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  1. Yes we split the beds in a grand suite but not in an owners suite
  2. I see our reservation and my sister and brother in law and when o book thinks it lists all 4 of us.
  3. So can you make reservations on the app once on board?
  4. I too am going with the soda only package in March, I don't drink much, other than my diet coke addiction, so with my 4 diamond drinks a day I may spend a few $$$$ but not the cost of the refreshment or deluxe package.
  5. Yes I did that. Got the $100 next cruise plus the $50
  6. I do this and then put mine and hubbys on the same page. We never separate before we get into our cabin on embarkation day so it’s fine.
  7. I think that was my mistake I think Port Canaveral is PCN, oh well that won’t pay that much attention.
  8. independence of the Seas 29JAN2022 Sat-PE deck 6 midship they have no idea what would normally be on them
  9. Darn if that’s the case I wont see them till New Years Day
  10. Anyone know about when luggage tags become available to print? We are at 40 days today and none yet. I was hoping to put them in a little cruise gift bag for my sis and bro in law for Christmas. It’s their first cruise and thought it would be fun.
  11. When I was moved from the Navigator to the Freedom all of our cruise planner purchases were refunded and you had to repurchase. We did get the price difference as an onboard credit that showed up on day 2.
  12. I just used Larry’s last week for MCO to PC and it was $185 and priced them today for end of January and now $266. They have always been fabulous in the FLL/MIA area but $266 is a little high.
  13. Again thanks but I’m looking for a service I can count on being there when my flight lands
  14. Thanks but they are a shared shuttle service. I am looking for a private car service for just my traveling party of 4.
  15. Any recommendations for a private car service from Orlando airport to the port? We always use Larry’s limo in Fort Lauderdale/Miami and have had great service. We used Precision last time in Orlando and wasn’t a great experience
  16. Possibly trying to book a child I’m Izumi or Chef’s table, since they are not allowed in those venues due to them being vaccinated only currently
  17. I’m on Harmony on Nov 28 and got the same email
  18. I believe you are correct on this, that is why I was trying to compare cruise planner pricing right now vs 25% off on board prices
  19. Does anyone know how the onboard specialty dining prices onboard compare to cruise planner prices? With the key you get 25% off dining, not sure if it would be better to wait to book until onboard.
  20. I’m on the Harmony sailing for Nov 28 and there is nothing showing available for Coco beach club, no day passes or cabanas. ‘We also were supposed to be at Coco cay on day 7 but they moved it to day 2 and in my cruise planner some stuff shows under day 2 and other things under day 7. On cruisemapper.com we are showing being there with Oasis, Odyssey and Harmony, is this even possible?
  21. This has been the protocol for a long time. Yes, we are aware my 6yr old granddaughter can not go into port if not on an excursion. We will make it work, we are just glad to be able to go on a vacation
  22. I did not book prior to Sept 30. I booked a sailing for myself and hubby but I know hubby can not go. I put his name on there so in case I find someone else to go I can change names and keep my price. If I book solo and then add someone they would reprice and it could be higher.
  23. I don’t think it would increase since I will have already paid for 2 people.
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