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  1. Oh it is, in fact it is now the preferred method. My finger gun game has become on point this last year. No verbal communication needed.
  2. Lol it was literally in the post. For some reason I think @Matt and @twangstergive each other finger guns when they cross paths.
  3. I don't think I have actually seen much of Serenade and she is a beauty.
  4. Oooooh I love the doggies. We sail in 3 weeks and my cat is awfully suspicious as she sees luggage.
  5. I always bring a fan and can't sleep with out air on my face. It has never been taken, even on a river cruise.
  6. I read on FB that new crew were added. But it could have been a pax......which is debatable since they were performers. The good news is that the CD for Allure said crew is well and the shows will be up and running on next weeks cruise.
  7. Whoooo, that's awesome. The Panama Canal is on my bucket list. I am so happy there are live(ish) blogs again. Where were you flying from? I flew from Chicago to Hartford a few weeks ago and American was strict about headphones.
  8. @Vlad Yes, lots of people think just because they are vaxxed they don't need a test. I don't understand people who show up places without even the most basic bit of research.
  9. Thanks' everyone. I am doing my spreadsheets and planning for my Jan sailings. If I can get my diamond status on the 3rd cruise it would save me quite a bit.
  10. I think this might have been answered but I searched and couldn't find it. If you move C&A tiers in-between cruises, will they honor it? I have a S2S2S cruise scheduled in Jan, there is about a day in between each cruise and all different ships. I will turn diamond midway through the second cruise. Will I be Diamond the start of my 3rd cruise or will I have to wait until my next cruise?
  11. I guess I don't agree that flights and hotels make such a difference. Most hotel will make you check out between 11/12. But they have lobbies and luggage storage, so you don't have to leave and clog up the lines if your check-in is after 2pm. The same with flights as most people don't fly in the day of the cruise, especially now. There have been conflicting reports but I heard PC was the worse. People with 2/3pm check-ins showing up at noon to board and people who have 12/12:30 check-ins waiting an hour+ to board because of them. I think most of the staff is fairly new which is why this happens.
  12. @travelerpete Nope, they release the capacity on the ship only. There isn't a way to be approximate anyways as people can be turned away at port. There may be cancellations all the way up to sailing, which is why they don't give a guest count until way after sail away. They didn't even do this before Covid.
  13. If you don't mind me asking. Will one of the guest be officiating the wedding or will you just exchange vows? Also is there a planned day to do it? Like are you telling the Genie to have everything ready day 2, so the rest counts as a honeymoon?
  14. Some Jan cruises had very weird final payments. Like my Jan 10th Indy sailing was due on Oct 27th but my Jan 15th Mariner was due on the 10th. I booked a Jan 24th Mariner and it said Nov 10th. I guess most will now be due late Nov/early Dec now. The whole thing is weird. I am assuming RCG is doing this for their books. I think they would rather take final payment from cruisers who will actually sail, then to give back refunds.
  15. True..... but at 95% lots of children in the summer would have had no vacations, not to mention all the unvaxxed who wouldn't have been allowed to sail. With the ports making the restrictions, RCG doesn't seem like the bad guy.
  16. I am the planner in my group and I am accustomed to doing the work, I still do the work. I usually book and then transfer to my MEI agent and then he gets me a better deal. I booked 3 cruises last week because they sale was amazing and by the time they were transferred over he had saved me more. I feel better about it now that I know my bookings help someone's livelihood. It also doesn't bother me to check prices and alert him, it beats waiting on the phone for a rep.
  17. I wanted to book one more but I won't know my 2022 vacation time until after Oct 15th. IF I lived near a port it would be easier. But alas I am stuck in Chicago. I also have very specific vacation time. Anytime in Jan and between October 15th and Nov 30th. With final payment pushed back I am tempted to just put a few deposits down. This place is a bad influence .
  18. I think it is a combination of both. My Oct sailing protocols list reduce capacity as a thing. But also there are a bunch of people cancelling, hence them continuing to move final payments until 30 days. Lots of cruises have some sort of capacity restriction but I believe they are selling the rooms up until maybe 48hr beforehand.
  19. I am assuming they did a cost-benefit analysis and it was better fiscally for them. For a large corporation it is not just money that has value but goodwill. How they are painted and perceived in the media is part of their goodwill. By doing the test cruises they are complying with the CDC, the average consumer had/still has faith in the CDC. Imagine the lawsuits, loss of revenue and cost of still being shutdown. I think they probably come out ahead in the long run.
  20. I am sure check-in will change as well. It will be much easier since it hadn't open yet.
  21. On FB it is speculated that some of the crew members have test positive. They said new crew members were picked up and things happened so most of the shows and such will not be happening on the Oct 3rd sailing.
  22. So L&S is really no longer an option, not unless they cancel and even then...ymmv. But with CWC you should be able to move and change your itinerary with no problem. You don't even have to come up with an excuse. But if you are booked with a TA, you need to go through them. If you no longer want their services, request they release the bookings back to you.
  23. I have 3 cruises scheduled in Jan and received this ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, While we know you’ve been patiently waiting for protocols, our teams have been diligently preparing and working with our medical teams, government health authorities, and testing providers to ensure we provide you with the best experience before and during your cruise. Our commitment is to share all protocols for your January sailing very soon, as we want you to have ample time to prepare for an enjoyable and healthy sailing! Additionally, we understand that the final payment date for many of our guests is getting closer. So, we’ve made the decision to push the final payment date for all sailings departing in January 2022. Guests on sailings departing between January 1, 2022 through January 31, 2022, will now have until 30 days prior to their sail date to make their final payment. Our hope is that this gives you a little extra flexibility when making the best decision for you and those in your party. Rest assured, no action is needed on your part, and no cancellations will occur until the new final payment date. Thank you for being a part of our Royal Comeback. We can’t wait to welcome you back onboard soon! Sincerely,
  24. I do think it is to get more butts on the boat but...... This has to be done even before you step into the port it seems. If you get denied boarding because of the wrong test or no test, will they allow you to go back and try again? I don't think this has to do with people being turned away at the port. More so people who might cancel under CWC because of cancelled appointments and/or inconclusive test. I think they care more about the no-shows than people who spend thousands on a cruise and don't read the fine print....I believe those people don't qualify for a refund.
  25. The part about the unvaccinated not being able to use the at home test is in the FAQS about testing.
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