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  1. We stupidly paid for a cabana on Coco Cay! NOT recommended. If you have a drink package and or dining package it is completely unnecessary AND does not include tickets to any of the attractions. Prices are ridiculously high for their captive audience. There is nothing else to do if you choose to leave the ship that day. Disagree wholeheartedly with Royal charging such exorbitant fees for their owned attractions. We are Star class travelers and still disagree with their Coco Cay pricing!
  2. We just returned from the Symphony yesterday and I believe it was the cleanest place to be! No smells at all, but staff were constantly wiping and cleaning railings, doors, walls. We really felt like it was very safe and clean everywhere! Hoping that sailing do begin again in April as the staff who rely on tips have no income coming in
  3. Sailing on Saturday aboard the Symphony! Not a thought about canceling!
  4. Thanks! We do usually ask for an afternoon snack to be delivered to the room and I have been known to make our Genie a little crazy with moving our specialty dining requests too. I doubt these are out of the ordinary requests. Good idea for private lessons. Hoping that people cancel this week and we win our Royal Up. Fear mongers LOL. Thanks!
  5. What are some of the requests you have asked your genie for? We have traveled Star Class in a two bedroom aqua theater several times, but never really ask our genies to go above and beyond. Any ideas for this sailing? Traveling with 5 seventeen year old girls and my husband. Looking for some good ideas to make this year's high school girls amazed! Thanks!
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