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  1. Think I found my answers here: https://www.portvancouver.com/cruise/passenger-information/ Seems earliest is 10AM but maybe that will work anyway as long as we dont have to wait long on the Avis shuttle.
  2. We have a rental car in Vancouver and plan to return it to the Avis downtown that is only a few blocks away from the port. Supposedly they have a free shuttle to the port. I am trying to figure out the best option for dropping our bags. Rather than have to lug them into Avis (4 bags) and onto the shuttle, was thinking to drop them at the port before I return the car. What I'm not sure about is 1st off is there a short term parking for us there to drop our bag and 2nd can we drop it off early? We have the 1st time slot for check in (11 AM) so we would have to drop it off by 9:30 or 10 to get over to Avis and back in time to check in, not sure if its open this early for drop off.
  3. So we are booked on the 1 way North bound Alaska cruise from Vancouver to Seward this Friday. Today we got an E-mail from RCL It says that ArriveCAN is needed as the sailing 'leaves and returns' to Canada. We have no Canadian ports scheduled other than the one we are leaving from. Is it saying this is required as we might be passing through Canadian waters, or might cross over during a shore excursion in Skagway? Otherwise, the ship will be returning only with another set of guests so not sure why it would be required. Not even sure what I would put on the form for destination. I think it more likely that RCL os just made a mistake in sending this E-mail out for the 1 way sailings. They were also wrong about Canada requiring ESTA for green card holders. On this one I kind of understand as the requirement was dropped only a couple weeks ago. (4/26). Still seems RCL should be more on top of the ever changing requirements then they are. Dear Guest, We’re so excited to welcome you onboard for our Canada & Alaska sailing! Before you head to the cruise terminal, we have some important reminders. ArriveCAN Since our sailing leaves then returns to Canada, all guests – including Canadians – will need to complete the mandatory ArriveCAN travel information form prior to arriving at the cruise terminal. Guests, or their legal guardians, can complete the form for free at the ArriveCAN website here or via their app available in the AppStore or on Google Play. This form needs to be completed before boarding, and we highly recommend completing this at home since Wi-Fi connection in the terminal is not dependable. Once complete you’ll need to print or show the QR code provided at boarding.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. We are on the same cruise next Friday but are flying into Vancouver. Was wondering if we needed another entry to get on the ship. Still wondering about the shore excursion in Skagway back into Canada and if needed guess its easy enough to do on same day. Maybe we will see you on the cruise. I'll be the big guy with cute small Filipino wife
  5. Did anyone figure out if we needed to do the Arrivecan if we are departing Vancouver on 1 way Alaska cruise with no other Canadian ports. Obviously will have to do it before flying into Vancouver a couple days prior to the cruise, but I have heard mixed messages if we need do it for Embarking on 1 way cruise to Alaska. We do have an excursion into the Yukon scheduled from Skagway and suppose we will need to do it then. Hopefully the cell signal from Skagway will be OK to accomplish that the morning off, or perhaps we will try from the port prior just to make sure.
  6. Has anyone considered doing laundry at a port call? I know, probably terrible idea to waste valuable time just to save a few $$. Was just wondering if there were places you could drop it off quickly when leaving the ship and then pick it up when getting back on. Anyone familiar with such services in Alaska? Just trying to decide if I can cut my baggage.
  7. I just got my Phillips recall replacement a few weeks ago. It is an older unit than what I sent to them. Presumably they will now refurbish the one I returned and maybe your wife will end up with it. I think mine was prioritized due to me using the So-clean ozone cleaner. I normally dont use the humidifier here in Texas and only bring it when going to a dry climate place. I had not planned to bring it with me to the Alaska cruise since I figured it would also be humid there but recently just went on a work trip to Fairbanks and was wishing I had the humidifier so maybe Alaska is not so humid after all.
  8. This was part of an E-mail they sent me after booking and just a couple weeks back. Clearly they plan to go into Canada. Of course we know its possible since we are departing from Vancouver. I think the train just doesnt want to deal with checking vaccination cards, ect. Thank you for booking with Southeast Tours! We are operating tours into Canada! They are no longer requiring a negative COVID test to enter the country, so that is good news. They are still requiring proof of vaccination, so make sure everyone in your party has their proof of vaccination as well as passports. Your tour will meet at our office in the popcorn store. Because of the new rules entering Canada, we need to make sure all paperwork and documentation is accounted for with each guest.
  9. I am also wondering about this? We are on an Alaska cruise in couple weeks 1 way from Vancouver to Seward. Does ship time switch to Alaska time once it departs Vancouver or does it stay on Pacific time.
  10. Is the potable water from the bathroom sink not safe/good to drink? I've never been a bottled water type of guy and as long as I can get it from the sink will be fine.
  11. Anyone know what shows are being offered this season on Alaska Radiance sailings? Maybe someone on board could post a Compass? If not, I will when I go in 2 weeks.
  12. 1st time cruiser here. How practical is it to come back on for lunch and then leave again (assuming in the nearby vicinity). Just trying to save some money since lunch is included but not if it is going to take hours out of the day to board and get off again.
  13. We booked the deluxe Yukon tour through this company. https://www.southeasttours.com/ While it is a bus and not a train, it does have a stop at the dog mushing camp. I got an e-mail from them verifying that they are indeed operating this season. All of July seems still available on the booking calendar but you might check with them due to your large group size if interested. I had E-mailed and got a reply back the next day.
  14. Check your math here, I think you will need to test on the 11th or after if your cruise departs on the 13th. It is no more than 2 days before for vaccinated people using the Antigen test. For unvaccinated kids, they need a PCR no more than 3 days before but the E-med test with Navica app you are discussing above does not satisfy the requirement for them either as it is an Antigen test.
  15. Yep, I went to the drive through testing spot the day after I 1st tested positive on home test and she didnt swab back very far in my mouth so the PCR came back negative. This morning I have another appointment and will opt for the nasal swab instead (this place gives you the option for either), but my at home antigen test this morning is also testing negative to issue may be moot.
  16. When I was looking at the specialty dining info section on the app, towards the bottom of each specialty restaurant there is this note 'A cancellation fee policy applies to our specialty restaurants' Not sure what that policy is or if its enforced, but just though I would point it out in case something has changed recently.
  17. Very interesting for only $20 now that I just ordered the 2 pack from E-med earlier today. Still I have a bunch of the government ones and even a few of the Abbott non-proctored tests and can bring them and use this service as a back up. Just recovering from covid (back to work tomorrow) and sailing in just over 2 weeks, I am still concerned about popping positive and may need to try a few different ones to get a good negative. So far those dang government ones keep showing a faint positive line but it seems to get a bit lighter each day.
  18. Sorry in advance, newbie here and lots of questions. lol So I contacted my TA and they said that 'my time' dining wasnt open/available so I am locked into the 5:15PM/ early slot. Since this is my 1st cruise and I havent seen how this works, is half of the ship showing up at this time with the other half the later seating? Are we sitting at the same table with the same other couple/guests for the entire cruise? How strict is the time slot, if I show up 5:30 or 5:45 am I going to get turned away? Is this buffet or are we ordering from a menu and does it change each day? What are the other 'free' options available if I am not ready to eat so early and want to eat later on?
  19. This is our 1st cruise and when looking at our boarding documents, it seems that they have us down for 5:15 dinner. How flexible is this, seems rather early. Does this only apply at the MDR? Are there options for taking dinner later at another place? Alternately could this time be changed once on board? I thought that they had switched to something called my time dining where you could just walk in at anytime as if you were walking into a Golden Corral buffet. Is this how it is for breakfast and lunch? Having some free restaurants and some that are extra is very confusing for newbie like me. Hate to end up at the wrong one and have a large bill at the end of the cruise lol We also supposedly got a promotion when we booked for 2 days specialty dining. I only see one voucher in the boarding document print out. Is this tracked electronically an maybe on the account already? Or should I ask my TA about it.
  20. I also tested positive this week (Tuesday) and cruise is 3 weeks from today. I tested every day after and today (Friday) I am already negative but I had little to no symptoms so was very light case. Still I had 3 positives with 2 different brands of at home antigen tests. On Wednesday morning I got a PCR test done at the lab thinking that I might be able to use it as a back up for a recovery certificate but it cam back negative. The lab person swabbed my mouth but didnt go back very far I think thats why. I am scheduling my precruise test at Walgreens and noticed that there are 3 options. For the rapid antigen (Binax Now), there is a check box to certify that you have symptoms or have been in close contact with someone that is +. The regular PCR is the 2nd option but long turn around time (48 hr). The 3rd option is called a Rapid NAAT test with 2 hr turn around. I am thinking that the Rapid Antigen is least likely to pop positive with my recent recovery so may see if I can find someone covid positive to stand by for 15 minutes .
  21. This is partly why we chose the bus option instead of the train. It leaves Seward around 9:30AM and gets to Anchorage around 1:30. Most hotels will let you leave your bags with them until ready to pick them up when heading to the airport. I would check with them. Not sure about what to do with them in Seward.
  22. So am I understanding correctly that for a 1 way cruise from Vancouver to Seward since we have already cleared US customs when boarding, we will not have to deal with any of it at any of the Alaska port of calls or when disembarking in Seward? We can just put away passports for the rest of the trip once boarded? (unless we do an excursion into the Yukon, will have 2 land border crossings to negotiate)
  23. So went in today to the place I usually go for travel testing. They did an oral swab PCR test and came back negative go figure lol Later today I took another home test from different company (Abbott Binax now non proctored) and it is still hard positive (dark line). I think that the lab person just didnt go far enough back in my throat as supposedly PCR test is more sensitive than the at home rapid antigen. Anyway, a waste of time to go there, maybe I will try again in a couple of days. Just would like to have the positive test documented so that I can get a certifcate of recovery just in case I test positive when doing my pre-cruise testing in 21 days due to residual virus.
  24. We booked a bus tour into the Yukon and got an E-mail that border crossing is not an issue with them, we only needed to be early to register the vac card and passport. Seems the train has just decided they dont want to hassle with the few minutes of vaccine card verification required for each passenger.
  25. So we are 24 days out from our Alaska cruise and I tested positive this morning on a home test. Ironically, I am pretty sure I contracted it on my maskless flight back from a work trip in Fairbanks, Alaska on Sunday or at one of the airports I transferred through on my way back to DFW as I tested negative just prior to the flight. I have only mild fever and suspect will have no issue testing negative when needed in 22 or 23 days, so the timing is probably good to get it over with. I am just wondering if I should venture out to get an official positive test and then try to figure out what I need to get a certificate of recovery from my Dr. next week just in case, maybe that is even easier so I dont have to deal with testing prior to embarkation. Has anyone gone this route? Is it more of a hassle when it comes to boarding? Right now we are waiting to see if my wife will test +. So far she is negative but I suspect it will happen in the next day or 2, but If I wait more than that, I may not still test + and will lose that option I found this page that says timing is 11-90 days prior so we seem to be well within that window at 24 days. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-recovered-from-covid-19-need-to-be-vaccinated-or-take-a-test-to-sail
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