Here we go with another newb question that we just can't find a real answer to. The wifey and I have seen some info related to bridge and galley tours being included with a GS on LOS, but we can't seem to find anything official. Any of ya'll wise and all knowing folks have any experience, info, etc. Thanks as always for your help.
  11. Hi, It's my first time posting on this forum after about a month of reading. I had some questions about my upcoming cruise that I am sure have already been answered somewhere, but I have yet to come across them. Just some back ground on the cruise it started out as a cruise with me and my father in an interior promenade room, and has slowly morphed into a cruise that includes my mother (Diamond), father (Diamond) , my girlfriend (22, first time cruiser, Diamond), and myself (Diamond). We currently have on 1 Grand Suite (one bedroom), and 1 Junior Suite, and we are on the wait list to upgrade the Junior Suite to a Grand. We have each purchased a deluxe drink package, the key, and the UDP. Now for my questions, 1. Is there any real difference between the Suite Lounge and the Diamond Lounge? 2. Will me and my girlfriend be missing out by not being able to enter the Suite Lounge? 3. In your opinions- is it even worth upgrading the Junior Suite to a suite in order to get the "'Gold Card"? 4. My girlfriend, a first time cruiser who has never been out of the country is concerned that since she got shared diamond status she will be looked down upon-Should I be worried? 5. I'm also wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks about the Liberty of the Seas that they were wanting to share. 6. I've read thru man of the "Liveish" cruise blogs and I am considering doing one of myself as this community seems like a great one. Thanks to everyone in advance!
  12. I was looking through old cruise compasses and noticed Izumi Sushi Express. I have looked around and I can not seem to find any information about it. I was wondering where it was located, what the menu is, how it tastes, and if anyone has tried it? Thank you in advance.
  13. Later this month, we will be on the Falmouth excursion, "Blue Water Beach Escape," at 9:30am. Any suggestions on what to bring (e.g., towel) or leave behind on the ship? Is the food safe and okay? Other suggestions? The forecast is 93 high and chance of t-storms.
  14. Is the all access ship tour on the Liberty of the Sea worth the $89? Seems pricey, but don't know the details (length of tour, tour size, wow moments).
  15. Can anyone tell me where smoking is accomodated on Liberty of the Seas? (Our room will be in the aft of Deck 6).
  16. I am cruising liberty of the seas with a group for the February 11th sailing. If anyone would like to join we are taking a Cool Tours charter to port - the more the cheaper - I mean the merrier (:
  17. We are staying in a hotel in Galveston the night before our cruise. Does Galveston have a cab service? and/or does it allow Uber or Lyft? (a way to get to the port basically!). Also - what time do you usually go to the Port in Galveston? (Liberty of the Seas) Would love to know any places we should eat/see while in Galveston!
  18. Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I've been an RC cruiser for a few years and it's by far my favourite line! We will be sailing on the Liberty out of Galveston leaving December 18th, and will be on board for Christmas. We will have our two young boys with us (ages 4 and 7). I've never cruised for the holidays before and I'm just wondering if anyone knows what kind of special activities will be available, for both adults and kids? I looked at booking specialty restaurants for Christmas Eve and Christmas night dinner, but they are all booked. Does anyone know whether there are waitlists for specialty restaurants? Or is the Main dining room a good place for these special dinners? Any other good things to know about holiday cruising? We're all super excited! Any insights you can offer will be appreciated! Thanks much! Cheers, Heather
  19. Does anyone feel that the new suite perks for the Oasis and Quantum Class ships would be extended to the Freedom Class (Liberty of the Seas) in the future? My family has booked the Presidential Suite for June 2017 and those perks sound amazing!
  20. We leave on the Liberty of the Seas on 2/28 from Galveston, TX. We had planned on some excursions into the jungles and the Mayan Ruins but with the Zika Virus being prevalent there...we have cancelled the plans for these excursions. I wonder if RCCL is advising cruisers of this danger and if they are doing anything to protect the passengers? I think the cruise and ship itself are safe but excursions may not be.
  21. Hi there! This is my first time doing a 7 day cruise, I've been told for Liberty of the Seas one must book their entertainment (shows) in advance. Can anyone tell me when? I've been able to book character breakfast so far, but that's it. I'm afraid I'll miss my window. Thank you!
  22. Hey, Me and my 11 piece group of family just returned back from out 9-night cruise onboard Liberty of the Seas, that left out of Cape Liberty on Thursday, July 30, 2015. I am an avid vlogger and if you have the time to watch, i'd love to share our experience with the RC Blog community. Check Out Part One: https://youtu.be/o4eSQ42vti8 Check Out Part Two: https://youtu.be/mAo7acPrXn4 Check Out Part Three: https://youtu.be/U0zdiKBR4xs Check Out Part Four: https://youtu.be/fVh-AVSVvGg Check Out Part Five: https://youtu.be/BofFjcNBTUQ Check Out Part Six: https://youtu.be/Fy0K4VMHnyk
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