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  1. Hey Everyone, I wanted to share a tool that I created to help you get the best and lowest prices for beverage packages, excursions, and activities! The tool is called RoyalPriceTracker.com Using the tool you simply enter links to any beverage packages, excursions, and any other onboard activities that you can buy before your cruise. RoyalPriceTracker will monitor the prices for all of them every day then once their is a price drop on an item your tracking you will receive an email notifying you of the drop and that it’s time to go book the lower price! You can then cancel and rebook or buy for the first time! Plus, it’s completely free to use! Feel free to check it out and start using it!
  2. Hi All, I'm going to Alaska for the first time a year from now (Aug. 2024). I would love to hear suggestions for Sitka (7.5 hrs), Skagway (10 hrs), Juno (7 hrs), and Victoria (5 hrs) excursions. There will be four of us, kids are 19 and 16. I could see doing one excursion that was $150-200 per person with the others being less expensive. I really think we'd like to go to Mendenhall in Juno. There has been posts about limiting the trips there and I don't want to be rushed with some of the combo packages being offered. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Looking for other cruises that are either taking this trip or have been on it. What is the best way to get from Marco Polo airport to the Ravena Cruise Port. What are some great Royal sponsored or non-Royal sponsored excursions.
  4. Edit 4/1: thank you everyone for your comments below, it's enough for me to get started on this project. For anyone with technical chops: I was thinking of using ListingPro Wordpress template, which apparently there's also a React Native template for making into an app, something I've zero experience with. Down the road, if anyone could help with this, that'd be awesome. --------------- I've been thinking about building a review website (independent of this forum) and I've been wondering a) would others find this useful and b) if so, would love any ideas. Below is what I was thinking for a start. I've been thinking about this because I think it'd be nice to have an actual star rating for some of the RC excursions, and I'd also love a place to discuss each one indivdually. This would be for Royal Caribbean cruises only, as I've now booked my 4th, it looks like I'll be using them for some time to come. Would love any input! - Star rating (1-5) - Value - Experience - ?? - Would you recommend - Excursion Size (how large the group is) - Food/bev (what meals and/or drinks are included) - Activity Level - Minimum and maximum recommended age groups - Duration - Type (or tags) - Cultural/historical - Pool/beach - Sail/boat/catamaran - Active - Etc. - Free form notes - Pictures
  5. We are booked on the RCL "Explore Rome" (self-guided) tour on 25 May. The drop-off / pick-up points are supposed to be near the Vatican, but could be anywhere up to 0.6 miles away apparently. Does anyone know more precisely where these points are located, as it would help in planning a walking route to visit the key sites within central Rome and get back to the bus in time.
  6. I’ll be stopping in Nassau for the first time in April and we wondering if there were excursions through RC anyone would recommend. Ideally I’d like something with a bus/trolly tour that doesn’t require a hike. I’m a history buff and a solo traveler, so no need for anything kid-friendly. I’ve heard less than great things about Nassau, but I’m not particularly worried about haggling (I’m a Philly sports fan, nothing scares me). Just wanted an excursion to learn a bit more about the area! Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!
  7. I’ve seen online and in this thread of people getting the Barefoot Beach cabanas for the following prices; Over the water cabana: $495 Hilltop cabana: $395 Beach front cabana: $395 Standard beach cabana: $295 However when I go to my planner they are in the thousands, my family that lives in another state going on the same ship different sail date shows different prices as well….. Anyone else heard or seen this ?? Also is barefoot beach still only available for suite guest? As anyone can purchase it from the planner
  8. We are going on the Western Mediterranean sailing in the Symphony on June 15 2023 out of Civitavecchia (Rome). Does anyone know how early Royal puts shore excursions for sale on the cruise planner? Thank you!
  9. Update 01/03/2022 We had a wonderful time. We did get all of our prescheduled things added back in with the exception of one but we were we able to add the Chef's table for NYE on RCCL because of onboard credit. However we still have not seen our original refunds to our account from DEC 16th "glitch" How this gets handled decides if and when we cruise again... Update12/27/2021 We have a a cabin annnd after 10+ days and prolly 200emails our Travel agent worked a miracle for us. Apparently we were caught in a software system change... So because we literally cannot get back our purchases ourselves and in some cases it's now sold out. They upgraded our excursion to the VIP one for same price they also gave us our unlimited specialty dining package free. So we arrive at Port tomorrow and pray all these emails of documentation work. We were told to report to embarkment at 11 and they would have everything fixed for us... Soooo last Thursday I received a reminder that it was an oportunity to book extras prior to boarding our Mariner of the Seas NYE trip, leaving DEC 28, I clicked on it to see if there were any new prices from my original paid. Well to my surprise the other couple's confirmation number was there but ours POOF gone. I tried to add it back and it said it didn't exist. Whaaaa? So I called my travel agent. She goes on her system and it was cancelled. Yes cancelled. She got on the phone with RCCL. The person escalated it and they said was clearly on their side and it was a glitch they said. It took nearly 7 hours to get my reservation back, but all of my great priced items were gone. Yes my cabin is there and I have my seapass but the stuff I already purchase was gone because guess what people snapped those right up. They told me to put everything I could back in my cart and they would fix it with onboard credit to offset new cost. Cool right? NO! because the account is still locked 5 days later and I can't pay for anything nor is it possible for me make any other plans. The RC agent told my TA that the IT department had to unlock it. My TA has spoken with them multiple times now since Friday morning at 8am . I am pretty upset and very irritated at this point that RC couldn't fix. My biggest grump is all my reservations that had limited space with our friends are completely gone. Our NYE plans are tanked as well... To add to all of this my FCCs from 2019. that were applied to another cruise (that was cancelled) were in some sort of freeze so they didn't get applied and they are now saying too late to applie them. It will be our first RC trip. My hubs is ready for it to be never. Advice on salvaging our trip?
  10. Hi! Haven’t been on in a while but happy to be back!!! We are doing a star class cruise in February and are interested in booking a private journey excursion. Any insight or experiences with private journeys? Looking to do something in Puerto Rico. Andrew
  11. We are booked on our first cruise leaving New Orleans on Majesty of the Seas August 29th. I hadn't bought any excursions yet and was getting ready to when this whole COVID thing started. (I wanted all the options to be available before I picked). Our cruise has not been cancelled yet and we are hoping it will stay that way. I just made the final payment and was thinking about booking some excursions. However, I haven't seen any cruise planner sales that I recall in months. Should I wait for a sale? Should I wait period until cruises start up again? Please help. I'm new and am worried. Things are very tight but it is our 5th anniversary and I want it to be as special as I can make it.
  12. Will be going on Anthem in 19 days with my daughter (17 months). 50+ friends & family going for my brothers wedding. Best excursion recommendations and things to do on the ship for toddlers? First time cruising with a little one.... thanks!
  13. I am sailing on Harmony with my mom in April to Costa Maya, Cozumel, Roatán, & Perfect day @ CocoCay and I am looking for excursions recommendations for something that has to do with seeing the ruins, food such as making a local meal or chocolate or shopping or at resort for a day or an excursion that has all of those either in Cozumel, or Costa Maya. And when visiting Roatán I want to either go on a beach/waterpark with lunch excursion or spend the day at a resort. I do not want to go on an excursion @ CocoCay I would like for your opinions & recommendations for the excursions that you think we would like for Cozumel, México, Costa Maya, México & Roatán, Honduras. Also please tell me the names of the excursions and where I can book the excursions if that is even possible for you to remember the names of the excursions that you recommended for each of the ports (other than CocoCay) and where the excursions can be reserved. I’m asking for any excursions for the ports listed for the interest I had provided. They can be either third party excursions or sponsored thru Royal Caribbean? Also would appreciate opinions on any other excursions that you went had been on
  14. Hello! its my first time booking a cruise I have our room booked just wondering if there is typically black Friday/cyber Monday deals on drink packages or excursions?
  15. When is it best to book an excursion through the cruise line instead of another 3rd party company? What are some of the 3rd party companies you suggest? I've been looking at Shore Excursioneer (based on one of @Matt you tube videos,) why are some excursions on RCCL not listed with Shore Excursioneer?
  16. I'll be in Nassau with my wife later this month on a Saturday port stop (9/28). We've walked the areas near the port (shops, Queen's Staircase, Junkanoo Beach, Wattlings, Graycliffe, etc.) and were thinking of heading over to Paradise Island to check out that area. We like to explore. Any thoughts or recommendations? Taxi vs Ferry? Things to see / do? We weren't planning to do the water park or beach as we'll be at Coco Cay the next day.
  17. Just returned from a 7 night western Mediterranean Cruise with my family and, all in all, a great experience. The only major disappointment was the shore excursion "Pisa by Trolley." The RCL website described the excursion as follows: See Pisa's essential sights as you embark on a guided walking tour of the town's history with a narrated trolley train ride and a visit to the prominent square before setting out on your own. Learn about the historical edifices in the Field of Miracles, as your guide illustrates the Tuscan city's rich heritage. Behold the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, a 12th-century bell tower known for its protruding tilt. Explore the area independently, where you can shop, visit the cathedral, or stroll beside the Arno River. Highlights: • Field of Miracles: Join a walking tour of Pisa's main square, admiring stunning Tuscan-Romanesque architecture and significant city landmarks. • Leaning Tower of Pisa: The 12th-century bell tower's tilt is caused by the inadequate foundation on which it stands. • Free Time: Wander at your own pace, shopping for souvenirs, visiting the cathedral, or walking along the Arno River. This was quite misleading. First of all, it is a 4 hour tour, but they do not mention that it takes 1hr+ each way by bus to get there, so already you are down to less than 2 hours (when I originally booked, it said it was 20-30 minutes, but I assume that was because they had simply used the description for the excursion from port of Livorno for the Port of La Spezia excursion as well, but of course I did not know that at the time). Once there we had to transfer to trolley, and then we spent about 30-45 minutes driving around the town of Pisa, which was actually quite pretty, and at the time I thought it was a great experience. But, let's face it, you go to Pisa to see the tower. Once the moment of truth arrived, we were dropped off a few minutes walk from the square- We were told where we could go to the bathroom, eat, and buy souvenirs (we had been on the go at this point for about 2.5hrs so most of the bus load of people lined up for the single toilet), and we were told to be back at that point in 40 minutes so that we did not miss the trolley to take us back to the bus, as it would not wait. No walking tour of Pisa's main square. So, waited 10 minutes for the toilet, then scooted over to get the obligatory holding up the Leaning Tower photo for each one of us. At this point, we started to have some panic set in as we were watching the clock and realized we had 10-15 minutes left before we had to climb back on the trolley. NO time to really explore the square. If you wanted to go inside anything, you needed tickets, and there was no time to stand in line to get a ticket. I had booked mine in advance with the illusion there would be some time to explore a bit (more than 100 Euros for 4 of us), but when I asked the guide as we boarded the bus back at the ship, he had laughed at me and said we literally had no chance of fitting that in. I did manage to get inside the cathedral (but not the Tower of Pisa) for less than 5 minutes, but literally ran to front, snapped some photos, and ran back out. I barely even remember being there. If anyone went to walk along the river, I am sure they had to find their own way back to the ship! The only people wandering at their own pace were those that could not wait to get back to the boat. So, in the end, we spent $64pp to get about 40 minutes at the outside of the Tower of Pisa and the area around, which had to include bathroom break and maybe time to buy a bottle of water (it was almost 90 degrees). I had also dropped about $125 on entrance to the Tower which did not even happen. I contacted guest services, and they gave me $32pp refund (The manager at Shore Excursions on ship said I was not the first person to complain about this particular excursion), but that only covered the entrance tickets I did not get to use. VERDICT: While you do not need a full day to see Pisa, if you really want some exploring time, this is not a good excursion. If you just want "The Photo" and get back to ship ASAP, this should work for you. To see this area, I would say you need a minimum of 90 minutes to explore, and the promised walking tour should be provided. RCL did try to apologize by giving us a 50% refund, but unfortunately for me, this really only covered the tickets I bought on my own which I did not get to use. This tour length should be 5-6 hours, and that would work well.
  18. Any recommendations for excursions from the Livorno port particularly other than Florence.
  19. I have spent so much time researching the excursions in Honduras and yet I still can not decide on one. Myself along with 32 of my guest will be on the symphony in July celebrating my 30th birthday. I was really leaning towards LFK with BFK access but the price has recently increased for some odd reason. That’s not necessarily a deal breaker for me but I’m not to sure about my other guests. I’m a little confused as to what is included with the LFK package as it doesn’t state much about it as compared to the LFK with BFK. The all inclusive Mayan princess resort also caught my eye but I haven’t found much info on it. All in all, I want a fun memory making day on the beach with my family and friends that include adult beverages, food , laughter, scenery, animals if possible, water sports, etc etc PLEASE I’m asking for any and all recommendations as I’d like to finalize the excursions for my group within a week or two. Thanks in advance
  20. I have spent so much time researching the excursions in Honduras and yet I still can not decide on one. Myself along with 32 of my guest will be on the symphony in July celebrating my 30th birthday. I was really leaning towards LFK with BFK access but the price has recently increased for some odd reason. That’s not necessarily a deal breaker for me but I’m not to sure about my other guests. I’m a little confused as to what is included with the LFK package as it doesn’t state much about it as compared to the LFK with BFK. The all inclusive Mayan princess resort also caught my eye but I haven’t found much info on it. All in all, I want a fun memory making day on the beach with my family and friends that include adult beverages, food , laughter, scenery, animals if possible, water sports, etc etc PLEASE I’m asking for any and all recommendations as I’d like to finalize the excursions for my group within a week or two. Thanks in advance
  21. Anyone else on the Southern Caribbean cruise starting at the end of the month? If so, what excursions are you doing? We haven't booked anything yet, but have some ideas. Not sure about Antigua and St. Lucia - so any recommendations on those are appreciated!
  22. Forgive me if this is already out there. I searched and couldn't find any answers. I'm not a fan of Nassau and have already seen Atlantis. I'm thinking about doing the beach break, but would like to know if it is worth the money. Also, one of them said you can rent snorkel gear for an extra fee... does anyone know what kind of prices they are? I'm sailing in October and need to make a decision pretty quick!
  23. Hello All, We are taking our first cruise on the Independence of the Seas in April (15-20) and stopping at CocoCay on April 19. All of the information I have seen is that CocoCay is getting a new look and will be ready in May. Is there any rumor about it being done late/on-time/early? Also is there an excursion that is recommended for there? It will be my wife and I and another couple with 4 teenagers. Thanks in advance, Kevin
  24. What are some of the excursions that are good for this cruise?
  25. Hi everyone, my son had multiple food allergies. I know that bringing pre-packaged food with us for excursions is okay. But it was told to me by a cruiser on another page that we would be permitted to bring food off the ship for him that was prepared by the RC crew for excursions as well, and that if questioned about it we would just need to show his sail card which would indicate his allergy in the special needs section. (The allergy is noted on the reservation and I've submitted the Special Needs form) Wondering if anyone had any experience with this...?
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