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  1. So long as the owner(s) of record is staying in the cabin and total 100 shares you should get the OBC.
  2. Make sure there is not a typo in the email - this happened to my brother once and he was able to get Walgreens to re-send to the correct email address.
  3. The train is great - highly recommend if you have the time. Tickets are about $30 each. We flew in the day before and caught the ~10 am train from Termini Station (which is a big confusing cluster but the only really hard part). The train was comfy and clean as a whistle. We arrived at the Civitavecchia stop (end of the line) an hour later. Easy, with a few pointers: 1) The entry points to the tracks in Termini took a while to figure out... most of the entry/exit points are exit-only but look for the green arrows. Your paper of e-ticket bar code will scan you in. When we were there the train to Civi was on Track 25 and - once we were through to the right area - was simple to locate if a REALLY long walk to get to. 2) At Civi you have to go under the tracks to exit so take the elevator or stairs down, cross, then back up again. People go in all directions so look for the elevator to be sure you're headed correctly. 3) Find a shady spot at the bus stop across the street when you exit the station, and look for the correct bus - it will probably be white and does have a small RC paper on the dash. Also the bus drivers can tell you which is the correct bus. Tickets are 3 Euro each, cash only. Taxis are also available if you don't want to wait for the bus. DO NOT WALK. Depending on which dock, it's a lot further than it seems, and you're in a big port area with trucks and sometimes sketchy sidewalks. 4) have your boarding papers ready as a security guy will com eon the bus when you approach the terminal and check them.
  4. Check the Rome requirement - might be one day before. Several European countries (Greece and Italy, at least in May) required 1 day testing.
  5. Echoing the hop on/hop off, especially in Mallorca there is a stop when you (FINALLY! Longest terminal walk-to-exit I've ever seen) exit the terminal that runs regularly. We really enjoyed seeing Mallorca that way. Civitavecchia is a long (~1 hour) train ride from Rome and there is nothing at the port. Florence/Pisa there are good train options as it's a lot closer to the port. Not yet been to Capri or Marseilles. Good luck.
  6. I ran eMed tests off one account for my spouse and I both, using my email. Didn't bother loading the Navica app onto my phone, just saved the "negative" letters received via email into "Files" and pulled them up one at a time when we were checking in.
  7. Just checked - we stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Dania Beach - free shuttle pick up from the airport and I think $15 each shuttle to the cruise terminal. It was an okay stay but there are not a lot of restaurants within walking distance, depending on when you arrive.
  8. I bought for the shareholder benefit - we cruise often enough it's the equivalent of about a 4% dividend. In 2023 the company will reach the point in its COVID relief agreement it can begin paying a dividend again if it chooses, and RCL was a solid dividend payer prior to COVID. Right this minute its balance sheet is a mess but this was a profitable company and I expect it to return to such... eventually. I don't intend to pick up any more (though man, it's tempting right now) until the balance sheet settles down. In the meantime I will enjoy my shareholder perk.
  9. One side point - be sure bring a second pair of shoes, even if it's sport sandals. Drying out hiking boots/shoes takes time... I like sport sneakers that have removable liners and lots of drain holes as my primary option for that time of year. Unless you're fly fishing in the middle of a stream (in which case you'd have waders) your feet shouldn't get too cold, but wet will be a problem year-round.
  10. Not for babies but I have travelled with someone recovering from a broken jaw and the wait staff and kitchen crew behind them were wonderful. Pureed veggies and a fruit/yogurt smoothie every night.
  11. If you layer (short-sleeved t-shirts, shorts etc.) you can likely rinse quite a few items out in the sink. I usually pack for a week and then hand-rinse socks, undies, etc. (the body wash in the shower works really well). You can also buy souvenir t-shirts in port for pretty good deals as well so maybe bring and plan to toss a couple old ones, replacing them with new ones bought there. The weather will be the big variable, obviously. Good luck!
  12. I did it on "Vision" last month and truthfully would not do it again. The pre-appetizer (Izumi) was just a piece of cooked shrimp over rice. The appetizer was a citrus tuna tartare (Wonderland) - decent. The next course was a crab meat and marscapone risotto (Giovanni's) that was way too cloying. The main (Chops) was a surf and turf: the filet was good but the grilled shrimp were freezer-burned. The dessert from 150 Central Park was "fried cheesecake" and wasn't good at all... the best part of the entire meal was the paired cocktail that went with it called a St. Peter's Spritzer.
  13. My go-to "day drink" is always a Dark and Stormy, which should be Gosling's black seal rum with Gosling's ginger beer but non-Caribbean cruises tend to run out of Gosling's. I have found Kraken is a good alternative. NOTE: any suggestions I'm the reason the ship is out of Gosling's is a scurrilous rumor. With some truth to it.
  14. Agree with all this - if you have a camera (preferably two as the program switches itself to selfie mode for the proctor to observe the swabbing) you will be fine. It's easy to do with a cell phone and a helper - it is difficult to do by yourself with a cell phone.
  15. Couple other points to consider - if you are on a low deck and near an anchor line any tender port is going to be NOISY early in the morning when the ship drops anchor (also rattle-y - I thought I was in an earthquake for a few moments). Also I have been on "Rhapsody" with cabin 3501 - it was a very long walk to the Centrum elevators, main dining, etc. I got a lot of exercise that cruise!
  16. 1) Try for an early check-in and arrive at the terminal on time or a little early to limit the lines you'll be in. There will be porters to take your luggage (be sure to have a couple $ to tip) so be sure to tag everything the night before. Keep your paperwork, ID and, e.g., a backpack or carry on with items you will need, as your luggage might not arrive at your room until dinnertime. RC usually does a good job of moving everyone along - you will go through security including an X-Ray just like at the airport, then wait in line to check in. 2) Passport or ID and birth certificate is required, yes. 3) Bring a few magnets and a pad of paper and pen for leaving notes to each other. Also a nightlight for the cabin is really helpful. Pack the kids' swimsuits in your carry on so they can go right to the pool. 4) Eh, mixed results. You can (legally) bring 2 bottles of wine per cabin, as well as a 12-pack of soda under 16 ounces per can/bottle (BE SURE to have this in your carry-on to go through the X-ray. If you pack it in your checked luggage you will have to fetch it. NOTE: the folks at security do not confirm cabin when you bring your 2 bottles through, so won't know if you and one kid go through and your husband and other kid go through with 4 bottles total. I have also heard *cough* that saline solution bottles filled with vodka work really well, especially if packed in your checked luggage with contact lenses. 5) Depends on where you are. Most ports you can pick up service but on ship out to sea? Not likely. 6) there are regular US power outlets but often only a couple per cabin. You cannot bring power strips on board but ask your cabin steward if you need an extra. 7) Continental breakfast room service is free - you can order coffee or tea and pastries each morning to relax with. Tip the delivery guy $1 or $2 if you can. 8 Soap as well as body wash/shampoo provided. 9) No guest laundry unless you pay for it, but the shower has a small clothes line for drying bathing suits and will also work for socks, undies etc. I use the body wash and the bathroom sink and it works just fine. 10) big long list so I will defer to others here for recommendations... 11) There are a few options for beach clubs that are an easy taxi drive away - let me check my cruise notes from a couple years ago and see if I can find the best one.
  17. I doubt it as they don't print out a receipt for signature. I always tip $1 per free drink to make sure they are recognized.
  18. Just got back from Europe - for 1st B2B (on Vision) we did not need to test as we were boosted. For the second B2B (on Rhapsody) the government of Greece requires not only COVID tests for B2B but has also mandated in-person testing. No proctored (eMed) tests are allowed. Be wary of changes on a country-by-country basis.
  19. WATCH THIS - if you're going Transatlantic this spring you may need to test 1 day before... I fortunately caught that when I was reviewing my set sail pass paperwork as the online information was two days. Check really carefully!
  20. Walgreens (and probably CVS) all open their testing slots a week out so if you sail on the 16th you can get an appointment for the 14th by registering on the 7th. If you are international and flying in the night before, most airports have anitgen testing available. Good luck!
  21. Real quick note: the ships all have Gosling's ginger beer (I do a lot of Dark and Stormys so I know this for sure) - when you order a Mule ask for the Gosling's so you get proper ginger beer!
  22. Absolutely! Getting on and off ship is easy and - depending on weather - visiting ports is awesome. If you share which ports there are a lot of people on this site who will have suggestions...
  23. ENJOY! We are leaving Friday on Vision for Barcelona and beyond. I am really, really looking forward to NOT having wifi on board. Just a stack of trashy paperbacks
  24. It's a little ways from the cruise port to the the train terminal (you can walk it... I think it's 3/4 of a mile) - I would not book a ticket prior to 9 am as either walking or waiting for the local bus takes time; as well as clearing customs etc. Have fun!
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