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  1. I'm really not really worried about the Flu or Covid-19, I most likely will slip on ice sometime in the future. I do also have an irrational fear of flu after I was hospitalised with it once (I get the vaccine but not everyone has access to it). Same with Tamiflu not everyone can afford it. Also Murphy's Law pretty much follows me around. With my luck I will get infected with Covid-19, just not worrying over it. Definitely not gonna cause me to cancel booked and paid for holidays (1 of which is a cruise). Nothing based on science in my comment just opinion.
  2. I have lived 46 years without being sneezed on, I think I can make it through an 8 night cruise. I'm not intending to be a smartass. Just want you to know the chances of somebody sneezing/coughing on you are slim to none, and for that to be an infected person is even less.
  3. I am not worried at all and I work in a UK hospital. I am more worried about slipping on ice or catching the flu.
  4. You have better chance of getting the flu. I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. Flu season started in 2019, so comparing numbers from 2020 only is misleading. Influenza has definitely killed more than 14,000 people since beginning of the flu season which started in 2019. https://www.aappublications.org/news/2020/02/14/flu021420
  6. Recently did this for my Check-in date of February 15th. It was all sorted and I was able to check-in on the day.
  7. Definitely more cruises. I'd be happy with crew quarters if it meant deluxe drink package and UDP at no cost.
  8. Yes, but as long as you make the reservation as soon as you board you will have no problem getting Izumi for the day and time you like:)
  9. No judgement here, everyone is different, I am not trying to change anyone. I'm in the UK and I am the opposite, It's rare I don't tip at least a £5 on a £65 dinner bill. If I feel they deserve it they get a tip.. I look at it as if it was me doing that job or giving that service, what would I deserve. I think it's different every situation you are in, exactly why it can be so confusing for persons travelling in the UK and EU. The company should pay their staff a living wage (minimum wage is not a living wage), but unfortunately Cruise companies (at least the service staff) don't, and the staff depend on tips, just the way it is. I think we will see tips included in the UK cruise prices (along with an increase) in the future.
  10. I work in a hospital, and there are zero concerns. Obviously we have systems in place and are ready if it does become a concern, but for now it's a wait and see. In my opinion I have a better chance of getting it at work in my hospital the I do on my upcoming cruise ?
  11. Exactly, it is a bit confusing. Like I said if you think they deserve it, go ahead, they will appreciate it. I always tip if the service was adequate, even when it’s not expected.
  12. If you feel they deserve a tip please do. Not everywhere or every occasion warrants it but in my opinion I would never say it’s “just not done”.
  13. In my opinion it depends where in Europe, it is definitely something I do when it is appropriate.
  14. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I did not intend to suggest they make an exception on sharing. You cannot share drink packages. I meant an exception to both of you purchasing the deluxe drinks package. They will sometime let one of purchase the deluxe drinks package and let the other purchase the refreshment package. Again you have to call them.
  15. You can call them and ask them to make an exception, but you have to call them, you cannot book only one through the cruise planner.
  16. The English pub may have draught beer, but would be anyones guess which beer it would be? Maybe somebody who has sailed her recently might know? I forgot to mention, the beer choices may also depend on the location of you are sailing from, I have yet to get a answer to this query.
  17. If you have MTD you can make same day reservations, but your choice of times may be limited. You can also do walk up and wait with MTD.
  18. Definitely! I can do ALL-Inclusive with flights to Spain 10 days for £800pp. Cruising from the states becomes expensive for the UK due to flights, currency conversion, and other factors. Have you tried looking at other cruise lines or sailing from the UK or Europe?
  19. Just book the same ship, same room on the next cruise:) Same muster station. Problem solved ?
  20. Depends on the ship, mostly cans and aluminium bottles.
  21. If you are looking for £1k each with flights and cruise? In my opinion you would be looking at more like a 3 or 5 night cruise and a 1 week holiday.
  22. It's only three weeks between her return to Southampton and her next sailing, she is also doing an 8-night from Southampton on May 15th, 2020. Like @cmdrfrag said, just her 5 year routine maintenance.
  23. Found this page: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/faq/questions/driving-directions-port-southampton-england
  24. We had MTD, and different waitstaff each night, but were in Silk overnight, and we dined at different times. Sorry you had a bad experience.
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