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  1. I picked up a great little tip online. Get a pack of magnetic-backed hooks from Walmart or Lowes. I attached a picture of one. Hope you can view it. When you get to your cabin simply put the hooks on the wall and hang keys, lanyards, wet wash cloths or whatever. Ship cabins are made of steel so you can put the magnetic hooks almost anywhere. Worked great on our cruise. Also, pick up an over-the-door shoe organizer for about $5 and hang it on the bathroom door. Organizes your toiletries, suntan lotion, sunglasses, etc. It is also a GREAT holder for all those souvenir drink glasses. LOL
  2. Just saw a nice Labadee port tour video on Youtube posted by Derek Picone. It has a great video of the zipline at 13min and 40sec into the video. The overall tour is nice too. Hope this is helpful. Search "Labadee" on Youtube and it will be one of the first videos. "Labadee, Haiti: Complete Port Tour".
  3. We parked at Park Port Canaveral and had no issues. Price was great, lot is secured and patrolled, shuttle was clean and comfortable. Go to www.parkportcanaveral.com for info. Good luck and have a great trip!
  4. Scheduled on Oasis March 11th, 2018 out of Port Canaveral.
  5. Did Enchantment in August 2015. Very smooth ride. I was on Grandeur (similar in size) 2 times in the past and the ride was great. My wife gets motion sickness and uses the bands. They work great. If nausea does develop you simply press a little harder on the pressure points and a short time and the nausea dissipates. I have heard a lot of good things about the ear patch. Might want to forgo a dining seat beside the window. The visual of the horizon going up and down does bother my wife but the feeling of movement is minimal. Have a great cruise!
  6. Thanks for the feedback. We usually go out of Port Canaveral but they don't have the itinerary we want that week so Ft Lauderdale bound.
  7. It has been a while but I believe it was a RC shore excursion. We were on Grandeur our of Baltimore about 10 years ago.
  8. We are looking to do our first cruise out of Port Everglades. Being from Central Florida I want to drive down the day prior to embarkation and stay close to the port. Can anyone recommend a nice hotel that is close? We would like to be able to keep our car there and shuttle to the port. Breakfast would be a bonus as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Dan and Monika
  9. Don't know if you already did your cruise. When we went to Key West we did the Jimmy Buffet walking tour. Pretty nice and not expensive. Not sure if they have it anymore.
  10. Thanks Matt. It was a hot day for sure. Plenty of sun and few clouds. The shade of the nature trail helped a bit and the breerze in the open areas was very nice. I was quitew thirsty when I got back because I dodn't have my water. Those Coco-Locos went down really well!
  11. Just got back from a cruise on Enchantment. During the farewell show the Cruise Director announced that Majesty will be relocating to Port Canaveral next year and they will be offering unlimited free WiFi! Hopefully a glimpse of things to come throughout the fleet!! Dan and Monika Riverview, FL
  12. We went to Chops instead of the MDR on formal night and I wore casual shorts and a nice T-shirt with a pocket. I know it's not for everyone but I was comfortable and nobody batted an eye. I attached a picture of the nice surprise we got. I didn't tell anyone on staff about the anniversary. Just noted it when booking the cruise online. Dan dna Monika Riverview, FL
  13. Just returned from the 4 day Bahamas itinerary on Enchantment which included Coco Cay. After reading Matt's post about the wedding he attended there I decided to trek out and find the site. I did indeed find the site which is beautiful as well as a few other nice places I thought I would share. Site A (sorry, couldn't recall which circle it was at) is a beautifully remote tiny piece of beach which had several chairs and two thatch umbrellas. NOBODY was there! Site B was just a nice view from the West end. To get to these places you will want to follow the nature trail out toward the West
  14. My wife and I just returned from a 4 day Bahamas trip on Enchantment. We had a VERY nice, professional and personable waiter named Gheorghe in the MDR. Very happy to post our selfie with him. Dan and Monika Riverview, FL
  15. I have a countdown clock on my smartphone. You can load any event(s) and use a picture as a wallpaper. We embark on Enchantment in 19 days, 2 hrs, 20min as of right now. It tracks down the days, weeks, months, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Crazy! I am getting ready to pack now as well.
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