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  1. If Royal Caribbean allows you to get on the ship without it, then I would expect you do not need it if you are not leaving the ship in Canada.
  2. I believe it is, but you have to wait and book it on the ship.
  3. Sounds like you need to do a 3-day cruise to nowhere before August. You could always ask the Diamond Concierge or the Loyalty Ambassador while onboard. You never know.
  4. With these cancellation emails going out, it's strange that on the Radiance cruise planner, they are still offering the cross-border train excursions. we are doing the short 2hr 45min scenic view excursion, so hopefully it will happen.
  5. This is strange, because when it is named on the next cruise confirmation, Costco just need to 'pull' the reservation into their system. The only reason I've had to call is to trigger that so I can see the itinerary on my account. I don't think there is any time limit to do so. That said, I usually call within day or two of returning so I can check the itinerary in their system. Anyhow I am glad you've resolved this, because calling them is a pain.
  6. It doesn't get much cheaper than public transportation. For $2 per person (one-way), you can take the capital transit bus. Route 3, Mendenhall Loop counterclockwise and Route 4, Mendenhall Loop clockwise. These buses are very much commuter buses, but they were clean and comfortable enough. You definitely see the resident lifestyle while on them as they go about their routes. Each bus runs every hour on the hour or half hour, so you can expect one every 30 minutes. The closest the buses get to the Mendenhall visitor center is the top of Glacial Spur Rd which is about 1.5 miles away. It is a relatively easy, flat walk to the center with some added scenery. If I recall correctly, the righthand side of the road has the sidewalk that goes the whole way. Anyhow, we did this last July and it worked out fine as long as you don't mind the walk.
  7. I have done the drive from Miami to Key West and it was very nice place to visit. The only issue with that location is it does not lend itself to easily seeing other places in FL. I second the Everglades National Park suggestion. The NFL schedule should be out within the next few weeks.
  8. I don't think there are perks for ocean view cabins. Platinum will get discount on balcony and suite cabins. crown-and-anchor-society-benefit-grid.pdf (royalcaribbean.com)
  9. Also saw that Beatles band on Anthem back in November. We saw No Quarter on Christmas Eve on Odyssey. It was a great show that also featured Miles Schon who is lead guitar of DSB, Journey cover band that also played on that sailing). I love seeing the bands in the Music Hall of the Quantum ships.
  10. If you pre-pay gratuities upfront in your cruise price, it covers wait staff and stateroom services, and there is no obligation to pay more to those crew members after the cruise unless you want to. If you purchase beverages or specialty dining, then additional gratuity will be added to the purchase. As @Pattycruise, mentioned, you will get blank gratuities envelopes in your stateroom, and if you feel any crew members went above and beyond, and you would like to show additional gratitude, then that is a way to do so.
  11. I doubt you would have any issues. As long as you are ordering the standard type cocktails, whatever the per drink price is on ship, your drink package should cover them.
  12. I might actually have a guess for you. An Aerosmith tribute band named 'Aeromyth' has the following on their website www.aeromyth.com/shows : 17 Jun 7 Day Royal Caribbean Cruise Cape Liberty, NJ This is the Oasis of the Seas cruise before yours. I suspect it's common for entertainment to do multiple sailings given the effort it takes to get on the ships (covid etc). It is possible that they could do a back to back. Anyhow, this is a total guess, but who knows....
  13. Royal Caribbean releases updated health protocols for cruise ships through April 14, 2022 | Royal Caribbean Blog This previous blog article could certainly be interpreted that changes are due today or at least updates.
  14. We had ours open on Odyssey in December during 'height of Omicron'. I am confident to say that RCL will let you open them in September.
  15. It's a very common practice. If the balconies can be physically connected, then you'll be able to open them up. perhaps NCL prohibited it due to covid protocols.
  16. Gottlieb is on the Pfizer board of directors. That right there is a self-interest that should be weighed with his opinion on the topic.
  17. This is what I see on Radiance sailing.
  18. That's a bummer. That is how it would have allowed the 'add to cart' button, but it seems the newer looking cruise planner is much more controlled than the older version.
  19. Ah I see what you are asking. No, you are correct, my Radiance photo package options also only include prints, no digital plans.
  20. My trip for May on Radiance is showing the option to purchase the photo package and it lets me select the plan up to checkout.
  21. Surf might work, but you are probably better off getting the surf and stream version. Even then, performance varies on different ships.
  22. On October 21 2021, I had to cancel due to covid during the 2-day testing. I was on my next cruise on November 21 2021 after a negative antigen test. I'd say if you could/would qualify for the certificate of recovery, 11-90 days since positive testing, you could go that route without testing. Any sooner than that, you would be relying on negative testing. Antigen testing should not detect virus, because its more for the active infections. It's the PCR test that could come back positive. If you book something now, keep in mind that cruise with confidence is over.
  23. Overall, I have not had any problem cancelling a previous booked excursion and rebooking for less money. I did have one instance recently where this did happen. I saw that the price was cheaper and cancelled my current booking. I then got errors that it was sold out. I was aggravated. Thankfully the availability reset and I was able to rebook it, but I was certainly panicked. As for dining, I have seen the 3-day dining sell out, so I would be careful if I were cancelling that.
  24. I second this sentiment. With CVS testing going away, it seems to me that these proctored tests are going to be the more convenient option going forward. My goal is to have enough tests on hand for every testing event to cover any error/issues. My goal is also to have none left over when testing goes away (whenever that is). I am personally planning to have 3 kits for available for two people every time we test.
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