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  1. We are staying on Orlando for 9 days before cruising from Miami and staying at Hard Rock Universal. Has anyone used Covid Testing LLC at the Florida Mall ?
  2. Will an uploaded photo of a UK NHS Covid Pass ever get validated in the RC app or will it just continue to show as validating and get checked manually at the terminal ?
  3. I noticed that and it also says on the home page that they are CLIA certified - I've seen a lot on here about having the CLIA number on the test result. We're sailing on 23rd July and haven't had it confirmed officially but we were due to visit Labadee, La Romana, Willemstad and Oranjestad but looks like the cruise is now doing Grand Cayman and an additional sea day instead of Labadee and La Romana. This is if you look at trying to book a new cruise - the ports are still as was on the Cruise Planner. The ship is also shown as being booked in on the Grand Cayman Port Schedule.
  4. Thanks Mike, the Orlando one looks really handy for Universal. Were you looking at the $89 Rapid Antigen and have you checked this meets the requirements of Royal Caribbean ? Which Explorer sailing are you on ?
  5. We are travelling to Florida from the UK in around 7 weeks and are having 8 days on International Drive / Universal before driving down to Miami to board Explorer. What are the best options for UK passengers getting Covid tests in the I-Drive / Universal area ?
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