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  1. Bring a light windbreaker for the first day but weather is ideal, warm but not oppressive. Humidity will be up there but not as much as in summer.
  2. Just booked this. Think this will be the biggest ship we have been on. Almost overwheming all the options.
  3. Love following the posts. Vreat pictures. Trying to talk wife into artic cruise for our next one. Doing a baltic one tomorrow leaving stockholm.
  4. Ok, silly question, but we are waiting for our flight to Stockholm so i have time on my hands. At the port in Stockholm the port folks who take our bags do we 1) tip in us dollars 2) tip in swedish krona 3) not tip at all, or there will be no guys outside like in the States.
  5. You did an awesome job with the blog. Keep writing
  6. From all i have read, helsinki is pretty easy on your own, even if you have to take a tram or trolly. Personally, we like to go off beaten path and mingle with locals, at least as much as you can in 8 hours on shore. If only we didnt have the pre cruise test in stockholm. Ben jabbed 4 times, would think that would be enough. Does add to stress level, especially coming from the states.
  7. Im just happy to be able to travel again. Usually nothing will be as grand as you think, nor as bad as you think. My wife and i are annoyed by some things, we usually just try and laugh it off, dont let it ruin your day. You are on a cruise, chances are there is some place on the ship you can go and enjoy. If the worst thing that happens to me today is dealing with a screaming kid at breakfast or waiting an extra minute for my drink, ive had a pretty good day.
  8. Hope you have a great time. You are a very good writer.
  9. Thank you for posting. Very few Baltic posts on this site. We leave on June 26 out of Stockholm, our ship is essentially an Uber, 5 ports in 6 days. (Visby, Kotka, Tallinn, Riga and Klapeidia, Lithuania) Not what we originally signed up for 4 years ago, but wife and I are of the opinion that we can have fun anywhere.....can always find a pub open. Still nervous about the whole thing being derailed by a q-tip, but we will control what we can. Glad you had a good time. Again, thanks for posting.
  10. What a cool creative idea. Have fun. Alaska is beautiful
  11. I had to keep watching ours.....got down to $54, now it is at $75. And our itinerary is essentially an uber......very port intensive.
  12. thank you. We are planners too. I think we are doing it without a tour
  13. Has anyone done this tour? I have heard you really don't need a tour in Estonia. Curious what people who have been there think.
  14. How long is it generally taking to validate vaccination records once they are uploaded? Thanks
  15. Well done. We leave from stockholm on june 26, so will be following your travels.
  16. On another note, hope everyone got their drink pacake if that is your thing. Went from $54 per day to $70 a day litterally overnight.
  17. Hopefully protocols for European cruises will be announced soon. Looks like getting into Sweden is back to some form of "normal". It looks like each Scandinavian cruise is a little different as far as ports go, ours is very port intense. I have heard that each of these ports is extremely walkable. Spending a couple of days before and after sailing in Stockholm.
  18. I hope it still sails. Hard to tell how much of our boat (Voyager, June 26) is still booked, we planned this cruise in 2019 and have already had two cancellations and of course many itinerary changes. In any case I hope a decision is made soon, too many moving parts for someone coming from the states.
  19. We booked this cruise back in 2019 for a 2020 sailing. Obviously that was cancelled twice! I am kind of excited about the new itinerary, shame to not see St. Petersburg, but you just cant go there, period. Not sure about Kotka, but I look at this as to go places that you would never go. My wife and I did this at trip to North and South Dakota (we live in the States) during the height of the pandemic and did not regret it at all. Curious what other people think,
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