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  1. Anyone know what the difference is between a Johnny Rockets and an Express?
  2. And, I would double check with your doctor to know just how the app talks to the device and what is required.
  3. Just for another option, Kathy Geiger with MEI won't steer you wrong. Long time friend that I highly recommend and use as our TA. [email protected] is her email.
  4. Cannot wait to be on this ship in February on the first sailing after the drydock!
  5. We'll be on the first sailing after dry dock. We are AMP'ed (see what we did there!) Say Bon Voyage for me @ReyRod - and let me know when she returns!
  6. This. I mean, isn't it my responsibility to pay my bills.
  7. And if you are really good, they send you a Christmas card too! ?
  8. All I know is that before final payment is due, my TA emails me and asks, "Is this on the same card?" Boom. Easy.
  9. I have been VERY happy with my agent over at MEI. Kathy G takes very good care of us and those we refer.
  10. Thanks, Matt. That was my gut feeling - looks like it's time to email my MEI Agent. ?
  11. As we plan our 2020 cruise, we asked our 9 year old if he wanted to go to new places on our cruise or have cool things on the ship. We explained that not every ship has water slides or laser tag. He said, totally seriously, "What about buffets? Do they all have buffets?" We assured that any ship we take him on will have a buffet. #priorities
  12. I have searched and searched and searched ... do you have a link to that discussion?
  13. I would check with your rental company to see if they have a free shuttle between the port and the airport. My understanding is that most of the major ones do. I know that Alamo does, as we plan to use it on our upcoming Cruise in February.
  14. Andrew, thanks for this. As we will embark on our first RC cruise in a few weeks, I appreciated your insights (4 previous cruises, 1 NCL, 3 Disney).
  15. Which is basically 30% off each guest, or the promotion they've run the past couple of weeks. Matt, do you have any additional information on the NextCruise program in general that I missed above?
  16. (1) Before you go, make sure you back up your phone and then delete everything you don't need. Photos and videos can add up fast and, unfortunately, your iPhone can't switch out a memory card on a whim. (2) Be sure to get a battery pack you can take with you during the day. Otherwise, your battery will run out early and you'll miss the shot you really want. Also, l know several vloggers have tips for just this thing on YouTube.
  17. Thanks. I have heard rumors that "Kids Sail Less" is the next "sale" for RC that will start sometime after the first of the year. From what I researched, it seems that NextCruise is "whatever the current sale is" plus "a tiny onboard credit" plus a non-refundable, yet reduced, deposit. I'm not sure that it is worth taking time out of our vacation to book a trip I can do one day when I am slacking off at work. ?
  18. OK, we are turning into crazy people who have multiple cruises planned at the same time! We received a very nice Christmas gift to "use on our trip in February" - but it's already paid off or budgeted for. So, we decided we'd like to look at using it for our next cruise! We're researching now, but are still confused on RC's NextSail program. From what I see, it's not a super great deal considering it's a non-refundable cruise deposit and the deals are just what we get on land. We have a great TA from MEI that I trust to get us the best deal. We plan to cruise again the next two January's (a shorter one in 2020 and then a longer one in 2021). Are we just as far ahead to book as we can with our TA or should we plan to visit the NextCruise desk when we sail in February?
  19. And, to be honest, I can't imagine I'm "Platinum" without even setting foot on a RC Ship!
  20. I hear that being Diamond entitles you to a free download of the podcast, but I'm not sure. ?
  21. Gotcha. Essentially a delay in picking up.
  22. Has anyone heard if the Navigator will see Freestyle machines on the AMPed Up changes? I noticed that the Mariner has them but I don't know if they arrived before or during their AMP'age (is that a word?!) Thanks!
  23. Both Uber and Lyft let me pick Terminal 4 at FLL, so I would assume they are ok to pick up.
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