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Found 23 results

  1. So I am paying in full now, well @Sharla is for me in the hopes that she sails. Allure is big, she is sailing out of Florida (PC) and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If they cancel but I fear this less and less as the days go on, I am hopefully going to Lift & Shift as the price Sharla booked me was beyond amazing. But of course rather then that I respectfully request to sail, fingers crossed...anyone else on board this one? It's myself, my hubby and my 15 year old daughter. She is on the quiet side, nothing like me!!
  2. If I am reading things right, in order to sail with children 12 and older they must be vaccinated? Okay, so is the company going to refund my four after this date sailings? My daughter is 15 and while vaccination isn't off the table we want to wait for additional education before we give her this vaccine, so clearly our sailing 01 August 2021 is a no go. I paid with my FCC's please, will they be issuing refunds now? As an adult I am vaccinated, but I want to do my due diligence not be forced into something before I am ready. Thoughts? Anyone in the same boat here? @Matt am I understanding this correctly?? @Sharla what now?
  3. August 1 thru August 8, 2021 out of Port Canaveral there are four 2 bedroom grand suites available two on deck 9 and two on deck 10 for the same price as 1 bedroom grand suites the same sailing. I almost bit but I really like the quiet on 17. So not sure if this is a mistake or even a good deal but wanted to share in case someone could benefit from this pricing, @Matt, not sure if this is by design or not but if my fellow sailing friends can benefit and save some money, I wanted to spread the word. If this is a normal thing, sorry but I share with the best of intentions. Enjoy friends,??
  4. Hello, just wanted to share our honeymoon video I put together from our recent sailing aboard the Allure of the Seas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltGsPYy6-pg
  5. I am considering purchasing the Deluxe drink package on my upcoming cruise on Allure of the Seas. I know I'll enjoy some alcoholic drinks but I am also a coffee fanatic and enjoy my espresso based drinks so this package may be perfect for me. I know Starbucks is not included in the premium coffee but what is included? And where is that premium coffee found on the ship? I apologize if this question has been asked! This is my first cruise! Thank you for all your help!
  6. While I am a new Royal Caribbean Blog poster, I have been a quiet voyeur on the page for almost one year! We booked our Spring Break family cruise back in May of 2018 during a Kids Sail Free event. Man, did we score an amazing deal! Oasis Class was not in our price range, but the sale was too good to pass up. We are anxiously awaiting (T minus 12 days) our first family vacation (excluding Disney with the whole extended family 2 years ago). About us: My husband and I are in our mid/late thirties, and we love to travel. We’ve been on vacation together almost once/per year since we started dating almost 13 years ago. We enjoy going to warm, tropical locations (since we live in a frozen-tundra: Minnesota). I cruised with my family when I was in college and absolutely fell in LOVE with cruising, but, ironically, haven’t been on a second cruise until August of 2018. We already had our March 2019 Spring Break booked and, Surprise! My husband earned President’s Club through his work, and we were treated to a 5-night Italian Cruise on Celebrity Reflection (ADP chartered the entire ship- it was an absolutely unbelievable experience). That was my husband’s first time cruising. He is a rather tall/big drink of water, and his hesitation with cruises in the past was the size of the room/bathroom and feeling claustrophobic. He had NO issues on our Presidents Club cruise and really enjoyed the experience (though it will be very different cruising on a 100% booked Mega Ship @ Spring Break). We have a seven-year-old son who will be celebrating his eighth birthday on the second day of the cruise, which he is rather excited about. We also have a five-year-old daughter who is an absolute joy, a social butterfly if there ever was one (don’t be surprised if she befriends you and your children at the pool or Adventure Ocean). We normally do adults-only vacations- when our kids were little it was imperative for us to take time to connect as a couple, and we are blessed with amazing parents who BEG to take their grandkids for the week! During our last AO trip in March 2018, I found myself missing the kids like crazy! They are not babies anymore, much easier to go out and do things with (plus SO MUCH FUN to hang out with), and decided that they are old enough to start taking on our “relaxation” vacations. We know this vacation will be more “work” than AO, and we will have times of stress and chaos, but I know we will have an amazing time as a family. We are flying into Miami on Saturday, March 9th. We booked The Key, so we plan to be at the port as early as possible to board/start enjoying the ship right away! We do not have any specialty dining plans (other than Chops with The Key), and only a beach excursion booked for St. Maarten (Orient and Maho beach). Other than that we plan to hang out as a family by the pool and around the ship, hopefully the kids will enjoy some time at Adventure Ocean, check out the cruise activities (my son is ALMOST heavy enough to try the zip line!) and eat, drink, and play! With The Key, we have internet access so I will try my best to post updates LIVE. If nothing else I will update you all when we get back. What else will there be to do in the remaining frozen months of MN winter (no more Cruise planning/daydreaming…might as well reminisce with pictures/write-ups of our adventures!)
  7. I'm sailing on Allure in a couple days and saw the blog had listed "improved Pizza" as one of the top 10 stories this year. Has it really improved noticeably? I'm not a Sorrento's hater (eat a lot of the stuff when I'm sailing) but would be pleased if they upped the quality a bit. Thanks!
  8. I have been a mostly silent Royal Caribbean Blog follower/listener since May of this year when we booked this Allure of the Seas September 30th Eastern Caribbean sailing. Before I go any further, I must say that I would be remiss not to acknowledge and thank @Matt for creating this community which proved to be an incredible asset for myself and my husband as we planned our vacation. We had an incredible time, Matt, this forum, your website and your podcast were absolutely invaluable to me as I planned our cruise THANK YOU! Next, I have read many live blogs on this site and could only aspire to blog with such excellence as @twangster so I must preface this by saying....I have no pictures to share and this review is in the rearview but nevertheless I thought it was a good idea to share our experience with the community! I will attempt to share each day's activities here for your enjoyment (and mine, reliving the joy of our vacation) ? So! I'll start with: Planning/Choosing this Sailing I haven't cruised since college but I have been on two cruises in the past. My first was on the Splendour of the Seas (many years ago!) and on Carnival Legend. My experience on Splendour left an indelible impression, one that made me love RCCL and my experience on Carnival was "meh", at best. My husband has never cruised before and I have been aching to book a cruise for the two of us. I stumbled upon this blog while I was doing cursory price shopping on Royal's website and thus began the effort to campaign for a cruise vacation with my husband who was quite skeptical of the experience he would have. In my past experience, I have been on two Western Caribbean itineraries and thus wanted to try something different. I was considering Eastern and Southern itineraries and we were thinking about the early fall. We live in New York so other than taking a cruise on the Anthem, we were going to need to fly to Florida or elsewhere so I was a little anxious to fly during hurricane season to Puerto Rico where most Southern itineraries were embarking from. Thus....we landed on Eastern itineraries. My husband gets bored easily so we thought an Oasis class was a good place to start and I like shiny new things....so trying out one of the megaships felt like a perfect idea. Taking the advice preached by many in this forum, we worked with a local travel agent and got a great rate on the Allure of the Seas in an oceanview cabin over the bow. Again at the recommendation of many here, I continued stalking pricing on the RCCL website and long story short ended up with an opportunity to move up to a Neighborhood Balcony Guarantee for literally an additional $20 (I felt like we stole the rate, honestly). Our Eastern Caribbean itinerary included St Maarten, Puerto Rico, Labadee and three days at sea. Our booking yielded a modest amount of OBC so we also booked a 2-day BOGO specialty dining package that we needed to use on the first two days of our cruise. We did not take advantage of a beverage package because we were confident that we would not drink enough to breakeven which proved to be a great decision. So I'll end my rambling here and try to add an additional entry for each day of our cruise ?
  9. Hello I currently have booked a 1 bed room aqua theatre suite on Symphony of the seas but I just found out for the same price I can get a grand panoramic suite on Allure of the seas. I would like to experience star class but there are currently available on the date of my sailing. 1. Is there a drastic difference between the symphony of the seas and allure of the seas and which room should I choose.
  10. Hello Everyone, I recently cruised on Allure of the Seas in February and filmed a video of our trip. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed perfect weather sailing the Western Caribbean! Thanks, Ryan
  11. Hello I am sailing on the Allure of the Seas. We have reserved two staterooms that are beside each other and have connecting doors. There are two kids and two adults. Is it possible for all seapass cards to unlock both doors? If so, how would we do that? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thinking about doing an Eastern Caribbean cruise, would be flying from Manchester, England. The price of the whole cruise comes out at £3939 for Allure and £4029 for Oasis, so not worried about the price. Are there any differences in service/food quality or any noticeable things that differ these ships from one another?
  13. Hello RCL fans! This will be my first post and so happy to be part of a great community. My family and I will be travelling in October on the Allure of the Seas for a Western Caribbean cruise. So excited to say the least. I'll be posting a number of different things hoping to get help from all of you in preparation for our upcoming adventure. My first question is to do with the Adventure Ocean Club. The kids travelling in our group will be of the following ages, 5, 6, 8, and 9. I was wondering if anyone had any great links to tips to get the most out of this club as well as if anyone knows of itineraries i can find for the club for each day of our travel? Obviously I'm looking for feedback from those who have used this program for their children. Thanks again and happy cruising to everyone!
  14. Hi Members - I'll be sailing on Allure in September with a 4 year-old. Had a couple of questions about what you can/can't pack, and also wondering if there tried & true cruise hacks/tips that you can share! TIA I've read hacks about bringing hangers and wondering if metal hangers are ok, or do they need to be plastic. Is it better to put it in the carry-on to avoid luggage delays? Juice boxes for my son - If I wanted to bring a couple packs for him to take with us on excursions, any idea if this is allowed? Do all staterooms have mini-fridges? Do all staterooms have a pull-out bed, or are they only on the ones indicated on the deck plans? Power bars - seems to be a lot of debate on whether they can or can't be brought on board. Safer to pack in my carry-on to avoid delays? Also seems like the smaller block type power bars are more acceptable. How strict are they on the "Kids must use the washroom on their own" policy for the Kids Club? My son needs some assistance using the toilet - primarily just putting his pants back on properly. Any other cruise hacks/tips? Thanks! :D
  15. I don't know if posting this on here is the best idea, but we're desperate. We disembarked the Allure of the Seas this morning, and one of my family members left their cell phone on board. We contacted Royal Caribbean about it, but I've read quite a few stories about cruise lines not making an effort to return lost items to their owners. So without wasting any more time, I was wondering if someone could find the phone for us and keep it safe until it can be returned. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and the phone case has a mirror on the back side. My guess is that it was dropped in Studio B (where the ice skating rink is) somewhere in the seats on the left side as you enter the rink. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as there are precious memories on this phone.
  16. Hi, We are a family of 4, looking to book a cruise on the Allure of the Seas. So far we have been quoted for an ocean view balcony and interior stateroom. The price difference between the two rooms for us is $700. For those that have been on the ship or Oasis class ships, is the amount worth it in the sense of actual room? I know the difference and pluses of a balcony, but we are considering it just on the basis of the room size. Any thoughts or experience? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  17. We are cruising on the Allure of the Seas on the Western Caribbean itinerary on March 19th. We are looking for a good place to eat the night before. Laster year we cruised on Enchantment out of Port Canaveral and ate at Fish Lips and had a great time. It really got our trip off to an awesome start so I'm hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. We will be cruising with our girls (8 and 12) so we need a place that is family friendly. Looking for something moderately priced and would prefer something close to the port or with a ocean view.
  18. Hello Everyone - Question about the Allure of the Seas - I am getting ready to embark this Sunday on the Allure of the Seas. I don't think I can drink enough to justify one of the Drinking Packages. Does anyone know if there is a Wine Package I could buy one onboard? Maybe 4, 5, 6, or 7 Bottle Package for the cruise?
  19. Hello Everyone - I was wondering if there will be a Couples Pass we can purchase to use the Thermal Suite all week during our Allure of the Seas cruise embarking this Sunday? If so, do you know how much it is?
  20. Hello Everyone - Does anyone know if they have begun using WOW Bands - RFID on the Allure of the Seas?
  21. Hello Everyone - I bought the 3 Night Dining Package on Allure of the Seas and confirmed it. I have yet to be able to add the first nights restaurant. What am I doing wrong?
  22. We were inadvertently scheduled for the August 16, 2015 departure but need to be on the August 9, 2015 departure in order to be with the rest of the family. The August 9, 2015 departure is full and Royal Caribbean is telling us to continue to call back in case there is a cancellation. If anyone has the opposite problem (is booked for August 9 but wants to depart August 16), I would like to mutually contact Royal Caribbean and try to switch. I am willing to pay for a new reservation if I can find an opening. We only need one room (for two people) on the August 9, 2015 sailing date from Barcelona. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or wants to try and swap, let me know. Email = [email protected] Thanks, James
  23. Royal Caribbean hasn't ruled out sending Allure of the Seas to dry dock early to deal with the propulsion problems that are slowing her down. http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2013/11/12/royal-caribbean-considering-early-repairs-allure-of-the-seas Do you all think Allure should go in for repairs now? Or wait until 2015?
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