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Found 17 results

  1. Lots of dining open for our Utopia sailing but I can't find a tentative menu or a way to book this immersive experience. Any idea? Cost? Royal Railway is not on my cruise planner, does anyone have it yet? @Matt @Sharla @AshleyDillo
  2. Hello! Long story, I’m attempting (poorly lol) to keep short, we’re recently married and so excited for our honeymoon cruise on Mariner of the Seas in 32 days! The only caveat is I am retiring from my military career and beginning new endeavors shortly after. Considering wedding and moving costs, we relied on wedding gifts for our honeymoon budget (we were married on June 10th) and only have a specific time frame we can take our honeymoon, given our extenuating circumstances. We took the plunge and booked a cruise a little more than a month in advance, as we agree it’s the best way to celebrate our new marriage (and still have zero regrets or hesitation)! After much research and listening to hours of Royal Caribbean Blog’s wisdom, it has become abundantly clear we broke the golden rule of cruising by booking last minute! Any advice you can give on how to make the most of our budget with a last minute booking?
  3. EDIT: Problem solved. Now it was working. I’m soon going on my first big cruise. 14 of may brim Barcelona, on Symphony of the seas. The other day I got en email sayin I now could book my entertainment. But when I go to the page all I see is this. Can’t see any where to book. Can any one help?
  4. Hi. We are from PH and we booked a cruise in Singapore. My husband and I want to exchange our rooms but we can't edit the names on the website guest info (booking was made directly into the website). Tried contacting via email in the Singaporean branch email but no reply yet. Any info or advice for us? Thank you.
  5. According to CheapAir.com this is the best time to book/purchase international flights. (2022 study) What do you think? CheapAir Survey
  6. I went to make a payment on my trip online, and I noticed the birthday on one of the passengers was wrong so I fixed it and the pricing for my trip went up $600+. It seems like they removed the discounts that I originally had when I booked my trip and I have tried calling the customer service number but the offices are closed. This is the first time I’ve booked a trip on my own. Is this something that commonly happens? Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m kinda freaking out right now!
  7. Wait! don't kick me out!?? My mom and I want to take a late 2020 cruise but we have to get a lot of things in line first and our preferences (room category, embarkation port, ports of call, length of trip, sea day to port day ratio, ship class) mean options get slimmer each month. So, just in case our RCCL options run out before we book, I was hoping you nice people might be able to help us decide on an NCL ship class that will give us a (diet) Royal feel. So far we've only done Freedom and Vision class ship and found we much prefer Freedom class.What we liked: Royal Promenade: we like the way it opens up the ship so doesn't feel like we're on a ship. Types of Shows: The quality of performance shows on Freedom class were AMAZING (ice and stage) MDR: Dat French Onion Soup though.... It's my cruise staple! but of course we also love the super attentive and knowledgeable waitstaff, the variety of food, and the very formal table settings every night Observation Deck/Helipad: Being able to watch as we sail in or away from the front of the ship was something we SORELY missed on Enchantment. I look forward to your help! And if you're wondering about the aforementioned preferences: Room category: Grand Suite Embarkation Port: Nothing more than 15 minutes from the airport (so Miami, Boston, New Jersey, Ft. Lauderdale are fine) Ports of Call: Really looking into the Southern or Eastern Caribbean Length of Trip: We fly in from Chicago, so no less than 7 night Sea to Port Ratio: No more than 3 back-to-back ports, at least 3 sea days, ideally with one before debarkation day Ship Class: Voyager, Freedom, Oasis, Quantum for sure. Could be convinced to do Radiance. Price (per person): $2200 or less
  8. Hello All, The wife and I have picked a cruise for our winter 2021 family escape from the Minnesota winters. I know royal runs "sales" all through out the year but just wonder when the best time or promotion to look for when booking? We are looking at February 2021 with a family of 4, kids being 5 and 7.
  9. You veteran cruisers, do you book through RCI or a local travel agent or an online booking agency? This being my first time, I went through Cruises Only (online) and I don't know whether that was the best way to go. The cabin selection seemed awfully scarce for so far in advance.
  10. I've got 2 cruises I'd like to book... 12 day fall of 2020 and 7 day spring of 2021 (with family 3rd/4th but maybe no under 12 free kids) Current promo is over Thursday and we are sailing on Saturday. What would you do?
  11. Just curious;when is the best time to pay off a booked cruise? Is it better to pay off your cruise right away/ASAP, or wait until you get close to the final payment date? Please explain.
  12. Hmmm... Wish I had found this gem before I booked my next 5 day Royal cruise out of Tampa. So here it is... (Tada!) https://www.cruisetimetables.com/ Yes, this little gold mine has the port schedules for nearly every port around the world that services cruise ships. Concerned about your next cruise having too many tourists in port from a large number of cruise ports? Want to get an idea of how far out to book that third party excursion? Yes, there will be some changes from time to time, especially during hurricane season when ships re rerouted to other ports (Saw this for Mariner and Enchantment in September on our trip. Enchantment was originally slated to be the only vessel in port, then Mariner when Francis was close, then back), but it appears to be fairly accurate and decently updated. For those that still book through RCCL website, or just want to do some pre-scouting before calling your TA, this is a good tool.
  13. Hi All I have just been on my first Royal Caribbean cruise and loved it. I had an amazing deal around the Med which included a free deluxe drinks package, free wifi, all gratuities and a BOGO deal, booked 9 months before cruise date! Was a steal! I am now looking at my next cruise to Bermuda and Bahamas on the Grandure of the Seas in May 2018. However, when i phoned for a quote there were no inclusions just the standard 20% off deal which seams to be on most of the time anyway. So to seasoned Royal Caribbean customers my question is how much sway do the agents have? If i push them will they give me freebies or am i best to wait for a better promotion to pop up? Thanks
  14. I am looking at booking a room and Grandure of the Seas for 1 person. Does anyone have any tips on keeping the price down, at present i am looking at a full 2 person price with just port taxes reduced?
  15. Has anyone booked their next cruise while cruising? They advertise incentives, but are they worth it? We are sailing in one month and want to sail again in 2018. Is it smart to book while onboard or can I find a better deal elsewhere? :D
  16. Is it really a better deal to book your next cruise while on board your current cruise???
  17. What does RCCL consider to be a big enough Group for a Group booking discount. We have 9 Balcony cabins with 21 Adult Family Guests booked for sailing on Ovation of the Seas 30th December 2016. I have been advised by the Travel Agent that we are not eligible for any discount or benefit? Would this be based on the fare paid?
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