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  1. 1 hour ago, The Fox said:

    I have taken two cruises since the restart (Indy and Adventure) and though the ship was not as crowded as what is being described now, people were not very social, especially Indy, and on both ships, after 10:30 you saw very few people.

    We were on the Mariner b2b early December. The second week was very different than the first week. It was very social till late at night since there was a lot of college students on board. The capacity was up by more than 500 and it felt very different. More people unmasked and more people packing into elevators and alot of partying. 

  2. 21 hours ago, Pattycruise said:

    As a “germ aware” person I was always very aware how gross people were and carried my own little hand sanitizer.  Watching people skip “washy washy” or do it and then stand there take a bite, wipe their nose and touch the serving spoons gave me an understanding about how noravirus would stampede through ships.  
    personally I dislike the staff serving me when I ask for “a little” snd get an oversized ladle full.  It’s especially disappointing when they pour half and half into my coffee and when I say stop they continue, making the coffee too cold  (Now if that was alcohol I wouldn’t complain).  
    If they go back to us serving ourselves my coffee will be perfect, my food portions will what I want  and my personal hand sanitizer will be at the ready.

    Unfortunately hand sanitizer will not kill the noro virus. My vote is no self service for all the reasons previously stated. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, JimnKathy said:

    We have a Symphony B2B sailing Sep 18...this will be a far different experience than we were previously expecting to be sure.

    I suppose they want us to have our bags in hand just in case our test comes up positive?

    Problem is that is appears we can't get back on board until our 1pm check-in time vs. being escorted quickly back on the ship for the 2nd leg. Where the heck will we hand around for several hours between sailings?


    I agree. We always cruise b2b but no more if this is the protocol. How will they provide for our safety  and comfort? This latest protocol sounds like a knee jerk decision. I thought we would either get direction from guest services or attend the b2b meeting as usual and then get tested onboard, and escort us through the terminal and back on board. How do they expect us to wait in the heat for several hours with our baggage? 

  4. 1 hour ago, Iluv4n6 said:

    @cruisinghawg Great to have some info on the likely passenger numbers for the Allure August sailings.  Will be quite interesting to experience Oasis class at ~1/3 capacity for the Aug 22 sailing. 

    @Luv2Travel Thanks for re-posting the FB announcement from the Allure cruise director confirming all the main shows are rolling out with the first August sailing. They put in a lot of work on short order to pull that off!  We will be cruising with some friends who have never been on Oasis class before and we were hoping the most if not all of the big entertainment venues/shows would be open.   

    Big thanks for the helpful responses!

    Does anyone know what the symphony entertainment will be for first cruise and beyond?

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