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  1. 16 hours ago, ScottD said:

    It's hard to determine because the prices have changed a little and we had discounts/ kids sail free so not sure if it would come out exactly the same

    yes, that's true but how Royal will calculate the upgrade cost will be to take what you paid when you made your reservation and then charge you the difference between that and whatever the current price is of the cabin you are looking to upgrade too.  There could be resident discounts, flash sales etc that are available now that were not available before.  In the end it's simple math so pricing the difference yourself is really quite easy.

  2. 47 minutes ago, Adriana said:

    Good morning! Okay, I am sorry, I am just venting. Cruising is great. Royal is great. I am typically quite positive, but good golly, what a cruise this time! I arrived at port at my assigned time, around 11am. I have cruised many times, but never had seen this traffic. The garage was only for handicap and we had to go to the overflow lot. It took an hour just for that. The line to get into the terminal was wrapped around the building. I found The Key line and while short, it took forever. Every other line was moving smoothly and quickly. About three quarters of The Key line folks were in walkers or wheelchair or some sort of implanted medical device, so security took longer, plus most seemed to not remember to have their needed items out. After that, I was asking about where to go for The Key, no one knew. I walked around, no one knew. I found a sign and went to the dining room. It was chill, food from Chops. I did not like it, but that is just me. The bags had been sitting for some time, so I grabbed mine and took it to my cabin. Then, I find a family of three in there. The cards are on the door now, so although it had my name, they took it and settled in my cabin. They were Chinese, so I could not chat with them, but I think they were just confused about their room, went to the wrong place. I go to Guest Relations and they did not know what to do or how to get in contact with them. I explained they were in there now, but no one went to talk to them. The lady with whom I was speaking was wonderful, the manager, not so much. He was telling me to move out of the way so others could get help. Alina was trying to tell him that she was helping me with dining reservations, but he kept going on and on until he finally heard us both say it. Since this was taking hours, I could not get the times I wanted and when she checked, the times she made were not correct and the restaurants would not change it. After more time, I was assigned a cabin. My luggage never got to my cabin, I had to go find it, it was near my original cabin. It is my first time as Diamond and was looking forward to seeing my benefits, chefs gift, pin, etc. I had none of it. I go back down to Guest Relations and tell them again what happened and the response was, “okay, no worries.” Pardon? I am not apologizing, I am saying I did not receive anything. He directs me to Crown and Anchor. It was almost 9pm, except for lunch, I spent the entire day there, even missing sail away. So, I just went back up to my new cabin.

         This cruise just seems different; most means, I am getting exactly what I say o do not want (like seafood), not bringing me what I order, stateroom attendant not doing much of anything, just a bunch of stuff. I do not want to continue to gripe as I know I am just agitated more since sitting here for hours at immigration since we all had to get off at Miami (we were given contradictory info about it; when you get off, you do have to wait for every single person to clear before getting on; so glad I did as I was told and got off at 8am (“don’t worry, you can get right back on” so not true) and have been here for hours. 

     I keep hearing that things have change since COVID, different level of service. I have no doubt that most things are wonderful. I just am having poor luck every day. Thanks for letting me complain for a bit. I am solo and do not like to complain, just have been telling everyone everything is fine and lovely, so now I feel better. Thanks! Back to being pleasant. 

    Wow, what an awful way to start your vacation.  I can't believe they didn't simply have someone from Guest Relations escort you to your room and have the family who were incorrectly taking over your room, removed.  They would then be taken to their actual cabin.  That would have saved so much time.  The seapass cards that they would be trying to use wouldn't be correct so they couldn't use them to charge or get off the ship.  I really hope you have a great week after all of this.

  3. 7 hours ago, KANSAS CITY CRUISER said:


    Central Park Balcony vs Promenade Balcony 

    Which location offers a quieter location?  Does one area offer a cool breeze?  Can the water shows be seen from the Central Park Balconies on the ships offering them?

    I think what you are referring to is Boardwalk view balconies - those are at the back of the ship and offer views of the aqua show and the ocean.  The further to the back of the ship you go the better your view will be.  You will hear noise occasionally from people on the boardwalk and the sports deck but the views are worth it IMO.  They are usually marginally higher in cost than the CP balconies and cheaper than OV balconies.   Since they offer great views and nowhere near as expensive as the aqua theatre suites at the back of the ship I think they provide a good option.  

  4. We just returned from a cruise and while in Cozumel we visited Paradise Beach Resort.  It was incredible.  The resort itself is lovely and the staff are incredible.  Drink variety is amazing and the food is better than some of what was available on the ship.  I would highly recommend.  It's $69pp and that's all inclusive.  Taxi is about $20 each way.  

  5. On 10/4/2022 at 10:00 AM, WAAAYTOOO said:

    I wouldn't be distressed about a Boardwalk balcony room.  We've done them a number of times and always really enjoyed the location.   I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

    I completely agree - we love the boardwalk balconies.  Especially if you can get one near the very back of the ship.  The views of the ocean are incredible - especially on Allure as they have not added the purple slides which block some of the view.  

  6. 3 hours ago, Penguin said:

    Just booked Breezy Bay at Chill Island as it was $100.00 cheaper.  However when I called RCCL to ask where these bed rentals were located - they couldn't tell my what the difference was between  Chill Island full Day beach Bed Rental and (the one cheaper) called Breezy Bay at Chill Island.  Does anyone know are they close to one another?  I have a hard time walking but also want to swim in the Ocean.  Which one would be the better location  - close to dock and/ or Swimming?  If i have to pay the extra 100.00 not a problem but need to know which is the better deal.  Any help is greatly appreciate.  Thank you

    We've enjoyed daybeds at both locations in the past.  Up until the last few months, anytime I've looked, they've always been the same price.  Now, on any sailings we have booked with a stop at CocoCay, the prices all show $100 more for Chill Island.  We prefer Chill Island to Breezy Bay as it's a little more secluded with very little noise.  Breezy Bay has a basketball court near it and a few more things to do.  You can walk into the water from both spots so I don't think there is any advantage there.   Chill Island day beds are closer to the pier (not by much, just a few minutes walking time).  That, combined with being a bit more secluded must be what is driving the price difference.  Both locations will provide you with a wonderful day.  If you look back to the first page of this post, you will see the map of CocoCay and where the various beds are located.  

  7. We sailed on the 9 night Oasis this past August and it was a great mix of kids/teens/adults/seniors.  Since driving to Bayonne is an option from many parts of Ontario and Quebec, there are lots of Canadians on the ship (not just in the summer but whenever ships are sailing from Bayonne).  In Ontario, schools are out until early September so that certainly increases the amount of kids onboard in July and August.  We had a fantastic time and 9 nights is just perfect.  Oasis has so much to offer with the 4 sea days on this itinerary.  I'm sure your family will have a wonderful holiday!

  8. 3 hours ago, RCIfan1912 said:

    Well last night we are at 150 Central Park and we have a new absolute favorite restaurant! Holy cow that was amazing, so amazing we booked it again for Thursday. We have the 3 night dining package but hadn't scheduled a 3rd restaurant because we were between a few. 

    We were thinking of Port side but that's not my thing at all. That's a la carte so that to me would be a waste with the dining package. Do you agree with that? 

    Yes - Portside BBQ is only $10-14pp so definitely not worth it to use your dining package.  Should you wish to try it, just pay a la carte.

  9. 5 hours ago, RCIfan1912 said:

    I honestly didn't know you could do that. I thought reservations didn't begin till on board. I will check the app. for our next cruise on Oasis in May.

    We just sailed on Oasis for 9 nights returning yesterday.  The MDR lineups were excessive each time we went there.  We did book times for all 9 nights in advance (which you now know you can do) and then we cancelled as we opted to dine elsewhere certain nights.  As people do cancel, definitely check for reservations through the app as your week goes on.  With reservations, we found we waited about 10 minutes to be seated as opposed to people who were waiting 45 minutes without reservations.  I would suggest Playmakers and Port Side BBQ as options on a few of the nights where you don't have other specialty dining booked.   We had a terrific week and found the crew to be spectacular.  I hope you have a great vacation!

  10. 21 hours ago, Scatmanjack said:


    Asking specifically about upcoming trip to Maya Chan but I guess the scenario could apply to other resorts as well...


    Taxi ride is included in pricing of resort...

    Would you still tip the taxi driver a few bucks coming and going?

    Personally leaning in that direction but just wanted thoughts from others...

    We spent an amazing day at Maya Chan a few weeks ago.  We were in a large van with approx 10 people going but then just a taxi for the 4 of us upon returning to the port.  We tipped the driver in both directions.  You will have a lovely day at the resort - the staff are incredible!!

  11. We were just on Symphony - no other ships in port.  Lots of empty chairs to choose from and if you get off the ship early you will have choice of which section of the island you want to set as your base.  If you plan to do the waterpark, then chill island is nice and close.  For some activities, breezy bay might be the better choice. Beach beds just offer a little more comfort so have to decide if you feel that is worth it.

  12. I think it is totally worth it - if you can get it at $149 and no more than $199.   They do "limit" you to 4 wristbands but I don't think they would give you too much trouble about having a young child there.  Likely you won't all be there at the same time as there is so much to do on the island.  I would especially book if there is more than one ship docked the day you visit as that just saves you having to look for chairs.

  13. 10 hours ago, spacejam_on_vhs said:

    This schedule was sent to us from our suite concierge today! So I imagine, if all goes according to plan, you should have the show for your sailing too! 

    Thank you so much for sharing.  We are on Symphony next week as well.  Enjoy your cruise!

  14. 9 hours ago, Pattycruise said:

    Of course the more you play the more you get. I was demonstrating the choices given. The casino host stated the offers would be valid through September (not the case, for all the offers).  No where does it say “must book onboard” until you get the actual offer.  It’s a bit misleading.  

    That is misleading and different from what we experienced in our three cruises this year.  Each time we either received an offer in our room upon checkin in and/or departure and nowhere did it indicate it needed to be booked while onboard.  Some did require booking within a short timeframe but not before leaving the ship.   I will verify that next week when we board Symphony.  If you've earned the offer, you shouldn't lose it for not booking while onboard IMO.  Thank you for sharing.

  15. We've enjoyed having the shareholder's credit applied to some of our cruises.  I have been advised by the shareholder dept that complimentary sailings / casino sailings are not eligible for the credit but I'm wondering if anyone has had any success when paying to upgrade a casino offer.  Does paying to upgrade now change this from a complimentary sailing and thus allowing for the credit to be applied?

  16. The cost to rent the day beds covers for yourself plus 3 others.  If you were travelling solo, the bed would just be assigned to you.  You get to decide who, if any, joins you for the day.  Upon check-in, you and those in your party will be given a wristband and assigned your bed.  Your name will then be written on a little board at the side of your bed.  This way, you can come and go from that area and enjoy other spots on the island.  You will absolutely love having the daybed - they are so comfy.  Enjoy!

  17. 22 minutes ago, Live2Cruise said:

    This will be my first time on Navigator as well. Doing a B2B. The largest ship we have been on is Freedom, so we are excited to see how this is.

    We've sailed on Navigator twice - once before she was amped and then again this past February.  While she's smaller than Freedom we didn't really notice much difference.  So much nicer now with the amplification.  Playmakers was great and we really enjoyed Hooked seafood.  I'm sure you will have a wonderful time!

  18. 7 hours ago, Yanna said:

    If your unvaccinated but have been tested and the results come back negative, would that not be enough to be able to board?? 

    Vaccination has been required since RCCL ships started back in service ... along with a negative test in order to board.

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