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  1. Same with Traveling with Bruce, but I watch anyway....Shiplife has been doing a really good job though
  2. I'm thinking public private partnership (mostly private with public cooperation) by the industries that would benefit. There is already a signatificant amount being set aside for downtown development by the port. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/global-ports-holding-to-transform-nassau-cruise-port https://www.cruisehive.com/more-renderings-of-the-future-nassau-cruise-port/30999 I haven't seen any articles showing that the plan has dried up, but who knows right now.
  3. @Ampurp85 I wasn't saying such a thing would be without investment and serious development. There are three high volume broadline food distributors on New Providence existing today including a large Sysco house with room for expansion. There is also good size container port on the island that is not far from the cruise port. The beginning of the infrastructure is there. Downtown Nassau would need significant terminal development along with a way to get semis on the docks. Something like this could help a country like that move away from third world country status while giving the middle finger
  4. With all of the hotels on New Providence Island, there has to be high volume food and supply distributorships there that could expand their operations. I don't know about airport infrastructure, and I certainly get that it would be a heavy lift. For those of us who fly to FL anyway, I don't see it as an obstacle, personally. If there is a market for it, the CDC could be avoided entirely.
  5. I know that TUI, Meinschiff and Costa have Caribbean itineraries in Caribbean islands that do not originate in a US port, and I do not know if the European style of cruising applies in which a passenger can embark from any port of call. If anyone knows the answer to that, I would love to know. I also wondered about Nassau and all the development money that is proposed for the port area there and whether consideration for re-directing is is just a nutty idea or would gain traction if the US squanders its position as the home of cruising. No other country comes close in terms of itineraries
  6. My take is that the shutdown is indefinite, and we can't expect to cruise again for many months. The entire industry may die. The only hope is the possibility of cruising in Europe and Asia (dependent on China -- I will not go into how I think Royal shouldn't be in that market except for three letters that bring about my disdain -- CCP)
  7. I had no issues getting stuck on the Abyss aboard Symphony...very fun slide and it seemed longer than I anticipated.
  8. You are so welcoming, so good at what you do that I am very sad about this. While I only cruised with you once, I have great memories of you and your good cheer. Bus 3!
  9. This ups the pessimism more than just a bit. The hopeful comment is just that. I do not predict any productive dialog with the CDC. The information the CDC needs is that cruise lines are already taking extraordinary measures to be safe and that there is a willing public who want to spend money on these products. It will fall on deaf ears though, and there is nothing voters can do to stop the government from just doing whatever it wants.
  10. No, I was a la carte...it was the President's cruise, and I remember being horrified at the cost...I can't remember exactly, but it was something like $74.99 per person per day.
  11. Did you have the drink package? I didn't, and I wonder what the process would have been if I did.
  12. While I loved using my WOW band on Symphony last Fall, I was still signing all those 10" long thermal receipts every time I got a drink. Anything that gets us past this would be welcome.
  13. I just ran across this article that Norwegian extended its cancellations to October: https://business.financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/norwegian-cruise-line-extends-travel-suspension-rattling-industry Anyone anticipating an announcement from Royal tomorrow?
  14. The people are learning that safety can't be micromanaged by central bureaucracies. The CDC will never learn because they think they are too important. They need to continue moving goal posts in order to justify what they do. Any complaints to the US government will fall on deaf ears. Any appeals to using common sense and individuals taking responsibility for their own decisions will fall on deaf ears. Letters to elected legislators has fallen on deaf ears in my case. It is completely futile to expect control freaks to give up and let people live their lives. It could be a lot worse, but it is
  15. People who cruise are so spread out, I doubt we would have any effect on decision making in the endless federal bureaucracy. They will affect disproportionate responses all they want, and letters to congress people are ineffective while people are rioting around the country. I'm beginning tho think they just want to kill the industry. Safety can't be micromanaged even in as litigious a society as the US.
  16. It may not be what you are thinking it is. It is more of a historical site with a small restaurant, bar and pool... https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147405-d148109-Reviews-Blackbeard_s_Castle-Charlotte_Amalie_St_Thomas_U_S_Virgin_Islands.html
  17. They will order about three dozen masks per cruise and sell them in the Royal Shops.
  18. probably right...I just hope the body cam video gets out there...
  19. With all the speculation going on and the roller coaster RCL and other cruise stocks have been on, I sold what I purchased originally and made enough for a few cruises. I am considering looking for another dip like yesterday, but the price is rebounding again...so I expect to get back in at some point. I don't recommend doing this, btw unless you are willing to take the risk...and you have a stomach of iron, or check the price only occasionally.
  20. If this is legit, and its what I think it is, someone aboard an RC ship may be giving confidential information out...not sure why prop type is listed or why ships from other lines are shown...
  21. Southwest has over 140 of its planes parked right now, so supply is going to be limited. With a November sailing, things might be priced better by August. I would wait if it were me.
  22. I pre-arranged our tour through Facebook and we were picked up in a very nice SUV, and the guide could not have been nicer. I wish I wrote down his name. Sorry that I do not remember it.
  23. You can combine snorkeling with Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth hangout and turn it into an island tour as well. We had a dedicated driver for our family who also brought us by a couple of great street food locations and to a chocolate factory tour.
  24. I could really go for this if they can jack up the Sunshine Skyway!
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