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  1. its in Cozumel... https://www.seascanner.com/ships-position-harmony-of-the-seas
  2. Here you go but to warn you, one glass typically costs more than the whole bottle would cost you at a store if you start comparing. This is from 2018 also, likely higher this year.
  3. Arent your pints closer to 19 - 20 fluid ounces? We typically refer to a pint as 16 fluid ounces
  4. Have you cruised out of Galveston yet? ahahahahahah Yes, comparable to prices at airports is probably as accurate as it gets
  5. Need to start drinking in the 25th - 30th blocks and 3rd in Manhattan!
  6. Its always in the 16 OZ Aluminum bottle.
  7. They do sell bud also, same price as bud light.
  8. I believe we are in agreement, you CAN find places in various cities as expensive as the ships but you can NOT find any prices on the ship as cheap as some places on land. To say its a wash i think would be unfair, but then again they have a captive audience that cant get alcohol anywhere else sooooooo they are maxing out what they think they can get. Could they increase revenue and profitability by selling more for less???? I am at the Marriott Energy Corridor, Katy TX right now, craft beers 5.50, last time i saw a 5.50 beer on RCL was 2012. Even the pub menu you posted shows the prices are a bit outrageous, 8.00 for a pint of bud light + 1.44 in mandatory tip...
  9. Choices choices choices...... Yes you can always find the JW or Waldorf charging these drink prices but like @Jolly Ogre Says, you can find on any day of the week here in Austin Texas 1.00 lonestars, 2.00 imports, 3.00 craft beers, 3.00 wells etc either on Happy Hour or a Daily Special. The difference is the cruise ship is your only choice so they know they can charge ultra-lounge / Las Vegas Strip Casino prices.
  10. The quality of the free coffee is i would say "Decent". Its bitter, its brewed in MASSIVE quantities. Put some milk and or creamer in it and its fine. THe specialty coffee will be Seattles Best Brand, ILLY or Starbucks. Can you grab a mug and get coffee anywhere? Cafe Promenade always has free coffee & specialty. Windjammer always has Free Coffee & Specialty (if there is a bar). Park Cafe also does free coffee and specialty. Those are about the only 3 places that serve coffee onboard except for the dining rooms/specialty restaurants.
  11. Yep you can buy as many drink cards as you wish and those can be shared with anyone, literally anyone. I am not sure what post you are referring to as it relates to the refreshment package. That allows you to get any NON alcoholic drink which does include frozen / blended drinks, fresh squeezed OJ, specialty coffees, vitamin water/powerade, redbulls etc..... Shots by themselves will run anywhere from 7 - 10.00 USD if you just wanted to add a shot on
  12. You are able to buy drinks at any bar a la carte and if you say you will only drink 5 to 6 days out of 13 then you should not buy that package you will never make up the extra 8 days of no drinking.
  13. They will likely take your suitcase aside and put it on Deck 1 in whats referred to as the Naughty Room. Your suitcase will not show up to your room, you will wait and wait and wait and finally you will call guest services where they will tell you to go down to deck 1. You will then wait in a potentially long line of others who did the same while security opens up each suitcase and verifies its really wine. Could be a lousy start to your vacation.
  14. I had the same experience on Liberty, I went on the racer slides 2 times currently and after getting off my GF said my back looked like someone took a rake to it.
  15. Yes the tap water is fine to drink. The ice water available in every bar is also great because its already cold. You can definitely take bottles of water off the ship for your excursions. Please follow the health guidelines and do not fill a water bottle from the actual dispenser. If you wish to fill your bottle(s) use one or multiple of the clean provided cups and dump them in your bottle.
  16. Cruise planner typically doesn't save you anything on the lunch prices.
  17. I personally feel like the menu has gone downhill quite a bit. They took away the TUNA tacos, they took away the queso Fondido. For 30.00 worth of tex mex food you better have more than chicken quesadillas......
  18. Royal Caribbean has a partnership with "someone" to brand their own coffee so we may never know what brand their free coffee is. I found it just fine on Liberty
  19. Why did you want lukewarm beers when every bar has nice cold ones? Those fridges just do not get cold.
  20. I've only seen snakes on a plane but not the sequel "snakes on a ship"
  21. Yes there will be 1 formal night on a 4 night sailing.
  22. Current Cruise Director is a lot of fun Washy Washy guy in WIndjammer is a lot of fun I highly recommend taking a stroll through the kids zone and letting the bucket dump on your head, nice way to cool off in 3 seconds. There are no freestyle coke machines The pub singer right now is pretty lousy and the crowds will reflect it Try to get to the slides right at 9 am when they open to avoid lines For some reason (maybe it was the 1700 kids on my sailing) there was always lines of 15 - 30 people for pizza at any time of the day
  23. I didnt know RCL had any 8 day cruises. Do you mean from the day you board until the day you get off is 8 days? Your drink package will work from the time you get on the ship until you get off on your last day. RCL typically goes by nights, 7 nights.
  24. I find trying to get out of the lounge chairs that are literally 1/4" apart from each other is quite the workout since you must do the little shimmy down to the end of the chair.
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