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  1. I read the fine print in RCL web site and from what l can understand it looks like that that FCC is not a refund but a credit on another cruise through RC. I'll tell you from where l and standing it's not like we are never going on another cruise with RC. The other thing l have notice l don't see RC sending out another cruise out of it's ports until May! I hope l am wrong but we are not out of this thing by a long shot. Everybody just listen to all medical staff, state officials, law enforcement, and our government, just keep washing your hands like you were on a cruise! Everybody out there stay safe and will get through this. 102 years ago the world went through this with the first flu which the country's finally got a handle on it, hopefully it won't take a year. Let's just keep the death count down!
  2. I have only posted a couple of times and would like to formally introduce myself, I joined the RC blog last year. My name is Jim l am from Jersey and my blog name is tinman. . The 1224 is my birth month and day. Lol.
  3. Be on Oasis in Aug 2020 out of my home state of Jersey, I can't wait first time on it!
  4. When my wife and l book the Oasis last year around Sept 2019 for Aug of 2020, l called them the day after Thanksgiving 2019 and we went from the interior room and got a room over looking central park and it was $200 cheaper! I called them back Jan of 2020 to try and get into a balcony and the gentleman l talked to try to give me a deal which l told him l wanted to get it cheaper then what he just quote me, he said no problem you can call back as many times as you want but his suggestion was call back in 3-weeks you may get it cheaper. He also said he put all the quotes in and the person l talk to will see it and work with me. I think that was real nice of him to pass that along. I've been on 12 cruises 10 of them have been with RC.
  5. Don't listen to those jackasses, The room stewards get there tips and everybody else on the ship! You think they be working if they didn't get there money. I have been on 12 cruise and l have had a lot of great staff. What the f is wrong with people, they don't get there money. Let me ask you this if you worked at your job and you didn't get paid the first week you work there would you go back when the 2nd week started? If you did your a jackass! If that's a picture you have pretty eyes. Tip the way you feel is good for you!
  6. My wife and l were on the Grandeur twice, once on the Enchantment. Both ships in the same class, somebody last time l was on the blog said they could fit a bigger ship under the Key bridge, when l got the email about the Grandeur l was hoping they would go to the next bigger class ship, like the vision class We were on the Jewel of the Sea, absolutely love that ship. My wife and l have been on bigger ships in RCI, but everybody has a favorite. I got to say this about the Grandeur, the staff on that ship they are top shelve! Now we all know that RCI has some of the best staff on all there ships in the business. But both times on the Grandeur they were incredible!!! They stood out over the other crews on the other ships. Now don't get me wrong my wife and l haven't had a bad crew yet on any of the other RCI ships, but the Grandeur crew was the best in our book! I feel any other ship that gets there crew will be incredible lucky. I feel everything will work out for everybody, including the Grandeur!
  7. You took some great pictures!! My wife and l were on that ship twice on a 9-day cruise and both times we had a great time and funny you should bring the main dinning room up. We both agree the wait staff both times were top shelf!! They couldn't have bend over backwards enough to make the cruise that much more enjoyable. Both times we tried to go to Coco Cay it was to windy, we haven't been on Coco Cay since the eighty's! We both now are glad they built a pier! We will make it in Aug of 2020, leaving out of our backyard in New Jersey on the Oasis! Our 13th cruise, 8-day and a perfect day on Coco Cay!! Keep posting those great pictures!
  8. My wife and l want to meet you two. You guys are our heroes, we are only going on our 13th cruise and are diamond members for the first time. You guys are almost living on a cruise ship! Lol!!! Safe journeys!!
  9. Also bring suit cases big ones my wife likes to bring the house with us which is fine we never are without some thing, also you could fit a dead body under the beds. Enjoy your cruise l will pray for good weather!
  10. My wife and l have been on the Grandeur twice, inside room and suite, inside no fridge, suite diffidently, very little room for personal stuff. Like the young lady said before, can't have soda without ice! Small ship, but we like it! The whole staff on the ship both times was excellent!
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