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  1. The always tried and true IT issues. They must be hiring those IT "professionals" that graduate from those online classes you hear advertised on the radio. "You don't know what a computer is to IT pro in 6mos!" I'm glad they don't run Med schools.
  2. I'd tell you a penguin joke, but it probably wouldn't fly.
  3. RC's MIS hard at work again.
  4. I think one of the best hacks to pack less, is to be open to wearing something more than once. As long as you don't sweat through a shirt or the like, you can wear the same thing, let's say for dinner at least a couple of times. I'm sure it has happened on past cruises with other passengers, but to be honest, I've never noticed. I've never said to myself, "Hey! What a minute! They wore that two nights ago!" I know, easier said than done for a guy. Happy Cruising!
  5. You are correct. Studies have shown that if you have a good experience with something, you tell a couple of people. If you have a bad experience, you tell ten.
  6. Good info as always @twangster! If you're looking for "newer" cabins on an older ship, there you go. Happy Cruising!
  7. Why did the pencil stink? Because it was a #2.
  8. A limbo expert walked into a bar. He was immediately disqualified.
  9. Did you hear about the cocky potato? He was tuber confident.
  10. I like to think of it like the difference between a swamp cooler and air conditioning.
  11. Also remember as stated here many times, the "fridge" is more of a "cooler." Not nearly as cold as your fridge at home. Happy Cruising!
  12. @twangsterwould be a good resource. He travels solo a lot.
  13. Still available on our Oct 21 Greek Isle cruise for $16.99. Got it awhile back for $13.99 though! It may be sold out as others have suggested.
  14. Nothing on sale for me in Oct. I'm happy with the Black Friday sales I got, but I'm always looking.
  15. I'll take the imaginary future cake over the actual "crap" pie we've had the last year!
  16. Hard to believe that a politician would be for or opposed to something they have not fully read and understand. ?
  17. As others have stated, you can eat when you want. We generally have a set time, usually 6:30, daily. I would say if you like to eat at the busier times, make a reservation for that time. That will assure that with the shortest amount of wait, you can eat when you want. If you want to deviate from this time, you just show up when you want and wait your turn. It's always a good idea though, if you have a set reservation and deviate from that, that you give a courtesy call to the dining room and let them know that you won't be using that reservation. That will open up your spot and have it available for someone else. Happy Cruising!
  18. Like from the beginning. Hope for the best and expect the worst. Happy Cruising! (whenever that is)
  19. With the situation as it currently stands and the unfair attention of the media, I don't see anyway that a cruise line would overbook beyond government mandates. That would pause everything again for who knows how long and bring continued unfair media attention upon the industry. We all want cruising to get back to normal, but I think it should be looked on as a marathon and not a sprint.
  20. I think it's a slippery slope. You need to book to capacity to try and get back on track as far as revenue is concerned, but I feel for the near future, the next year or two, everybody is going to want to be somewhat cautious. This thing hasn't been fully figured out yet, who knows if and when that will be and nobody is wanting to be the first to have a major setback. That may be the last nail in the coffin of a cruise line.
  21. I agree. We enjoyed the WJ breakfast on Serenade on the outdoor deck. It can be a bit breezy at times. Hold on to those napkins. Happy Cruising!
  22. I agree @Matt, but it is interesting to me that although EU seems to behind the US as far as vaccinations go, they seem poised to start cruising before the US.
  23. We're very much looking forward to it. Flying in two days early to spend time in Venice. We have never been there before.
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