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  1. Question: If you follow Matt's advice about booking for 2 when you know that 1 will not show up, what happens with the deluxe drink ? My brother regularly cruises solo but he likes his deluxe beverage package (DBP). The cruise planner won't let you purchase a DBP for just 1 in the room. If he had purchase 2 DBP, would one get reimburse when the 2nd person is a no show? I am assuming that he would have to wait until he is on the ship to purchase the DBP - which could be at a higher price and remove the savings using Matt's hack.
  2. Sorry but what do you mean by 'on the hump'? I know what that means for cars with rear wheel drive. LOL. But not on ships.
  3. From: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/royal-caribbean-drink-prices Dated 10/11/2022: Drink Price Beer $7.49 (American); $7.99 (Import) Glass of wine $9.00 - $25.00 Bottled water $2.25 Cocktail $10.00 - 14.00 Hard Cider $7.25 - $7.99 Can of Soda $3.25 Drink of the Day $8.00 Latte $4.25 Bottle of water (500 ml) $3.25 The drink of the day is a cocktail that gets about a 25% discount from its normal price.
  4. From: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/royal-caribbean-drink-prices Dated 10/11/2022 Drink Price Beer $7.49 (American); $7.99 (Import) Glass of wine $9.00 - $25.00 Bottled water $2.25 Cocktail $10.00 - 14.00 Hard Cider $7.25 - $7.99 Can of Soda $3.25 Drink of the Day $8.00 Latte $4.25 Bottle of water (500 ml) $3.25
  5. I have never cruised with little ones but I have traveled with them. Here are some questions you may want to explore: 1) Does each couple want special time themselves? 2) Will the in-laws be willing to watch the kids for one or two nights so the kids can get a good night sleep and you can go out? 3) What activities do you think your kids like to do? Knowing this will help them in AO. Here is my advise: 1) You need to write down what you and your spouse really want to do and what your in-laws really wants to do. Make sure the first and/or second item on those lists are planned for. 2) Try to keep to your kids' schedules as much as possible. If they take a nap in the afternoon, you need to make sure they get a nap. 3) Expect meltdowns. Some kids will not respond well to all the distractions so make sure you have some quiet time for them to reset. Books, puzzles, familiar games. 4) Once on board, go directly to AO to sign up your kids for the times that work best for you and your children. Have fun planning your trip.
  6. I think it all comes down to what type of person are you. Do you like to sit back and enjoy the scenery or would you rather get off the ship to explore the land? My mom, who loves to watch the birds and scenery float by, would vote for the Inside Passage. While my dad and siblings would be - get me off this ship so I can walk the land. To help you decide, the following is from RCL website: ============================================================================= Sitka truly offers the best of Alaska. Its small-town appeal stems from a unique blend of Russian, Tlingit and American history. Its snow-capped peaks and volcanic Mount Edgecumbe pose among the state’s most postcard-worthy scenes. And its rare wildlife astounds, from Saint Lazaria Island’s orange-beaked puffins to Alaska Maritime Refuge’s 40 million seabirds. This is off-the-path Alaska, where you can kayak Sitka Sound alongside swimming sea otters or fly-fish for the world’s biggest halibut. Whether it’s hiking Baranof Island trails or listening to tribal stories passed down for generations, in Sitka the midnight sun never sets on adventure. ============================================================================= Your ship offers the perfect platform for viewing British Columbia’s Inside Passage. This archipelago spans 25,000 miles from Seattle to Prince Rupert near the Alaskan border. Here you’ll ply calm waters sheltered between the British Columbia mainland and Vancouver Island. Along the way catch a glimpse of breathtakingly rugged scenery, plus staggering wildlife like salmon sharks, white spirit bears, and millions of seabirds. ============================================================================= Good luck deciding! There is no wrong answer.
  7. If you are looking for great food and wine on Nassau, you should try Graycliff. They have a special wine luncheon with a tour of their wine cellar. It is about a 15 minute walk from the port. Then after lunch, you can walk to John Watlings Distillery - that is only a 5 min walk. When I was there in June, my family had rented bikes. But I would not recommend that since the streets are VERY crowded.
  8. @karl_nj- you are correct that RCL does provide pre-packaged kosher meals. Here is a RCL website that describes it: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/can-we-offer-kosher-meals I also agree with you that it does not sound super appealing. I think this is why the fresh kosher meals are important to the Jewish communities. The rules and restrictions are many. Not only does it cover the food, but it also covers the kitchens and how the food is prepared. For more details, you can check out: https://oukosher.org/the-kosher-primer/
  9. I had this issue for my June cruise but it was because they had to switch port in MAY! First, it took the site a week to show the new port. Then it was about 4 weeks before excursions should up for the new port. I thought I would have to go the 3rd party excursion site. My only advise, if you don't want to got the 3rd party route, it to keep checking your planner every 2 to 3 days. I would check both my phone app and website.
  10. @ZBrady The worst that can happen is they say no. But I bet they will accommodate you.
  11. For those who are not doctors or nurses, here is a translation: 84-year-old female patient from Emergency department. Previous medical history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, atrial fibrillation, and past surgical history of coronary artery bypass graft x 4, right total knee replacement, left total hip replacement. History of vancomycin-resistant enterococci, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. Will need peripherally inserted central catheter, chest x-ray, type and cross for two units packed red blood cells, immediately.
  12. When I booked my cruise, I was checking out the prices almost daily (yes, I was obsess with getting on that ship). I did learn one thing from the experience - IGNORE THE ##% DISCOUNT. I found out that sometimes they will raise the price and then give you a 40% discount . Unfortunately, even with that discount, the new price is higher than my original price. Here are my recommendations: 1) Book early as possible. 2) Watch the prices and the discount. 3) Do the math. 4) Cancel and rebook if you can get a better price. Also, check out the beverage package/VOOM discount. I was able to find a better price going that route. I can't tell you how many times I was booking/canceling/rebooking the different packages.
  13. I usually carry my own English Breakfast for myself and Earl Gray for my husband. But I found the tea on RC to be acceptable. Unfortunately, I don't remember the brand name.
  14. Remember, wines are covered by the glass. Bottles may have a discount. Wine at Chef's Table are not covered.
  15. There are usually 2 formal nights for a 12 night cruise. Some people will dress up while other will just dress smart. Having said that, I would recommend bringing a very nice outfit (ie: suit). This way you can get some formal pictures, which are taken on formal nights. If you are not on your computer or other device 24/7, you could always do what my husband and I did: Share 1 WiFi account but on 2 different devices. Yes, you can use 2 or more different devices on the same WiFi account - just not at the same time. So in the morning, I would do my surfing or check my email and my husband would use it in the evening Afternoons were up for grab. But be aware, if one is on and the other signs on, the first person would be booted off. Another thing about the WiFi, get the surf and stream option. Better speeds. Get the Key only if it is reasonability priced. I don't get it because I figure I can get the WiFi cheaper than the Key and nothing else matters to me. Final note: To get on the ship early (which the Key would do for you), be ready to check in as soon as you are able to (~45 days out at midnight at the port you are departing from) get that first early spot (~11 am). Then you will be able to grab those dinner reservations to specialty dining and get to the pool faster. ENJOY!
  16. Don't forget that if you get on the ship early, you can start making those reservations at the specialty restaurants. You can also grab a spot in the pool or hot tub - less of a crowd that first afternoon. Just make sure you pack your bathing suit in your carryon luggage. Have a great time.
  17. My last summer cruise (6 nights), I went with my siblings. Now, I am totally happy with the Windjammer and MDR. I can usually find something I would like. But my siblings are food snobs. They talked about getting UDP. Instead, I talked them into getting the 3 restaurant package plus Chef's Table. We also did Chops Grille for lunch ($25 instead of $55) and Izumi - Sushi for lunch. On the 2 formal nights, we were in the MDR. It should be noted that Chef's Table is not part of the UDP. Conclusion: 150 Central Park, Giovanni's Table, and Samba Grill were paid for with UDP. Chops and Izumi we paid the lunch price. Overall - we paid less money than what we would have paid for the UDP. So it pays to shop and price your options.
  18. I was going to say the same thing. Whenever I travel, I bring my English Breakfast tea bags for myself and Earl Gray tea bags for my husband. For breakfast, we drink it hot. For lunch or dinner, I ask for a tall glass of ice along with the hot water . Now if they could only learn not to put hot water in a pot that once held coffee. I call it coffee water. YUCK!
  19. I am from New England so when I travel I will sometimes carry maple candy. It is a treat that is not available around the world. I have not found a person who has not enjoyed a piece of maple candy. It also travels well.
  20. Hey , how come the kids get more choices than the adults? I am a picky eater too! LOL!
  21. I too had no issues with substitutions. To make it easier on the kitchen staff, I would look for something I like that was the menu and ask for that. Never a problem.
  22. Grandma here - my kids have all used the 'Baby-led weaning' method. This means no baby food or spoon-fed feeding. It starts when the baby is about 6 months old and can pick up food and put it into their mouths. Foods like spears of soft fruits, strips of cooked vegetables, and ground meat or very thin strips. I think if you have time, you can start your child on baby-led weaning and have her learn how to eat real food. Just be careful not to give her anything that she could choke on. See https://health.clevelandclinic.org/baby-led-weaning/ for more information. Have fun cruising with your daughter.
  23. My favorite tea from Harney and Sons is their Hot Cinnamon Spice.
  24. All coffee taste burnt to me. Give me a good copy of Black tea any day. LOL! @memebag, thanks for the lesson on coffee beans. Now I will sound intelligent when I talk to my kids (all 3 drink coffee) about coffee. Maybe I will get them some Ethiopian coffee beans for Christmas. They all ground whole beans but they have not taken that last step on burning, ah, I mean, roasting the beans.
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