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  1. We did a private tour with https://www.stthomasadventures.com/. It was a great day as we did an island tour, snorkeled with turtles, went to another beach and did picture stops. We were able to plan the day with our guide and had flexibility during the day. My husband says he would go back to St Thomas just for this tour.
  2. I had a great agent on Tuesday and they mentioned the post call survey. Like you, I held on and was disconnected. I would like to have given some positive feedback ?
  3. We have learned a lot from reading discussion boards and have found many third party excursion ideas that we researched and enjoyed.
  4. We did a catamaran tour in Tortola. It was nice and we went to 3 different places and snorkeled but no beaches. The water was a little choppy and they said it was from remnants from Hurricane Lorenzo. Overall, my family said they prefered St Thomas and my husband says he would go back just for the tour again.
  5. We were in St Thomas in October and had a wonderful day doing a private tour with St Thomas Scuba and Snorkel Adventures. We had the full day to plan our activities with our guide. We started with an island tour, then went to the beach and snorkeled with turtles, visited a second beach, toured some more and did picture stops around the island. We had a few ideas of what we wanted to do that day and adjusted them as the day progressed with our guide.
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