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  1. Welcome to the new world. Nobody wants to work. Even if they do, there is no real "work ethic " anymore. They dont care. Royal, like all other cruise lines and all other businesses around the globe are suffering post Lockdowns. Lack of employees , lack of products, lack of tech, lack of everything. Sure you can book a travel agent, ( if there are still any good ones working that is) . I book direct through Club Royal, and avoid most of what you experienced. I would phone as soon as they open or the last hour of close if it were me.
  2. Just came off a 2 week B2B in a junior suite. Island hop all the way, different port daily. No sea days. St Lucia, Barbados, St Croix, St Maarten, Antigua, St Kitts, St Thomas, ... Great ports, Antigua, and Barbados my favourite for beach time. Dining on this ship is a nightmare every single day. Thank God I had a designated table time every night in the MDR. MyTime would have 200 people plus in cue daily. Some waiting up to 2 hours to eat! I would say that almost every second table had new staff, and errors galore daily. Windjammer ....such an appropriate name..... Jammed all day! Long line ups breakfast , lunch and dinner. 50-100ft long. Then once you get your plate, good luck finding a seat! People simply did not leave their tables. I think its more of a cultural thing with 99% of the ship were spanish speaking Puerto Ricans.....they simply camped at the buffet all day long. It got so bad just to get a burger, that the staff had to make shift a burger station out on the pool deck to accommodate the need. Gamble? good luck getting a seat. As there are no sea days to lounge around the casino and try your luck, the small casino is packed full. But there were very few serious players. Meaning most people are gambling 8cents a spin to 45 cents. Im not kidding. I am a Club Royale Signature player and could never play what I wanted as a result. So my play time was limited and could not get the play time I like to do , to keep a steady rating on my profile. Love the ports...nice to get off the ship daily. Had lunch on land most days . Would not recommend this type of cruise.... at least not right now.
  3. When one cruise line makes a significant change on anything, the rest are sure to follow. $5 bucks for an extra plate is no problem for me. too many people are ordering everything on the menu x2 . Just for taste. Its wasted food. Royal will also be eliminating some items on the MDR menu as well. Probably the ones that aren't ordered as much. That might be a smart idea, as it would speed up service time. If somebody is complaining about these new policies, because they cant stuff their face anymore, then they should go to WindJammer buffet and jam their face there. Way too much wasted food in the MDR. Simplify it and make it better quality. Warm water lobster?....yuck. I never order it. Glorified scampi is what it is. Not even close to Maine lobster.
  4. No. We sat in the star lounge. Waited for a customs official and back to the room. Easy Peasy. I would not recommend Sailings from Puerto Rico however. Crammed, Jammed, 99% spanish overcrowding all dining areas all day. Its like they never saw food before.
  5. Beer should be half a point then. (for Diamond Plus vouchers)
  6. Earnings came out better than expected. So is it time to buy? Or is this still a volatile kind of stock and market? One more virus pandemic and kaboom!
  7. thats incredible. I would like to see pic/video of how you possibly can do that! 9 bathing suits....why so many?
  8. the suite class on Edge is what I would like to check out. I think thats a big difference along with food quality
  9. Doing this back to back! Who's all going on this one? Hotels in Puerto Rico quite pricey.
  10. Interested to know who cruises with only their carry on luggage? And how you go about doing so. thx.
  11. As a territory of the United States, Puerto Rico's 3.2 million residents are U.S. citizens. However, while subject to U.S. federal laws, island-based Puerto Ricans can't vote in presidential elections and lack voting representation in Congress. As a U.S. territory, it is neither a state nor an independent country.
  12. This is a challenge I am willing to try, and convince my wife. I think a lot of us can agree that a lot of the stuff we pack, we never wear. I think this goes mostly for women. Men can say, " all I need is a swim suit, T-shit, one pair of sandals, one pair of shoes, one nice shirt, one pair of pants, underwear and a toiletry bag for personal hygiene. Ive met people who do this , and they dont give a darn about formal nights, and changing clothes every single day. If you need something extra, then buy it. Aside from that, there are the benefits, of no chance of losing luggage, no wait at turnstile, Everything becomes quicker. What say you?
  13. yes, this is true. When the Lounge coffee is inoperable, I get a specialty coffee comped.
  14. lol, I seem to be upsetting all the drinkers.
  15. I would suggest that you ask the bartenders, cruise directors etc about that.
  16. There are experienced, not so experienced and newbies . Thx for the summary. Not necessary.
  17. Well, you seem to have it all summed up. Drink, knock yourself out. thx.
  18. excellent take on CK! Cant agree more. I like CK, because the service fast and the food is prepared to order... meaning HOT! You dont always get that in the main dining room. Enjoy! ps, my wife and I always order one extra entree to share.
  19. Click bait? I have nothing to gain by getting followers in here. Nothing. Matt's opinion on seeing more drunken adults than misbehaving children was the issue. Is that click bait? I suggest you put me on block and do not follow me... thx
  20. Ive cruised enough and sat in enough hot tubs on board and pools and bars to witness the absurd amount of drinks people order with the plan. One guy was up to 21 drinks on my last cruise. I think there needs to be a cut off point. I have to disagree with you.,
  21. umm people will not be inclined to drink as much. When you have to pay for each drink, that will change, they will drink less and become less annoying in their drunkeness .
  22. Seems its a common occurrence to experience intoxicated cruisers aboard . They can become loud, obnoxious, annoying, angry, and get involved in fights. Personally I think this is due to the offering of the Unlimited Drink Plan. People simply want to take liberties and drink as much as they possibly can. Then come the consequences . Time to stop this plan or change it?
  23. There seems to be a lot of hype on the new Icon of the Seas. Bloggers,vloggers youtube influencers and the author/moderator of this blog make statements like they cant wait to sail on it and no doubt will either be invited or make a reservation on this ship come this Wednesday Oct 25 when bookings begin. What many people fail to realize is that these first cruises are a "shake down" cruise. Not everything will run smoothly. It just won't , so dont expect it to. Not every thing will be open. Staff are new to the ship and still in learning mode. Shows, performers, last minute rehearsals, are all in test mode. Dinner reservations, wait times, room service will all be a challenge. Oh you might meet some famous people, top cruise line execs, and get to try out some new stuff., and of course you get the bragging rights that you were one of the first people to be on a inaugural voyage. For me the cons outweighs the pros. I can wait. I will wait.
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