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  1. Our cruise isn't until July. I just looked on ours and it says to call too. I may be that it will show up soon to do it on line. I have done it on line before; however, it was a long time ago and I don't remember how far out I did it.
  2. I'll have to check this out for our group too! I think it would be fun to dress up "in the 70's."
  3. We have 3 cabins booked (family of 9) and we are getting the digital package when it becomes available for our sailing.
  4. Oh sorry, I didn't realized that your bank cannot send checks to the US. Hopefully, it payment tab will show up soon for you.
  5. I called them so that I could mail my payment in. Here is the address they told me to send payment in to: Royal Caribbean Way 1050 Caribbean Way Attn: 4th Floor/Cash Processing-Acctg Miami, FL 33132 I did on-line bank check and it showed me the date that they received my payment. Usually within 4 days or so, they would e-mail me an updated copy of my cruise document. This worked for me as my son-n-law booked our cruise and the website wouldn't let me may on line. This worked well for me and was so easy.
  6. I booked our Playa Mia last night on sale! We have the grand kids so I'm sure they will love it.
  7. I am happy to hear that the bathrooms are close as well as the buffet. I booked my Beach Bungalow last night for our July cruise.
  8. We finally decided on our excursion for Cozumel and they were discounted this weekend - Score! The grand kids picked Deluxe Beach Beak and Playa Mia Water Park. I also got a beach bungalow in Labadee but it wasn't on sale. This is the first time for a beach bungalow for us but I really think we will like having a place to rest. It says it holds 8 and there are 9 of us; however, 2 are young and I doubt all of us will be in there at the same time anyway.
  9. We are on the Oasis this July. Does that mean that when I do our on line check in that I will have to upload pictures of all 4 of us?
  10. I too had this same issue. RCI could not get it resolved, so I had to set up a new email & password. However, I not cannot pay on my cruise on line as it was already "claimed" by my old login info! I can do extra stuff (excursions, internet and etc) but just not pay toward my cruise. I either have to call or do online bank check. I have been sending my online bank check and they send me an updated cruise balance in 2-3 days of receiving my payment. It totally sucks, but it is working out so I try not to stress about it. RCI tried and tried and they couldn't fix the issue for me.
  11. I am interested on getting one of these for our cruise. The cost is $250/pp. Can I just book it for just one of us and then the grandkids get to come in occasionally to get out of the sun for a bit? There are eight of us total and that would be $2000 for the day...
  12. That's what I was afraid of being in conflict with dinner. The shows are available to look at yet. I will take your advise and make me a spread sheet.
  13. When will we be able to book our shows (we cruise July 16th). This is all new to me, as we never had to before (yes, it's been WAY TOO LONG) as they had 2 shows so that the early dinner crowd saw the show after dinner and the later dinner crowd saw their show before dinner. We have late seating for dinner so I don't even know what time the shows are.
  14. I've been wondering about this too. Our flight isn't until 4:40 pm so we don't have to be one of the first off; however, I think I would rather get off early so that we can get our rental done and have a few hours to do something else. My son-n-law didn't want to get off too early as the "older" grandkids wouldn't like getting up so early, but we have to be out of our cabin early so I say ... Let's go on and get off instead of just sitting around waiting.
  15. Our flight isn't until 4:40 pm and we have a vehicle reserved. I was pretty sure we would be off the ship early. I would like to have time to do something before the flight home so that will work.
  16. What time does everyone have to be out of the cabin at the end of the cruise? I thought it was early but I cannot remember for the life of me. My son-n-law and I were talking about when to disembark. Our flight isn't until 4:40 pm; however, if we have to get out of the cabin early then we might as well leave and go pick up our rental than to sit around the ship just waiting to leave.
  17. Oasis on July 16th. I am a planner (so is my son-n-law)! I like to know that everything is booked and organized so that when it's vacation time, I can truly relax and enjoy myself. I am NOT a "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" person at all! LOL...
  18. It's getting real folks! Flights are booked (got to use Skymiles for everyone), Pre-cruise hotels booked, rental car booked from airport to hotel/port and from port to airport. Our first night pre-cruise hotel is the night before our flight and we can keep our vehicles there and they will shuttle us to airport and then the other hotel will be in Orlando and we booked two 2-bedroom suites using my son-n-law's points. There are 9 of us going so it takes some planning to get everything organized. Needless to say, we are all getting super excited. This will be the first cruise for my four Grands, and it will be the first airplane ride for 2 of them. Now we just need to start looking at all the excursions.... :)
  19. Oh thanks for the reminder regarding long pants. My Granddaughters want to skate on our Oasis cruise this coming summer.
  20. Glad to hear that. We will have a small bag with stuff we will need but I sure didn't want to lug around all that other stuff! We are taking the grand kids so I can enjoy their first ever exploring the cruise ship without added "baggage" LOL
  21. That's what I thought but we have always been picked up at the airport by RCI and taken to ship. Thanks!
  22. We have cruise many times, however for our next cruise (July Oasis), we are flying in the day before and will be carrying on our luggage. I will print out our luggage tags so with that done, can we leave them with RCI at port and they take them to our cabin or will we have to lug it all around until our cabin is ready?
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