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  1. Anyone done this. If so, feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Anyone ever done this excursion? Would love feedback.
  3. I rebooked for Apr 7. - 14 2024 Wonder OTS, so don't expect me to write back on this.
  4. Greetings! It does not seem like RCC is offering many excursions on our cruise in December. I am looking for the BEST non-Royal excursions for Costa Maya and Cozumel. We were hoping to book something to see ruins, so bonus for anyone that has a recommended ruins excursion at either of those locations. Also, what is recommended for Belize City? I saw they have ruins tours, but I think there may be better excursions for Belize. Thanks for the help!
  5. The family (myself, wife, and 7 and 9 year olds) will be sailing on Wonder in April on a 5 night. We only stop at Cococay and Cozumel. I was planning on doing our "beach day" at Cococay so I thought I'd try something unique in Cozumel. Xcaret park stool out and all the reviews I've read are very positive. However, I have seen the negative about travel time from port and having limited time once there. Can anyone give me some advice? Should I stick to Paradise Beach or Mr. Sanchos? Thanks
  6. Hello all. We have some Western Caribbean cruises coming up. Ports of call are Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. For those of you who have done excursions solo (that is, no one else in your cruising party joined you), what were your favorites, and what would you not do again?
  7. Hi! Me and my family are going on the 16th of February Harmony of the Seas sailing. In the ports of Costa Maya, Roatan and Cozumel, we are looking for something to do for free. Like going to a market, walking to a nearby beach, snorkling on our own, going to a park or something similar. Do any of you have any recommendation for those things? ? I'm particularly struggling to find a beach near the port in Cozumel.
  8. I am sailing on Harmony with my mom in April to Costa Maya, Cozumel, Roatán, & Perfect day @ CocoCay and I am looking for excursions recommendations for something that has to do with seeing the ruins, food such as making a local meal or chocolate or shopping or at resort for a day or an excursion that has all of those either in Cozumel, or Costa Maya. And when visiting Roatán I want to either go on a beach/waterpark with lunch excursion or spend the day at a resort. I do not want to go on an excursion @ CocoCay I would like for your opinions & recommendations for the excursions that you think we would like for Cozumel, México, Costa Maya, México & Roatán, Honduras. Also please tell me the names of the excursions and where I can book the excursions if that is even possible for you to remember the names of the excursions that you recommended for each of the ports (other than CocoCay) and where the excursions can be reserved. I’m asking for any excursions for the ports listed for the interest I had provided. They can be either third party excursions or sponsored thru Royal Caribbean? Also would appreciate opinions on any other excursions that you went had been on
  9. Hello, we will be cruising aboard Liberty of the Seas Western Caribbean soon. We normally do destination vacations and spend our time at the beach, relaxing, walking and drinking. I do have a fear of water and don’t know how to swim at all, and my husband is a fish! I’m trying to find excursions that we will both enjoy and can do together. In Cozumel we were hoping that perhaps there isa beach near the port that we can walk to and hang out on. Is this possible? In Georgetown we aren’t sure what to do at all and would love to hear your suggestions! For Falmouth would you all suggest one of the resort excursions to lay on a beach? Thank You so much!
  10. We will be cruising in November to Cozumel. Has anyone done the Coba pyramid & cenote swim excursion? I know it takes awhile to get there. Is it worth it time wise? We are only in port for 9 hours & this excursion is 8 hours. I’m estimating about 1/2 of the excursion is travel time. We have 4 children between 15-10.
  11. Is there a free beach at port in Cozumel?
  12. Getting ready to go on Harmony of Seas with ports at Roatan, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Coco Cay. Need recommendations for best excursions since I have been on a couple of Disney cruises in past and excursions I picked weren't really worth the money.
  13. What is the drill if you have a 20 month old that should be in a car seat (obviously) but we won't have one with us in Cozumel. What are the laws on the island about child seats, and will we be hassled by the taxi drives about it?
  14. We have an upcoming cruise on Harmony in late August and are staying star class. First time on RCCL (we have sailed DCL) and first time on Western Caribbean itinerary. It’s just me and my 9 year old son. He doesn’t like the beach but loves swimming in pools. I love lying around getting served frozen drinks. We will be getting off at coco cay and at Costa maya (to zip line.). I’ve considered getting a resort day pass in Cozumel but am also considering just staying on the ship in both Cozumel and Roatan. It seems kind of silly to disembark to go somewhere to pay for food, drink and pools when we have all of that already on board. But does the ship really empty out on port days and/or if we stayed onboard for 2/4 port days will we regret it? I’m also super concerned about safety - as we will be traveling without my husband. So any advice? Is using the ship’s pools on a port day with less people and enjoying our star class perks just as good as snagging a day pass for a resort? Thanks for any advice!
  15. We are looking for things that we can do within walking distance from the ship for our upcoming cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas. We're visiting Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Roatan. In Cozumel, can you walk (safely) from the ship to the "downtown" area? Are there any beaches within walking distance at any of our ports? I know there's the pool area in Costa Maya, but I think we'd just stay on the ship to have pool time. We've been to these ports once before, but this time decided to go for the 7 night cruise and not do any excursions vs. the 4 night with excursions. Our daughters are older (11, 13, and 15), so if anyone has any good no or very low cost ideas, we'd appreciate it! We'd be okay staying on the ship and enjoying the pool and food. Any other thoughts or ideas?
  16. The friends we are cruising with (Independence of the Seas, 12/6/18-12/10/18) were told we could get "mexican vanilla" while in Cozumel...anyone have any information on this?
  17. While in Cozumel, we are wanting to lay on a beach for awhile but do NOT want to pay for an all inclusive beach experience...we'll also be doing some walking around and shopping. Are there any "free" or public beaches that we don't have to pay a cover charge?
  18. We are not interested in an actual excursion while in Cozumel in December, but are wondering if there are any beaches that anyone could recommend? We're thinking of doing a bit of shopping then lying on a beach for a while...
  19. After having been to Nachi Cocom in Cozumel twice and Maya Chan in Costa Maya once, I wanted to list the differences and similarities based on my experiences at both. These are only my impressions from my visits and are not definitive at all Entry and Getting There Entry Fees Nachi Cocom — $55 Maya Chan — $59 Transportation Nachi Cocom — from the International Pier, the cost is $17 each way for a taxi trip. Once the shops are navigated to the taxi stand, the trip takes about 20 minutes. Let them know when you want to return to the ship, and a taxi will be waiting. Costa Maya — once you exit the controlled shops and terminal area, the meeting spot is about two blocks away. The trip cost is included in the price and organized by the staff and takes 25-30 minutes on rough dirt roads south from Mahahual paralleling the coast. Return trips to the ship came in thirty minute increments starting at 1:30 for a 4:30 all on board time. The last taxi was scheduled at 3:30 and drops you off inside the controlled port area, which I liked better than the original pick up area. Clear Edge to Maya Chan when combining entry and transportation for the right number of people. It doesn’t favor Nachi Cocom cost-wise unless you have a large number of people and a bus. Total Cost for Two Adults Nachi Cocom — $144 Maya Chan — $118 Clear Edge to Maya Chan Greeting and Orientation Nachi Cocom — upon arrival, you are greeted by a staff member who takes pictures of you with a sombrero and then directs you to the cashier who takes your payment receipt. After a brief wait, you are introduced to your waiter who takes you to your palapa Maya Chan — when arriving at the meet up point outside of the port area which is fairly easy to find on the right next to a small convenience store, you are advised of the conditions and given the opportunity to cancel if there is a lot of seaweed in the beach. They have your name and number in your party on a list, check you off and match you with other guests for the trip which is usually in a 12 passenger van. A rep, for us, it was one of the American ex-pat owners gives a brief orientation. Edge to Maya Chan What’s Included (The Basics) Nachi Cocom — all food and beverages as well as access to all facilities. Your waiter brings anything you like to your palapa, or you can use the swim up bar in the pool or the restaurant area. Food is ordered off a fairly extensive menu. Beach toys are extra. Maya Chan — an attendant will bring an introductory rum punch and any other beverages you like. Other than chips, guac and salsa, food is buffet style in the small All beach toys are included. They range from water shoes, snorkeling gear, floating chairs and stand up paddle boards. Edge to Nachi Cocom (I don’t mind paying a little extra for a kayak or floating mat) The Facilities Nachi Cocom — there are two sets of bathrooms, a large outdoor seating area in the restaurant/bar, palapas that run two deep the full width of the property, which I am guessing is about 250 feet of water frontage. Each palapa has two chairs and a small table. There is a nice second bar on the beach. There is a small dock. The pool is great, and has a swim up bar which I love. There is also a hot tub. The beach is wide and clean. It’s easy to wade in with your floating device and a cold beverage. The restaurant is very nice and under shade, so even on the hottest days, is a great place to be. There are about 20 tables in the space. Maya Chan — palapas include 1-5 chairs and a beach bed which provided one of the best naps I’ve ever had. They are larger than what is available at Nachi Cocom. There was an unattended second bar behind the line of palapas. I am guessing there is about 150 feet of water frontage. There is no pool. The day I was there was not ideal, sadly, because a storm washed an unbelievable amount of seaweed ashore. It was quite staggering, actually. Three dedicated staff members were putting in huge efforts to clear paths to the water. Even then, when wading out, the seaweed was so thick, it wrapped around your legs for 10-15 feet until you reached clearer water. The bottom was rocky, though not as rocky as Adrenalin Beach at Labadee. Water shoes are a good idea. The restaurant/bar area is somewhat small and pleasant with about 8 tables. The cooking occurs right there, so you can enjoy the skilled cooking. Edge to Nachi Cocom Staff Nachi Cocom — absolutely fantastic. I had the same waiter both times, he remembered me. The bar tenders are quick and generous with the mixed drinks and the beers are cold. Maya Chan — absolutely fantastic. They are extra attentive to your needs yet they don’t pester you. I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Dan, one of the owners. Slight Edge to Maya Chan — Nachi is wonderful however Food and Beverage Nachi Cocom — I like the option to be served at a table or at your palapa. All tropical drinks I had were very good, and the beer was cold. The menu has numerous Mexican and some American selections. Maya Chan — The tropical drinks were very tasty and the beer was cold. Food was served buffet style and limited to assembling tacos using shredded skirt steak, chicken, sea bass (dripping in garlic butter — omg), and pork. All had Mexican seasoning and were fresh, plentiful and wonderful with all the fixings including really, really good guacamole. Edge to Nachi Cocom because of the style of servïce and variety. Quality at both were good. Edges to Nachi Cocom — 3 Maya Chan — 4 Conclusion Because I am happy with a cold beer on the beach to keep me happy, and the lower overall cost, I would give an edge to Maya Chan especially on a good beach day when the seaweed is gone. If I’m in the mood for a pool day and a swim up bar, I’ll pick Nachi Cocom and conclude the total extra cost is worth it knowing that I could have stayed at the port at Costa Maya and had swim up bar action all day if I wanted. Despite how the edges came out above, I think Nachi Cocom would win over in my book because of more variety. My daughter picks Nachi Cocom because she remembers that the drink portions are larger and the large menu. So I would say that for us, the more developed facilities and the food variety are weighed more heavily than some of the other categories. I would be curious to know what others who have been to both think. Maya Chan — hammock in the back of our palapa Maya Chan — raised observation tower great place to charge your phone Maya Chan — our palapa Maya Chan — our palapa Maya Chan — view from our palapa Maya Chan — buffet area in the left foreground, and the bar in the back this was taken upon entering for the first time Maya Chan — this is an example of an area of seaweed that was cleared the most. The thicker areas were unreal I waded through it several times, and it’s not bad if your mind is focused on the goal of getting to the other side. If you dwell on it, I will tell no lie, it’s pretty gross. If you don’t intend to go in the water on days when this happens, it won’t be an issue. Maya Chan — bar/restaurant from the beach Maya Chan — beach toys — note the mounds of seaweed Nachi Cocom — very nice beach Nachi Cocom — palapas on the beach Nachi Cocom Menu Nachi Cocom Bathroom Nachi Cocom pool and hot tub Nachi Cocom massage palapa Nachi Cocom secondary bathrooms and shower Nachi Cocom — secondary beach bar Nachi Cocom — pool with restaurant bar on the other side Nachi Cocom — swim up bar on the other side fro. The restaurant side bar. Nachi Cocom resultant seating
  20. Can you go to Mr Sanchos without a reservation and get in? Or is it like Nachi, where advanced reservations are a good idea (if not required)?
  21. Hello All, So I've read that the food is horrible at Playa Mia in Cozumel. What exactly is being service and should I grab some buttered buns from the cruise ship to eat? DJ
  22. A friend of mine has just taken this tour. He arrived in Cozumel in Oasis of the seas. The problem that he mentioned is that the stay at Xcaret park was less than 4 hours because Oasis was leaving Cozumel at 5:30. I will arrive at Harmony at 8:00 AM (ship time) and leave at 7:00 PM (Ship time). Do you think with this time span it's worth the tour and that I could spend more time in the park than 4 hours as it happened to my friend? This is the tour: Xcaret Shore Excursion
  23. I visited Nachi Cocom last summer and loved it. The best part was that we were in port on Empress with two other Carnival ships and the place felt empty. We will visit Cozumel again on January 9, but will be one of the last ships to dock (Brilliance)...here is what will be in port that day. Cozumel 9 Jan 2018 Brilliance Of The Seas Royal Caribbean 1000-1930 Cozumel 9 Jan 2018 Liberty Of The Seas Royal Caribbean 07:00 - 16:00 Cozumel 9 Jan 2018 Carnival Breeze Carnival Cruise Line 08:00 - 18:00 Cozumel 9 Jan 2018 Carnival Paradise Carnival Cruise Line 10:00 - 20:00 Cozumel 9 Jan 2018 Carnival Splendor Carnival Cruise Line 08:00 - 17:00 Cozumel 9 Jan 2018 Disney Magic Disney Cruise Line 07:00 - 16:00 Cozumel 9 Jan 2018 Norwegian Pearl Norwegian Cruise Line 08:00 - 17:00 I've seen videos of the place being taken over by passengers from other ships, and am thinking that may be the case especially with three Carnival ships and Liberty in port. If the ship clears quickly, and we can get off the ship, I am thinking we may be able to get to Nachi by 11, but I am not sure. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  24. We have an excursion planned in Cozumel for 8:30. Is that ships time? We booked through RC. We have never gone on an excursion before so if anyone can help with details I would appreciate it like - time to be at the gangway- it is a 3-4 hour chocolate factory and Mayan ruin on Cozumel. No ferry! Thanks!
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