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  1. Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but I couldn't find another thread discussing the Icon Class? Is there any news regarding this class of ships? I'm so curious as to what the ships will look like and what features it will have! I wonder if it'll look similar to the Oasis or Quantum class or something entirely new! Also, thoughts on names for the ships? The first is supposed to be called "Icon of the Seas", right? Other options in my opinion might be "Vantage of the Seas" and "Legend of the Seas" (Or would they not recycle ship names?)
  2. Thank you! How will formal nights be announced other than the day before on the Cruise Compass?
  3. Are reservations easily cancellable? If so, I think I'm gonna do that. Thanks!
  4. According to Royal's website, it's probably 2 or 3 nights indeed. We got My Time Dining, so the reason I'm asking is because I wanted to make reservations for the dining room. I really want to be there on both (or three) nights :-)
  5. Hello y'all! About a month from now I'll be going on my second ever cruise! Wooo! I have a question about the formal dinners in the Minstrel Dining Room, though. Which nights can I expect to be Formal nights? Has anyone of you made this cruise yet? I'd be happy to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
  6. I've been thinking about this as well. So far I've been on Radiance Class only (Serenade in 2004, Brilliance in August this year) and looking forward to trying one of the bigger (biggest) ships I'm thinking about going on the Symphony in 2019. Specifically Symphony because she'll most likely have a pool in the solarium (unlike Harmony). And to stay on topic: Quantum Class is lacking a lot of Royal Caribbean standard features like the ice rank, Viking Crown lounge (it was so recognizable for Royal ships) and a traditional main dining room. On top of that, Oasis Class feature
  7. Thank you, FLGooner! Should I be able to upload photo's to Facebook and sending photos via Whatsapp without too much waiting?
  8. Does anyone have experience with Voom on the Brilliance? If not, is it possibly comparable to sister ship Serenade? I'm going on a Mediterranean cruise, does that have impact on the quality of the connection?
  9. I'm guessing the same goes for Rotterdam? I loved seeing Harmony last year, but I probably shouldn't get my hopes up on seeing Symphony in person any time soon.
  10. Based on previous ships, how long in advance did RC release the ship's name?
  11. That's not a very big surprise, considering the amount of new ships that are being built/ordered right now. Interesting find!
  12. Harmony of the Seas is very high on my list of ships I'd like to go on. The Ovation as well.
  13. Hi y'all! My name is Sven, from the Netherlands. I've been lurking around this blog en forums for quite some time now and finally decided to join. Ever since my first (Alaskan) cruise on the Serenade back in 2004 I've been kind off obsessed with RC cruise ships. Next year I'm likely going on my second cruise, which (even though I haven't booked) I'm already very excited for.
  14. Hello everyone! I'm thinking about making a cruise with my partner in 2017. We'll be together for 5 years that year. I've been looking through some itineraries and different ships to see what I'd like to do. Basically two options have come to the top of my list. The Harmony of the Seas, sailing 8 days in the Caribbean. And the other one is the Serenade of the Seas sailing 12 days in Scandinavia. My first and only cruise to date has been on the Serenade in Alaska rougly 12,5 years ago, so I know that this is an awesome ship. But, months ago we've seen the Harmony docked in Rotter
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