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  1. We booked an Alaskan cruise. It in 318 days. There are currently no excursions listed. Any idea when they will appear or do I just need to keep checking every few days? Not sure if there is a method to their madness. Thanks!
  2. Thanks all for the feedback. We ended up booking Alaska. We're super excited!
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I actually know the Puerto Rico cruise you're talking about. I saw it for spring break and then realized, there is no way my kids can handle 6 port days on a 7 night cruise. A good balance is best. Thank you.
  4. We're looking to plan our Summer 2023 Cruise and we've been going back and forth, over and over trying to decide between a 7-Day Alaskan Cruise or a 7-Day Caribbean (St. Thomas and St. Kitts). My biggest fear is we fly across the U.S. from Florida and set sail from Seattle and they don't enjoy it. They love the beach, but we also want to make sure they're exposed to other experiences, just at the right age. I'm looking for any feedback from anyone who has gone on an Alaskan cruise with their kids under 10. Did they enjoy it and/or appreciate it? Thanks ahead of time!
  5. I am currently Gold with 27 points. We're going on a cruise in December which will get us to the Platinum. My question is we're looking to book our Summer 2023 cruise. If I book now as Gold, can I call after our points come in and have them rebook us under our Platinum status?
  6. I wanted to share a recent issue I had on Mariner with in App Booking/Reserving and the ships Voom WIFI. For the first 2 days on our 6 day cruise I couldn't book or reserve anything in the Royal App. It was always greyed out and just kept saying "Ship Wi-Fi needed for booking." despite me being connected to the Mariner VOOM Wi-FI. My wife had the same issue on her iPhone but two people in my party with Androids had no issues. I eventually had some time to troubleshoot and the fix was related to Apple iOS Privacy Settings under the Wi-Fi Access Point Information Settings. It appears that the privacy setting for "Limit IP Address Tracking" prevents the ship from knowing you're actually on the ship. If you run into this issue, here is how I resolved it: Steps: Settings -> Wi-Fi -> select the Information (i) icon next to the ships SSID (WiFi-Guest-Mariner for me). On those settings you'll see "Limit IP Address Tracking". Disable that setting and then close and reopen the Royal Caribbean App and the button should now be live. I've attached a screenshot in case anyone would like to see the visual. Hopefully this helps someone in need in the future. It was super annoying not being able to use the app!
  7. Thanks for the replies and just to confirm the responders, there is a "pullman" that lowers down over the main bed from the ceiling. I agree on the comments about the 2 rooms instead of the Junior Suite. The price is about $1500-$2000 more for a Junior Suite over if I just reserved 2 regular Balcony rooms.
  8. We just stayed in Mariner and utilized two connecting Junior Suites for our family of 5. I was looking into another cruise next Year and noticed that the Oasis class has Junior Suites listed as J3 showing as occupancy for up to 5 guests. I’ve attached to screenshots showing this. Example is stateroom 8230 has the 5+ icon on it. Is anyone familiar with the layout of these 5+ Junior Suites?
  9. Good morning, We're 18 days out from our cruise leaving from Canaveral, FL going to Labadee and CocoCay. COVID was making it's way through our kids school this past final week of school. Unsurprisingly, one of my sons just tested positive this morning with an anti-gen but the remaining four of us in the house tested negative on anti-gen. We're all going to get a PCR today so we can go the Certificate of Recovery route for my son and anyone else who happens to show up yes on the PCR. A failsafe in the event of a positive anti-gen two days prior to the cruise. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-recovered-from-covid-19-need-to-be-vaccinated-or-take-a-test-to-sail I have read the Certificate of Recovery instructions on Royals FAQ and understand the process. My question is, I see that Haiti is on the list for "The following ports are currently not accepting a Certificate of Recovery for debarkation". Does this mean that if we have to use the Certificate of Recovery route, he wouldn't be able to get off at Labadee? Or is it possibly referencing another Haiti port? Does anyone have experience with this and Labadee? Thank you
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