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  1. Personally, I think in Alaska, booking yourself is easy to do, depending on excursion you are interested in. Several years ago, we had an awesome whale watching tour self-booked in Juneau. We had an easy time renting a car in Skagway. I'd rather book myself because of smaller tours and cheaper options. But you have to really study to make sure they are reliable, will get you back on time... give you refund if your ship doesn't make the port, etc. So it is a little more hassle. One of my favorite examples is hiring a taxi/van and seeing sites in Maine... seeing the bus from the ship all lined up waiting for restrooms, etc.... the unloading, loading... marching to someone elses time frame. And us jumping in and out and extra stops and being able to do exactly what we want. Can't always have that opportunity tho.
  2. I've got 2 cruises I'd like to book... 12 day fall of 2020 and 7 day spring of 2021 (with family 3rd/4th but maybe no under 12 free kids) Current promo is over Thursday and we are sailing on Saturday. What would you do?
  3. We did this cruise last year on the Brilliance and LOVED it!!! We enjoy the balcony every morning for breakfast... but I would rather stay in an inside cabin than miss this sailing. Of course I would pay a little more for oceanview just to get the sunlight. There are plenty of activities, I enjoyed the movie theater. It's an awesome ship. Diamond status would be wonderful to have prior to sailing this long one. For the Diamond lounge. Tons of diamond members on our cruise and they moved it to larger lounge. Staff made it tremendously fun by having theme nights. So fun to get to enjoy meeting other frequent cruisers. Sorry I don't have more info... but I would do it again. ?
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