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  1. I have a cruise August 2nd. It includes my 12 yr old who wont be vaccinated, and I definitely dont want to go on a cruise where we have to mask outside, or have to do "to go" food options, amongst other issues. My family members are vaccinated. I just assume cancel, but since I made final payments, hopefully we can lift and shift.
  2. When I rescheduled a cruise for this August, I had to call and they applied my FCC to my deposit. So know I will wait until May final payment to see what happens. Fingers crossed.
  3. Cancel, so I can take a refund and move onto something better.
  4. If the cruise lines don't allow kids under eighteen, can they survive. I think it would be a devastating effect. I mean if you don't want to sail with children, they have options for that.
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