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  1. A third party tour company called Thenford Grey is awesome!
  2. I am sailing in a couple of days and I got the shareholder benefit. This is the second time I have taken advantage of it. The only real issue I have seen is it is not combinable with other OBC. If you do have a lower amount of OBC than what the shareholder benefit is, they should adjust it to the higher amount.
  3. I was successful. I went from an OV to a balcony for my 1/19 Rhapsody cruise. I paid 150 each to upgrade. Min bid was 50. I found out on 1/2
  4. Look what I got today. I was in an OV. Minimum bid was $50pp. When I booked it the difference between an OV and a balcony was around $700. I had originally bid $130pp but upped it yesterday!
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