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  1. Royal Up report: For anyone wondering, I placed bids on the ATS, Star Loft, Villa, and RLS. Tonight I received the email (in the post above) for all 4 of those bids. There have been some people in the FB group reporting that they only received the email for some of their bids, not all. When I check my status online, they are all listed as “submitted” still. In our roll call FB group, reports of people winning bids have been very few. Just one person reported a win from a week ago, interior to boardwalk.
  2. Signs of a great Genie for sure. Same thing happened to us for one excursion in Norway. Totally unexpected but so impressed by the small gesture.
  3. Ugh! The “we will review your request onboard” email has arrived , 3 days out
  4. After reading this, I just took a look and SY has updated night one to Night 1 Formal, and Night 2 and 6 also formal.
  5. If it were any other category, I would cancel. But for star, I would gladly unpack and pack it up again to move
  6. I wish! I'm afraid that I am struggling with no Genie on this one. lol All my RU bids still say submitted so I'm not really holding my breath. Besides, not only have I never won anything, but I would have some major explaining to do with Hubby if I actually won.
  7. Taking a break from packing and look what I discovered! A room became available for Friday night. Only about half the price for 4 seats at the Rising Tide bar for NYE! This is the same suite we got upgraded to back in July when we sailed Freedom. We only paid 15% of that cost lol
  8. We saw the Philip Tour last month. I was bit disappointed by the sound, but that could have been the Fisher Theatre as well. That's why I said to Hubby we need to go see it in NYC to compare lol No Fairmont either Totally agree! That's why I regret not seeing Les Miz in the West End this past summer.
  9. Love this! These are fun. I remember Leroy did one of these each morning as well. They don't all do it.
  10. We were surprised back in December 2018 by how much we enjoyed it. This is only our second NYE sailing but I am curious at how this one will differ from Indy since it’s an Oasis class ship. Moving forward, with D16 finishing high school soon, NYE sailings might become our norm for a while since we will lose spring break with her.
  11. Right?! I wasn’t even sure if I was reading that correctly. But it sounds a bit much. I remember in past years you would reserve the “table” but the wording is “seats” now. I will let you know cause that is exactly what we plan to do lol. Hopefully we can afford that. We saw Hamilton there last month and now Les Miz. It’s great for us because it’s so close and allows us to catch some Broadway shows without going to NYC. Hubby and D16 love Les Miz, and we missed it in the West End when we went to London in the summer so this was the next best thing. I still want to see the Broadway version of Hamilton though, but no one wants to go with me lol
  12. I agree! Don’t forget El Loco as well. This is why even though Oasis is the oldest, I would still pick her over Allure or possibly even Harmony.
  13. Oh, I've been telling him. Actually it's D14 who really needs the reminders. She is turning out to be huge fan of that perk. On Anthem, she used it more than any of us.
  14. I have not packed a single thing yet. I feel a bit behind schedule from my normal "cruise prep" schedule. I think this is because I worked right up until the 23rd this year, and then with Christmas over the weekend, we've been doing a ton of family stuff. We are off to the Fisher Theatre (in Detroit) shortly to see Les Miz, and then I think the "cruise prep/packing" will start in earnest tomorrow.
  15. NYE reservations (available to book): I noticed those prices are listed as "per seat"...Yikes! I think we'll just hang with the crowd in the promenade for free lol
  16. 5 Days till Cruise Day With work and Christmas family festivities wrapped up, I feel like I can finally focus on this trip now. Sadly, Santa did not bring me a Royal Up, starting to lose hope on that front. In other news, our concierge email did come in last night. So that makes it 6 days out. It doesn't look like any changes have been made to the Sky Class benefits, not that I can see anyway. The only discrepancy I noticed is that it does say in the email that show reservations will be available once onboard, but we were able to book our show times a while back on the cruise planner. Here is the basics from the email last night: Dear Suite Guests , Our names are _________________we are your Sky Suite Concierges. We can’t wait to welcome you onboard Symphony of the Seas on December 31, 2022. We hope you’re ready for a wonderful cruise vacation with us. If you’ve not already done so, please check in online and select your preferred arrival time using the Royal Caribbean App. Suite guests can enjoy Flexible Arrival which allows you the freedom to check-in up to one hour before or after your scheduled check-in time while the terminal is open. We also recommend that you plan ahead and make reservations for your dining, onboard activities, shore excursions and Vitality Spa services. You may do so using your Cruise Planner or Royal App. Show reservations will be available to book once you’re onboard. If you require any assistance, we are happy to help you. My desk is in the Suite Lounge, located on Deck 17 aft. Our hours are 8:00 am to 11:30 am and 4:30 pm until 8:00 pm. We are also reachable via email, or by dialing my phone ______________ from your Suite or any house phone. While onboard, you’ll have access to the following exclusive amenities and services: · The Suite Lounge is exclusively for Suite guests and accessible with your SeaPass card. o The dress code in the Suite Lounge is smart casual, so please make sure you pack accordingly. o Coffee and tea are available in the Lounge throughout the day. Hors d'oeuvres, petit fours and complimentary wine, spirits, beer, and soft drinks are available for our Suite guests every evening from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. o Guests under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. · As a Sky Suite guest, you’ll have exclusive access to the suites-only restaurant, Coastal Kitchen. Please refer to the Cruise Compass for the hours of operation or reach out to me for assistance. Reservations are required for dinner. · Your suite is stocked with Malin & Goetz bath amenities, a Lavazza espresso coffee machine, bathrobes for your use onboard, and is furnished with a luxurious pillow-top mattress. · Sky guests have will receive complementary VOOM Surf and Stream services for one device per person for the entire sailing. Attached in this email are detailed instructions on how to connect your device. These instructions will also be in your suite upon arrival. · Enjoy the exclusive Suite Sun Deck on Deck 17 fwd. Lounge chairs are available to suite guests on a first come, first serve basis. · Sky guests are entitled to a reserved seating section in the Main Theater. Reservations are available once you arrive onboard, which I will be happy to assist you with. · We are happy to offer our Suite guests Priority Departure. I’ll explain the details to you when you arrive onboard. . Please note that we will have our VIPs Venus for reservation for the New Year's Eve celebration onboard , we did placed the price list below for the Rising Tide Bar & Schooner Bar ,Please if you would like us to provide with more details don't hesitate to let us know.
  17. And I was so close to booking Harmony! But those darn piano stairs won the kids over. That, and Hiro. It's Hubby's favourite. He would see if every night if he could.
  18. You can turn it off. There is a little switch on it to disable it. If you cannot find it, ask your suite attendant.
  19. They only released part of the schedule two weeks ago. I was quite disappointed too. So far Wonder from Port Canaveral, HM from Galveston. No word on Allure, Oasis, or Symphony. I doubt Symphony will stay on in New Jersey through the winter.
  20. The survey always comes out a month or so before the actual email from your genie. Whoever your Genie is, they will get the responses from that survey and that is supposed to help them with getting to know your sailing party better.
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