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  1. Thank You Katiel53. I am not one for waiting for people I do not know. We will be flying in to Seattle from Las Vegas for a cruise to Alaska on the Ovation of the Seas. First time cruisers so we have lots of questions.
  2. Flying in to Seattle for a cruise to Alaska in June 2019 for our 30th anniversary. First time cruisers so we are a bit nervous.
  3. Should we take the Royal Caribbean bus from the airport or use a car service? Any idea of the costs for both? Joe B
  4. E-Mailed Travel Agent and the dining has been changed to Traditional Dining with a 5:30pm reserved time.
  5. The Cruise Planner tells me it is to early.
  6. Good advice. I like it when its structured. Thank You O C
  7. I know this is s dumb question and one that I believe I know the answer. Does RC allow you to bring back a case of water or bottles of soft drinks from a port you have stopped in?
  8. There will be 4 of us so I don't anticipate a wait. By waiting I meant 1+ hours. 15 to 30 minutes is not bad. You have been a wealth of info. Any tios on what to do once on board. We will be at the dock at approx. 10:30am the day of the cruise. Las Vegas to Seattle is a 2 hour + flight. Thank you again Joe B
  9. Ovation of the Seas. Our trip in not until June 2019. Ovation was sailing in China and Australia. Being reassigned to USA. We are trying to get a feel for cruising. Joe B strailia.
  10. @sabrinaklai - thank you. I hate waiting in lines to eat but I understand that is the case on cruises.
  11. Can you reserve a table for a dining time or do you show up and have to wait or fight for a seat? Joe B (First Time Cruiser)
  12. I have read several negative remarks about Sorrento's Pizza. These remarks have been posted by cruisers from several different ships. Is it really that bad???
  13. We will be going on 6/14/19. We have a cabin on Deck 11. Its our 30th wedding anniversary.
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