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  1. This was one of the most helpful threads ive seen on here for newbies. Thank you so much i feel so much more confident.
  2. Not all of us need flights! I live in vancouver and am embarking and returning to van. No flights just a 30 min drive. Cheapest all inclusive ever.
  3. My first cruise was in 2013 when i was 16 with my family. Basically just hung out with various boys i met in the teen room oops. this will be my husband and I’s first cruise together and my first cruise since. We got an interior room and chose our own room instead of a gty that i will be happy with. with a 50% capacity my royal up bids are looking really hopeful. I hope that our cruise can be upgraded in some way esp to a balcony room. We shall see! But the 50% capacity means less line ups on the boat as well as embarkation so i am also excited for that.
  4. My cruise to alaska out of vancouver in june is at 50% capacity as per royal when i called and specifically asked.
  5. I am going to be very upset when this happens to me. And i say “when” because the key was always showing for my alaska cruise in june and i purchased, and now just today its suddenly not for sale. i purchased it for the internet then plus a few bucks a day to get front of the line access, chops lunch, etc. I absolutely need internet as our 3 year old son is staying with my parents and we need to stay in contact with him of course. now the internet prices are crazy. Everything went up in price today. even if we only do one device surf and stream the price is astronomical. $50 credit wouldnt be enough in my eyes as the cruise is only 50 some days away!!!! So the planning has been carefully done! yikes!!!
  6. My royal up opened 75 days prior. I booked interior and royal up bids were Available in all other categories and room types all the way up to grand suite. No owners or royal suite as i assume these were already booked. This is on serenade
  7. Hi. I am in an interior as well and can bid all the way up to a grand suite two bedroom. so i think it depends on whats available, what ship/class, and destination.
  8. Pls ask a doctor as certain types of nausea meds cannot be used by under 6.
  9. I called royal last week and they told me the boats to alaska are still 50% this year. thats what they told me about my vancouver-alaska end of june.
  10. Apparently the key doesnt offer priority boarding in vancouver or australia. So anxiety now induced... cant believe for the price it doesnt include this as it was on the higher end of key pricing. i guess i will call and talk to RC about this, either to find a solution or cancel the key package. any advice from anyone who was ever in a similar situation please let me know.
  11. Thank you for this detailed answer. We have purchased the key to get priority boarding to ease my worries a bit. So it wont be as busy and lined up. Maybe there is a youtube i could watch about the canada place cruise terminal. thanks!
  12. Round trip. I live in vancouver so its super handy to not have to book any other flights or transport
  13. Ya and its one of those things where if i call i feel like the agent will not know.
  14. hi. i am going to alaska in june. i talked to someone from royal yesterday on the phone and asked them how full my sailing was. they said it was actually almost sold out at a 50% capacity. so thats for my sailing but im assuming all would be the same.
  15. what is the boarding and customs process to get on the boat to alaska from vancouver. if you can walk me through it. i have alot of anxiety around border checks etc. i know what to expect at airports but this is my first cruise. How many different lines are there in the whole process? what do they check? do you get a body scan or a pat down? or just metal detector? is it like the airport?
  16. wow good news i guess. however i do hope there is no more "global pandemic" stuff to cause delays! im excited to travel for the first time in 3.5 years.
  17. dumb question but is the STRAWBERRIES WITH BRUT CHAMPAGNE ST MICHELLE a whole bottle or just two glasses. thanks.
  18. Hi i will be on this cruise too. My husband and i got married in 2018, just poor little 21 year olds so no travelling for us. Then we got more established, but we had a baby and covid. Now our babe is 3 and ready to stay with grammy and grandad, and us 25 year olds can finally go on a vacation! I did a cruise to alaska with my family when i was 16, but i mostly hung out in the teen room lol. That was at the end of august on rhapsody of the seas in 2013. Apparently this boat (serenade) is a bit better? we are in an inside room but i royaled up for a grand suite so hopefully i could get that. hoping to meet more people from the cruise before we go. we are also local to vancouver if you have any questions about that.
  19. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program here is a list of benefits. i skipped the junior suite when i had royal up offers. Not worth the $400 in my opinion. I only want the extras couldnt really care less about the room that i will only be going to to sleep.
  20. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-the-suites-program i would check out this link. When i was doing my royal up bids i skipped the junior suite and only went for grand or two bedroom ocean view. The suite perks are so minimal for junior suites it wasnt worth the $400 (total) minimum bid (serenade, 7day alaska cruise). I picked my own cabin that im sort of happy with, pending a large upgrade, but i wouldnt pay all that much for a juinor suite when you dont really get the suite privileges like free drinks etc.
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