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  1. Yes we booked this cruise nearly 2 years ago thought the covid testing would be finished it does spoil the build up to your holiday my 8 year old doesnt really understand if you fail your test the cruise is off we are flying in to Barcelona for a supposedly relaxing weekend before cruising only to have to get up early and get taxis to a medical centre for my son to be tested the day before boarding so it is stressful lots of cruises lines have now cropped cruising think you've more chance of catching it sat on a packed plane anyway fingers crossed we all pass and will be on the cruise
  2. We are traveling to Barcelona on the wonder of seas August 7th traveling out on the 5 th still have to have our child tested at a medical centre the day before cruise at big expense and could still be turned away you can't look forward to your holiday with all this extra stress
  3. [email protected] send updated policy for no longer needing to show pre cruise certificate please royal Caribbean end yours it's so stressful
  4. Hi anyone booked a test at a clinic for a child for antigen test in Barcelona been quoted 245 euros
  5. They are making it hard work now have to locate somewhere near our hotel in Barcelona we are staying at Melia sarria so hope there's one near think they should scrap the tests for young children let me know if you find a clinic or pharmacy I think I will email my hotel nearer the time
  6. Hi we are from UK flying in to Barcelona on Friday but it's saying the virtual ones can't be used on unvaccinated it has to be at a clinic it sort of spoiling the build up to our holiday thank you for replying
  7. Hi a young having to have their young child having to do an antigen test in Barcelona where do you go
  8. Hi we are also doing same cruise with my 8 year old it's saying to have a test no more than 1 day before cruise which is Saturday and the clinics Ive looked at are saying closed on Saturday have you found anywhere please
  9. Arriving in Barcelona late Friday 5th August for cruise departing 7th August my 8 year old has to have a test no more than l day before Ive looked up some clinics and saying not opened on Saturdays getting worried about this
  10. We are due to sail from southampton on 5th August traveling down the day before it says children to be tested no more than one day before this is a nightmare
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