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  1. I suggest you take it to social media. I think you should complain on Twitter and Royal's Facebook page. If it was a computer glitch than you are not the only one it affected. If you can find others and you all complain on social media you may get them to honor it. It worked for the Deluxe Drink package glitch in July. People bought the drink package for $18 knowing it was a mistake and when Royal said they would have to cancel it and rebook people took to social media and complained. Royal caved and now people have the deal of a life time. BTW, according to the clause you quoted Ro
  2. It makes sense to me. The math works. It amazes me the number of people who have decided The Key is not worth the money. I am of the feeling it is worth the money if you value your time and the other things it offers. We think The Key is worth it and we bought it for $21.99. I am hoping there is a further sale but if there is not I am fine with what I paid. I wish the people who have never used The Key because they don't think it is worth it would stop judging those of us that do. Everyone is different. What I value is different from what someone else does. I get it. However, your o
  3. I pack the day before or the day of depending on what time we are leaving. I do start thinking about what I am bringing several days ahead so I don't forget anything. If I make a list I do it the day before also.
  4. I also got it for $21.99 for my Oasis cruise May 31st. Maybe we will see you there @JohnK6404. I hope it comes down more before sail date but I am happy with this price.
  5. I have never seen a ship that didn't match the local time of the port it was in. That being said, I would arrive before noon your time. The earlier you can get to the port the faster you can start your cruise. They usually start letting passengers on about 10:30-11 am. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. I've also seen it at Sorrento's pizza restaurant.
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