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  1. Thank You Katiel53. I am not one for waiting for people I do not know. We will be flying in to Seattle from Las Vegas for a cruise to Alaska on the Ovation of the Seas. First time cruisers so we have lots of questions.
  2. Flying in to Seattle for a cruise to Alaska in June 2019 for our 30th anniversary. First time cruisers so we are a bit nervous.
  3. Should we take the Royal Caribbean bus from the airport or use a car service? Any idea of the costs for both? Joe B
  4. E-Mailed Travel Agent and the dining has been changed to Traditional Dining with a 5:30pm reserved time.
  5. The Cruise Planner tells me it is to early.
  6. Good advice. I like it when its structured. Thank You O C
  7. I know this is s dumb question and one that I believe I know the answer. Does RC allow you to bring back a case of water or bottles of soft drinks from a port you have stopped in?
  8. There will be 4 of us so I don't anticipate a wait. By waiting I meant 1+ hours. 15 to 30 minutes is not bad. You have been a wealth of info. Any tios on what to do once on board. We will be at the dock at approx. 10:30am the day of the cruise. Las Vegas to Seattle is a 2 hour + flight. Thank you again Joe B
  9. Ovation of the Seas. Our trip in not until June 2019. Ovation was sailing in China and Australia. Being reassigned to USA. We are trying to get a feel for cruising. Joe B strailia.
  10. @sabrinaklai - thank you. I hate waiting in lines to eat but I understand that is the case on cruises.
  11. Can you reserve a table for a dining time or do you show up and have to wait or fight for a seat? Joe B (First Time Cruiser)
  12. I have read several negative remarks about Sorrento's Pizza. These remarks have been posted by cruisers from several different ships. Is it really that bad???
  13. We will be going on 6/14/19. We have a cabin on Deck 11. Its our 30th wedding anniversary.
  14. In 2019 we will be taking a cruise to Alaska on Ovation of the Seas. Has any one taken the Alaska cruise? Any suggestions on land excursions or tips while on the ship? This is our first ever cruise.
  15. Has any one heard any news on what caused the sickness outbreaks on several RC ships. Joe B
  16. Thanks for all the info. We will be on a 7 day cruise to Alaska. Being from Las Vegas and having a dry climate we also drink lots of water. I drink 8-10 16oz bottles a day (especially in Summer). My wife might have a occasional glass of wine or a beer but drinks more water and soda. I also read that you might get discounted Beverage Packages if you apply on line but that is controlled by the cruise line (which means never).
  17. Thanks for the reply. Is a Beverage Pkg worth the $$$$? I enjoy a few beers once and a while. I find it hard to believe we have to pay for bottled water and OJ. What's next...Fresh Air Pkg?
  18. Any tips for first time cruising on the dining. I like the My Time Dining Option. How is the food in the Main Dining Room? Any restaurants that stand out above the rest? Is there a Dining Package?
  19. I read a article on the Royal Caribbean site yesterday stating you can request a waiver from this beverage pkg policy.
  20. Where can I find a listing of the cabin amenities for Ovation of the Seas spacious ocean view cabins?
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