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  1. You would find more information on the Celebrity/Silverseas board in the discussion area.
  2. Yes the morgue fridge was broken so they used a beverage refrigerator. There was an opportunity for the family to disembark with the body in Puerto Rico, but they elected not to to save transportation costs. So they remained not he cruise for 6 days and the makeshift accommodations did not work out. Not cold enough.
  3. Then they probably used it for food or beverages.
  4. https://www.wfaa.com/article/travel/celebrity-cruise-line-let-passengers-body-decompose-lawsuit-says/507-112495a2-8ada-48b5-be24-6034a62e5e3a Yes - but they aren't necessarily functioning. Curious on why it took a week to remove the body. Was it to complete the cruise ? - yes
  5. I also heard that from a concierge. The vendor's scheduling software was not linked to the app (but is connected through cruise planner). The concierge thought it would be fixed in a future release. Maybe not.
  6. Has anyone noticed if on-board booked spa treatments are syncing up with personal calendar? We've noticed an issue with that in the past.
  7. That's nonsense. Are they trying to be Southwest airlines?
  8. We got it for that price when sailing Oasis after the shutdown. Today's $270+ pp is not a value purchase.
  9. Appears it's now normalized. Glad it all worked well.
  10. Hotel Continental on Las Rambles. Great location near train and walking distance to water if you want.
  11. Quality seems to be the same. My feel its the "complexity" or level of "extravagance" (too strong a word); Simpler prep, simpler ingredients, smaller portions, but the quality seems ok. Presentation still good.
  12. Actually, I don't mind smaller portions. Always felt guilty waisting food . Plus if you didn't clean your plate, the waiter would feel bad because they thought you didn't enjoy the meal. So there's a positive side to things. Kinda solves two of my dilemmas.
  13. Good news.. Thought it was an odd restriction.
  14. When I could access, I found the video very grainy with a lot of latency in the controls making it marginally playable. I'm guessing a bandwidth issue on my end or the server at the time.
  15. I'm surprised its lasted as long as it has (after reading about the accidents). There are some pretty advanced VR simulations in the market place that make you feel like you're moving without actually moving.
  16. Maybe Enchantment could be a tender for Icon?
  17. May want to check of Uber can service the port. I heard Lyft was credentialed for Galveston passenger terminal. (It may be an old rule and I don't know how they'd keep an Uber from the passenger drop).
  18. Watch item: We sailed in a Sky Suite and gratuities are included. We watch our cabin balance while sailing, and we were seeing a $21/pd/pp charge on certain days, then later -$21 for each of the daily gratuity charges. Once we disembarked, we received the final folio which included a $21/pd/pp daily gratuity charge. I called Celebrity while I was still in the airport. The agent was congenial, but claimed a review couldn't be conducted until 4-5 days after the cruise (and she promises to research, then call back. She did, 4 day's later, and by the end of the conversation she agreed we were improperly charged and processed a refund for $294 after a lengthy apparently manual process. She noted I would see a refund in 4-5 weeks. Other observation, despite having a "final" folio summary charge posted to my credit card, I had 3 additional "pending" card charges that were already comprehended in the final folio summary, but still listed on the card account as "pending". So 3 in a "post status" while being told by the Celebrity agent, they'll drop because they were already comprehended in the "final statement". Still waiting for the drop, but this is the second time in 6 months something like this has happened with Celebrity. A comprehended charge will be carried for about a month, then drop. As this is the second occurrence in 6 months, I'm wondering if it's a nefarious scheme to bump/squeeze bump monthly revenue to show a higher review for period of time. Multiply by a couple of thousand of guests at sea and you're recording/churning a nice bank month-to-month on these floating (to be retired) charges. And sometimes, the guest won't watch expiration and they get a tip. Long story short - just watch the card charges as you're sailing..
  19. If you wish to dine at Le Voyage, reserve as soon as possible. They sell out very quickly. It's a small venue with only 2 seatings per night. Takes about 2 hrs.
  20. Yes. Added an additional deck. Retreat area encompasses portions of deck 15, 16, 17. Deck 15 is the Retreat lounge as on the Apex, but a little larger enclosed as the patio is converted to inside space. Deck 16 is additional Retreat sun deck with a connection to Luminae (more lounge chairs). Deck connects with the previous with stairs or elevator and provides additional sun deck, bar and two hot tubs. Shortfalls on Edge and Apex are corrected on Beyond and soon to sail Ascent.
  21. Yes. You can still get escargot, French onion soup and order from the children's menu for the filet. As on other lines, the menu is getting less impressive. Even our wait staff was brutally honest on some evenings, steering us to the "classic" selections. Staff was excellent across the ship. The all seemed to be in a good mood. Other surprise was we were told on day 1 by our butler that we had full access to Blu (lunch and dinner). I thought that was stopped, but not on Beyond. Some nights they had a nicer menu. Also you could get through breakfast much faster than Luminae. (more servers)
  22. Chic night is as formal as you want to make it. Primarily I would call it business casual , especially in the Caribbean. No requirement for a dinner jacket unless you want to wear one. We just got off Beyond from Ft. Lauderdale, and I didn't see a single tux. Saw some suits and sport coats, but a most just wore open collar shirts (many with tropical floral patterns) w/o a jacket. (and that was in Luminae).
  23. Summary: We sailed the week of 5 March 2023 with about 3200 fellow passengers. Celebrity Beyond lives up to its name. Its design and service goes beyond earlier Edge and Apex ships. Port visits included: St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Puerto Plata DR. At first glimpse, Beyond fixes some of the “nits” that Edge and Apex rolled out with. For example, the Martini Bar is positioned into the center of the atrium, making it a focus while adding more seating, the Sunset bar is made over to give a Moroccan feel with various levels of seating on the aft starboard edge, and most noticeable for Retreat members, there’s an additional deck that holds a pool and two hot tubs. The Retreat hits new levels now contained within 3 - decks with Luminae positioned between the Retreat lounge and upper pool deck (Decks 15-17 forward). Embarkation: Port Everglades Celebrity terminal is updated and easy to negotiate on embarkation day. The suite lounge is comfortable, but even at 10:30 (the early boarding time) we couldn’t find any seating. Service was great, but had to stand for about 15 minutes and embarkation commenced. We were onboard before 11am. Ship Experiences Food & Dining: We stayed in a Sky Suite so had access to Luminae and Blu for main dining. Except for 3 specialty restaurants, we dined in those venues all week for major meals. Also dined in the Aqua cafe, Eden cafe, and Oceanview cafe. All venues were well maintained, but it was obvious the menu quality & strength has been reduced (just as on the Royal parent). Its not the Celebrity dining of 5 years ago. Le Voyage - Daniel Boulud’s intimate signature specialty restaurant on Beyond (and highest price). Features assorted entrees a tasting menu and chef’s table. We’re not fans of Daniel’s stye of French cuisine , but we needed to try the new venue. Restaurant ambiance and service is first rate; however, the food is ordinary. I would give a 10 to service and an ambiance, and rate the food between 7-8. The restaurant is a small space in the on deck 4 that has a rather hard to see front outer sliding door (think Star Trek). It opens into a small space with the maitre’d and you then pass through a second sliding door into a very intimate dining area with about 14 small tables. A small private dining room off to the side can accommodate a 6-8 person chefs table. Its a 2 hour experience and service is old school cruise line style. But the menu being the weakest part of the experience. Not bad, not exquisite, just about equivalent to a Luminae offering at a premium price. Luminae - Visited for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’ve sailed Celebrity with Luminae in the past, you’ll notice a weaker menu. (In fact our honest waiters confirmed our observation on several nights). The Baja Eggs content/presentation was different from what I was used to on other ships. When I attempted to explain to the waiter, he didn’t understand what I was trying to communicate (new guy with little English). Second issue with a lunchtime Margarita Flatbread that had a blue food residue on the bottom. Not knowing what this was (as it looked like mold), we informed the waiter resulting on a visit from the chef. He apologized profusely, but admitted the blue material came from a placing the flatbread on a dirty tray (that’s called cross contamination in a US restaurant kitchen). We found out a few of the staff were on first contracts. Which explained the low energy service and wait times. Lunches could go 2 hours. Retreat Lounge : All good and exceeded expectations with service and food / drink offerings. Three deck areas: Lounge, sun deck, and pool deck with pool and hot tubs with connectivity to the Luminae on deck 16. (The arrangement is far more efficient arrangement than the new suite neighborhood on Wonder of the Seas configuration). The total area seems large enough to accommodate everyone. The availability of pool, hot tubs, and food within the private area allows guest to pretty much homestead in the Retreat. Blu : A lighter (maybe healthier) breakfast and dinner offering for AquaClass guests. As suite guest, we also were given unlimited access and found the menu to be more attractive than Luminae on several occasions. Service was also a little faster allowing you to not get too bogged down at a sit down dining venue. Le Petit Chef: French “like” cuisine with a clever animated table projection story about the creation of the dish. The meal contained 4 courses and a projected petit chef walks you through the making of the particular dishes and his path to becoming a chef. Kids would love it. Its more about the show than the food. Food was OK, but again, nothing you could not experience in the complimentary Normandy “French” restaurant. In viewing the menu, it seems than many of the items are actually available as complimentary menu items in other venues. Box checked. Raw on 5: As we enjoy shell fish, we really enjoyed Raw on 5. We are raw oyster fans and had our fill. They offer an Imperial Tower which is a seafood extravaganza of crab legs, oysters, lobster clams, shrimp, fish that will challenge 2 to finish. Sushi is also offered with pricing well in line with what you would pay off the ship. Oceanview Cafe: Main buffet. Nice offerings, but not as many as pre-Covid. More of less on the serving tables. Also noticed they would let stations go “empty” about 20 minutes prior to closing so you were out of luck if you got there too close to closing. Onboard Activities Entertainment: Very ample. Three theater productions, a couple of aft Eden productions and top liners. Ship entertainment venues offer great screens for effects and the production teams know how to make best use of the “special effects” offered by the screen. Service & Staff: All good - no complaints. They all worked to keep you happy. They all seemed happy and enjoyed being with the guests. Very attentive butler and room steward keep the room ship shape and ensured we had coffee first thing in the morning. Ship Quality: The newest and brightest in the Celebrity fleet. Ship is fantastic and it seems they applied practical lessons learned from earlier Edge class ships. Lots of space and filled with very nice art. Edge deck plans exhibit a noticeable amount of asymmetry so you find there are not necessarily direct walking paths from bow to stern on certain decks forcing you to go up - go straight - go down to get from bow to stern, Just takes some thought to select decks with straight paths between forward and aft section of the ship. Elevator capacity seemed ample for the 3200 passengers if you avoid dinner rush. Elevator capacity is being challenged on all ships pushing capacity. We did notice the ship structure itself was obviously “noisy”. When the sea state increased a bit, everything seemed to “creak” in the cabin. In fact just walking the decks you could hear creaking and cracking everywhere you walked (like the rigging on a sailboat) . We overheard one family saying maintenance showed up at their cabin and made adjustments to panels and doors that were apparently loose. Appeared to be a feature on the ship. I wondered if its still under warrantee. Cabin/Stateroom: 10-215 port side Sky Suite with ample floor space and comfortable atmosphere. Balcony was sufficient with lounge, chairs and small table. Like the cabin, would stay there again. Only nuisance was the creaking and cracking when seas were a little rough. Room had plenty of light, and a very nice bath with a tub. Summary: The best in the Celebrity fleet at this time. Outshines Edge and Apex. Service was superb. I don’t think the food is at the same level as experienced prior to Covid (menus are weaker). But I believe that’s probably across lines and ships. I would sail Beyond again and look forward to Ascent. Footnote: If you want a real balcony room on an Edge class ship, you have to book a suite. All other outside rooms use what’s called an infinite veranda which encloses and integrates the balcony area into the room. Instead of an open space, the window can be opened to the outside. As someone who’s used to balconies, and after seeing family members IV cabins, I would not book one myself. (Would bite the bullet and move to a Sky Suite)
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